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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HOME: Brocade Top to Bottom

There is something that happens when the snow officially melts and  you start hearing birds chirp out your window that you really start looking forward to spring . With that feeling, a sense of spring cleaning takes over and we often look for easy, fresh ways to update the home. My answer is brocade. I have always loved the brocade pattern but it is everywhere now and is an easy modern way to put a little spring in your step- in  your home. You can take this romantic trend to brighten up your bedroom with a simple brocade metal wall art above the bed.  Seen here from Brocade Home for $399.

 If you prefer an update on in your bathroom, brocade is available. Whether it be a shower curtain available HERE , or towels will add just a small accent change to a normally plain bathroom.

 Brocade Wallpaper is a great choice for a powder room or dressing room. We love the Yellow Brocade wallpaper by Jonathan Adler. Click HERE for details.

Offices are a great way to add a modern, minimalist brocade design. Although brocade is a traditional trend which is really always in style, a wall decal is a easy and temporary way to change the room. 

A black chandelier decal can really make the room pop.Storage containers are also a great way to stay organized and be stylish. 
Top to Bottom Brocade has been done tastefully and uber Vogue inspired even on the outside of the home. Seen in Roberto Cavalli's home below,  his Brocade glass entrance and design appears effortless and sleek.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Black Label Fashion Event

On March 22nd in an urban, Chicago space fashion vendors alike set up a shopping experience for over 50 shopaholics. Black Label designer, Yanira Garza collaborated with other local fashion designers, make up artist and salon to achieve an experience to Chicago fashionistas. Yanira also has her own line, Black Label (seen to the left, Pleather Zip Mini, $110) which had a presentation and a booth but also was the mastermind behind the event.

While shopping girls sipped on EFFEN cocktails,  they were able to mingle with the designers and shop at the mini boutiques set up or get their make up done by SIN makeup artist, Herman Rivera. Vendors included: Squasht by Les, a very unique ready to wear line that includes mostly hats and headbands. The line is in many stores in the Midwest and also has an online boutique. HERE.

I adored the jewelry line called Poesi. The all hand made jewelry line was so delicate but trendy with chains and wires that made each piece so interesting. The site is just as cute as the line and also includes bridal.This line is one to watch! Check out their site HERE.

MGO Fashion Salon (1754 w. Division) also has a boutique which showcased some rocker cuffs and bags along with their partner, Moroccan oil hair treatments, which is one of my favorite products. The best part of all these boutiques were the prices. All of the booths were reasonable fashion prices. Even Black Label itself which includes, you guessed it- all little black dresses are guilt-free prices. Black label HERE.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion Radar: Harem Pants, the 2010 pant

True Fashionistas beware: this trend is for the trendsetters only. When I was in Spain last year they were in every Euro chain store including Top Shop and Miska. The trend has made its way to the US and has been seen all over the runways for Spring 2010. The trend is called, The Harem Pant aka the MC Hammer Pant .There is a rise in the low crotch pant, however it is wearable, trendy and chic. The Harem pant is truly is an urban street style. I would suggest the weary to buy a pair at a cheaper, trendier store like Forever 21 or H&M before buying multiple pairs from designer sites. A great site with many designer Harem pants is Shopstyle.com. 

And we also love the unique boutique in NY and online store, PixieMarket.com. We love the Cavier Pant at Pixie Market, seen below.

How to wear the Harem pant: Since the pant is blousy, wear a tucked in tighter tank or top. Consider a chunkier wedge or heel and a more authoritarian style to pull of the right shoe. Choose a clutch if you are wearing them in evening and also angular, strong jewelry would work best. Choosing them in a black and a jersey material would be a good choice to transition into this HUGE spring trend. I think this trend will carry over through summer. For those that are outfit handicapped- try a Harem Pant jumpsuit which is also a very big trend right now. Seen here at Forever 21 for $24.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

BEAUTY: The Bronze Dollar

         It was a sad day to the crew of Jersey Shore and many Americans when Congress passed the Tan tax. Starting July 1st , a 10% tax will hit indoor tanning salon usage which was apart of the new health care reform law. About 28 million people are bronze chasers in America and as many PrivyDolls love the sun this affects many of us, including all of the small tanning businesses. Many people are crunching their budget as it is and many say they will be cutting back in the amount of tanning they do. If this wasn’t bad enough additional taxes will be made in the cosmetic surgery category as well.

Although over 2 billion dollars will be raised in the next 10 years to assist in paying for the bill, it seems that of that 2 billion dollars women will be paying the majority of it. Whats next a shoe tax? Women with the average income of $55,000 are the ones buying plastic surgery and most likely tanning. This tax will not stop me and others in the blistering winters wanting to look a little sun kissed, but if this continues it may be cheaper to actually move to a tropical location. The only flip side is maybe, just maybe there will be one less orange zombie running around and the Jersey shore gang will be charging 10% more for their appearances.

If you can still afford to continue to tan after July check out one of my favorites, Boca Tanning club. Our favorite location, Pompano Beach, FL !
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fashion Radar: White Trash Beautiful Launches

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LA fashion week exclusive: Bon Jovi’s rocker, Richie Sambora has teamed up with up and coming designer and musician, Nikki Lund to launch a new fashion line called, White Trash Beautiful. Rumors spun when Sambora was seen many times with Lund leaving an airport, sharing a limo but in fact they are business partners of a new haute couture line that will appeal to musicians and entertainers alike. The line also appeared last week on EXTRA and has many celebrity fans such as Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson and Stephen Tyler. We love the line but the name gives me a different impression. Check out the Website www.whitetrashbeautiful.com which will be updated soon . I really think this line will take off with its fresh approach to rocker chic appeal. This is one to watch, Lund says "everyone has a little white trash beautiful in them."
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


          Privydolls love to pamper themselves and like everything else, strive to find their friendly neighborhood spa. To call Mojo Spa just a spa, is an understatement. This cutesy, hipster spa not only hosts posh brunch events but also prides itself of their homemade products which are for sale along with handbags and much more in this boutique spa. We fell in love with the pastries served while our feet were in a heaven scrub bath and the customer service and attention to detail was possibly the best in the area. This is why we wanted to share this privy find with all of you! The owner and creater of these delicious products allows us to learn about her inspiration, sneak peak into new services and also gives us budget dolls free recipes to make facial masks at home! Enjoy Dolls!

Label/Company Name: Mojo Spa

Name: Amanda Kezios

3 words to describe your spa/brand:

“Beauty Meets Comfort”

What kind of fashion trends does Mojo follow to incorporate into spa treatments?
Color trends on the runway, from the clothes to the makeup and nails, definitely influences what new colors we will introduce for own makeup line - including our mineral eye shadows & lip products. They also influence what nail polish colors we carry and what kind of nail art we do. Right now the Minx Manicure is really trendy, which is a thin film that is applied to the nail with heat & comes in a variety of patterns, metallics& nail art designs. We will be offering this service soon!

What is your inspiration for beauty products?
When I was younger I grew up in Greece, and I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the Mediterranean lifestyle at an early age. Most of my family still lives there, and I am constantly inspired by the colors of the islands, the cuisine, the healing herbs & flowers that grow there, and the natural beauty regime of the woman who live there, especially my mother who first introduced me to handmade beauty cures and tips.

For a first time Mojo-goer what treatment would you suggest?
The Sugar Daddy Manicure & Pedicure is a must try! The service is great for dry or sensitive skin and utilizes our bestselling “Sugar Me Sweet” scrub & cream, which contains two of my favorite ingredients - organic olive oil & cocoa butter. The spa service includes a mineral rich hand & foot soak, hand & foot exfoliation, arm & leg massage, nail care & polish (price: $60).

I love the homemade beauty treatments on your website you send out frequently. What are your top 2 recipes that Privy Dolls can make at home?
I recently just posted a great recipe for a moisturizing Banana Cream Mask at http://www.mojospa.com/?page=blog . Also, my recipe for a Healing Walnut Scrub was very popular among my readers at http://www.mojospa.com/?page=recipe
I also Twitter handmade beauty recipes & tips every week at http://twitter.com/mojospa

What are your favorite materials to use?
There are so many! But if I had to choose I would say organic olive oil. Not only do I use olive oil constantly in my cooking, but olive oil is loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, and when used on the body is super moisturizing & healing.

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:

Due to my background as a personal chef, my kitchen still remains a constant source of inspiration to me for my beauty business. Every time I tackle a new recipe or discover a new amazing ingredient I explore if it has any healing or beauty benefits, and I think about how I can incorporate this into a beauty product or a spa service.
Female entrepreneur of the year award should go to:
Allysa Torey of Magnolia Bakery in New York City
I love how she made it trendy again to enjoy nostalgic desserts in a retro inspired setting. Especially in a city like New York City, where people are always searching for the next latest and greatest thing. I grew up cooking with my grandmother, mother, and siblings so it made me so happy to see her cute, retro inspired bakery inspire people to make nostalgic desserts at home. She brought back the comfort of home baked desserts, which I can relate to since I do the same with my spa services and dessert inspired bath products, such as my cake and cupcakes soaps, as well as my own homemade treats, which are served at the spa.

Dolls love a great pastry. After visiting Mojo, I absolutely loved the perfectly tasting dessert served while getting pampered. What inspired you to go from personal to beauty chef? And where can we find more of your pastries?
Making my beauty products – the timing, temperature, exact measurements, and the delicate hand that is needed - is very similar to the process of baking. When I first started there were no natural or organic beauty products on the market. The organic movement had not reached the United States as it had in Europe. I couldn’t get my hands on natural, handcrafted beauty products in the States as in Europe, so I decided to apply my talents in the kitchen to creating my own handmade beauty products.
I didn’t want to completely leave my former life behind as a personal chef. Part of my love of cooking and baking is the comfort & satisfaction it brings to people. When I opened my own store/spa I was able to incorporate my handmade beauty products into spa services, where people could be pampered on the outside, as well as comforted on the inside by serving them homemade treats. Hence our logo “where beauty meets comfort.” This week I have made my famous banana bread with a cinnamon sugar topping for customers to enjoy.
People can also sample some of my comfort food and dessert creations during our Beauty & Brunch Event that we host at the store every Sunday. Customers can come enjoy my homemade brunch while receiving beauty services. This month it’s Chocolate Brioche French Toast with fresh bananas. People can also come to our Pajama Night Event, where customers enjoy discounted nail services, make-up application, DJ spinning, & a fully loaded homemade dessert bar.

And lastly, spill the 'Privy' find:

All Mojo Spa beauty products are available for purchase at our store/spa location at 1468 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60622, or on-line at http://www.mojospa.com./ More information about Beauty & Brunch or Pajama Night can be found at http://www.mojospa.com/?page=events

*********Special Offer for PRIVY DOLL readers  BUY 2 Scrubs get 1 FREE!!! 
PROMO CODE: SCRUB08  on www.mojospa.com***********************

I also make handmade handbags and accessories under the label “MojoSpaStyle” which you can find on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/mojospastyle
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Monday, March 15, 2010


 Secrets of Aspen premiered on VH1 and has allowed us reality junkies to set our DVRs for another show of  guilty pleasure and drama, drama, drama. The show consists of some socialite women who either live in Aspen or vacation there regularly and the complexity of their lives which include betraying friends, man eating,  and sometimes cougar attacks. Our favorite Gay BFF of Erin, Ben Alopari has given PrivyDoll an exclusive interview to let us into what really went down in Aspen and where we will see him next.Ben is a friend of PrivyDoll and has spilled some gossip on the ladies and his experience in guest appearing on a reality show.

Label/Company Name: Alopari inc
Name: Benjamin J. Alopari

How did you get involved with the Secrets of Aspen show?
 My friend Erin asked me to do the show 'cause I was the only person she knew in Aspen at the time

What fabulous event happened that didn’t make it on the show?
 I had to go camping and I did know anything about and was dressed totally inappropriate.

Have you done any interior design for the ladies on the show? Who do you think needs your design expertise most?
 Well I haven’t done any work for the ladies on the show but for sure they all need help. Hello!

Being from Miami, how is the nightlife different in Aspen?
Aspen is a much more low-key night scene more lounge and bars and toned down attire

3 words to describe your style:
 Classic, chic, eclectic

When Brooke and Erin left the party early in the last episode to leave the 'riff raff' behind, were they talking about you?
They were talking about Laura. Hello! So Stupid!

Have you and Erin made up since the show?
 Yes you didn’t you see the finally episode we are still friends I am friends with all the girls

You got a taste of reality royalty. Are there more reality shows in your future?
As of now I am in talks about something new. Stay tuned!

And Lastly, spill the 'Privy' find: 
 You can find me just about every day at Segafrado on Lincoln Rd. (my office, Hello!) and at all the hot places on the beach most nights and on my computer on the phone working since I have projects outside of Florida.

You can watch full episodes on VH1.com 
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Friday, March 12, 2010

INSIDER: Captain of BLISS Chicago Lingerie Football Leaue

Dolls can rock the field and we learned there is a whole league dedicated to dolls kicking butt! The National Lingerie Football League consists of 10 women's teams across the US that compete for the Championship title each year. All along wearing lingerie- inspired uniforms. Remember hating your gym class uniform? If only this idea translated to much more! This league started airing during the Superbowl halftime on Pay-per-view a couple years ago.  It has gained viewers, press and fans throughout the past few years and we truly love having the opportunity to hear about the league straight from the mouths of the babes! Go Team!
Name: Danielle Moinet, Captain of BLISS Chicago of the Lingerie Football League

For those that don’t know what the Lingerie Football League is, how would you describe it? 
 It's 7 on 7 full contact tackle football.  Very similar to Arena Football. The biggest difference, the players are female and wearing lingerie- inspired uniforms.

There has been more and more press every year at the annual big Lingerie Bowl (which airs during the Superbowl). How many games are there during the regular season ? 
 There are ten teams nation wide and one game every Friday night for the regular season, so each team plays four games.  Two at home and two away.

Our Dolls love good lingerie, and we all could use some advice on keeping the girls in place during a full contact sport! What's the trick? Yes, we use double sided tape and it works like a charm!
Your uniforms are hugely popular especially amongst your male fans. Who makes them? and if you could have any designer design them who would you choose?
 Our uniforms are made by Foxers and we love them.  They are very comfortable and tight fitting so they stay in place during the game.  I love Victoria's Secret but I don't think they would be able to make our uniforms.  It wouldn't be durable enough!

What would you say to women that think wearing lingerie on the field takes away from the the legitimacy of the sport? 
 I know the reason why guys initially come to our game...to see pretty women play football half dressed but that element only lasts for the first five minutes.  After that we have to show our fans that we can actually play and that the money they spent on tickets was worth it!  So I would encourage those women to come check out a game sometime and see for themselves why we've been selling over 6,000 tickets a game!

The hits are for real, what injuries have occurred on the field for the Bliss? 
The Bliss has been very fortunate when it comes to injuries in comparison to other teams in the LFL.  We've had a broken wrist, a couple concussions, herniated discs, not to mention countless sprained ankles, jammed fingers, infected turf burn, and pulled muscles.
Assuming you and your teammates didn’t grow up playing football, what you have and your teammates learned about the game or each other since the team was developed? 
We've learned that football is extremely a team sport.  Every single person on the field has an assignment and if each player executes it properly then the touchdown will be scored or in my case on defence the play will be shut down.  Never have I played a sport where every single player is key in the success of your team.  You win together and loose together and because of this we have become very close.    

Although you ladies ooze sexiness in the photo shoots, are any of you tomboys at heart? 
Oh absolutely!  A lot of the girls on the team had never stepped foot in front of a camera before they made the Bliss so we had a team together for the photo shoot to make everyone feel comfortable and get the best results!

Any celebrity sightings at any of the games? 
Well of course!  At our last game we had Chicago Bears players, Chicago Bulls players including Luol Deng, and from The Green Mile, Michael Clarke Duncan.  

And Lastly, spill the 'Privy' find
You can get all your Chicago Bliss information at www.LFLus.com and follow us on twitter.com/mychicagobliss and become our facebook friend at facebook.com/mychicagobliss or on myspace.com/chicagobliss.
You can follow me on twitter at twitter.com/DanielleMoinet or on myspace at myspace.com/dlm1128

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fashion Radar: FASHION POLICE: Oscar Red Carpet Inspired Trends

The Oscars is the party of the year in tinsel town to appreciate the hard work that went into movie making in the past year. However it is often the red carpet looks, and trends that steal the show. There are always hits and misses but I want to focus on some trends that we can bring back to our own celeb circuit that is inspired from the 2010 Oscar red carpet. You can inforce the trends of the red carpet with subtle purchases to achieve the look.  Here are our Privy trends and Privy finds!

Blue hue: Blue is the new black. Gem tones, navy and royal blue stood out on the red carpet and this flattering color is a great pick for black tie or a night out. All the big players wore it and whether it was beaded, rouched or sateen the color really pops.

Privy loves this navy colored sweatheart navy dress now available at Arden B. For $48 on Ardeb.com .  Or this Forever 21 find for $26!! This dress is a simple and easy to throw on for an event. Available at Forever21.com.

 Bold Red Lips:  Red lips scream Hollywood Glam and also is a flashback to old Hollywood red carpet. Even if you aren't walking a red carpet, red lips is a great accessory and an easy way to dress up for a night out. This easy trend is classic yet modern and should be in your cosmetic bag today! Stars like Cameron Diaz,  Charlize Theron and Oscar winner, Sandra Bullock rocked Red lips on Sunday's carpet. 
 Buy Smashbox Red Lipstick from Ulta.com to turn into Hollywood Vixen: $22 Ulta.com

Stacked Bangles: Bangles were a heightened trend on the red carpet with diamonds and stones and multiple, mix matching designs. This trend is popular on the streets but a glam way to take a trendy look to a black tie affair. Use bangles of multiple materials such as wood, metal and studded to complete this street trend in your every day wardrobe. 

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Monday, March 8, 2010

INSIDER INTERVIEW: Beach Bunny Swimwear

                   Spring is upon us and with the shedding of our winter jackets and the dream of summertime we begin the ultimate search of finding a new favorite bikini for the season. Privy Doll loves Beach Bunny Swimwear not just because we see them on glistening bodies in Miami Beach, Vegas and yachts alike. The suits fits like a glove, a sexy glove nonetheless, maybe one made of lace and everything nice. We love the inspiration and the story of the designer who started the company when she was a swimsuit model who was frustrated like many of us to find a great fitting but sexy suit. I highly recommend adding a Beach Bunny suit to your summer wardrobe! Dolls also love a good modeling competition. Check out Beach Bunny's annual Swimsuit competition to win a chance to model for Beach Bunny Swimwear. Applications are being reviewed and you can apply on their website. Enjoy the exclusive PrivyDoll interview with Beach Bunny Swimwear!

Label/Company Name:
Beach Bunny Swimwear

3 words to describe your label:
Flirty, sophisticated, and unique

In your opinion what is next season’s trend?
Beach Bunny is truly a brand that stands out on its own and we typically don’t look into trend forecasts as a reference.  Our design team strives to be a step above the rest and I think they hit the mark each year.

What was your inspiration for this season?
Beach Bunny Swimwear’s 2010 collection brings the boudoir to the beach with five dazzling new collections, each brazenly embellished with luxury innovative fabrics and exquisite hardware and trim from around the world.  Make a splash with our Mermaid collection which embodies rich jewel tones and swarovski crystal detailing or embrace your inner Alpha Girl. Create a Tart Noire with our lusciously sun kissed suits.  Show the world you’re a Goddess and be a Class Act in our leather and lace Styles such as Simply Irresistible, Black Magic, Hot in the City, Double Trouble and She’s So California run the gamut from fun-loving flirt, sophisticated lady to sexy chic. Just pick the suit that suits your mood, your look, and your bod.

What are your favorite materials to use?
I love to incorporate materials that normally would not be applied to swimwear.  I LOVE lace, buckles, pearls, chains and innovative fabrics.

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:
I am a Beach Bunny at heart.  I live right on the beach and see it as an escape for inspiration and relaxation.

Female entrepreneur of the year award should go to:
I think Kim Kardashian is the businesswoman of the year. She is strategic with the brands she affiliates with and has increased their revenue and awareness that they wouldn’t be able to achieve on their own.  Anything she touches turns to gold!

You started in the industry as a swimwear model. What advice would you give about starting your own line?
You have to be passionate and surround yourself with people you trust.  This is not a glamorous job. Trust me!  It takes a lot of work!! 

Spring is around the corner and women will start shopping for bathing suits. What advice would you give to find that perfect suit?
Go in with a positive and confident mindset.  To ensure the ultimately sexy fit in all the right places, Beach Bunny offers a variety of curve-enhancing tops including triangles, bandeaus, halters and underwires. Like our suits, we know that every woman is unique. That’s why we offer our tops and bottoms separately, so you mix-and-match for the perfect fit.

Your line is unique, sexy and has fabulous fit, but what are your pet peeves of swimwear?
Any swim line that does not let you mix and match sizes.  Very few women are the same size on top and bottom!

What kind of press/marketing/celeb spotings has your line received?
You will find more Beach Bunny Swimwear suits than any other designer line in the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue — and on the amazing bodies of super-models like Bar Refaeli, who donned our Sweet Escape and Crocodile Rock bikini. Our suits have also captured the attention of the media. We’ve been featured in People, InStyle, USA Today, E! News Daily with Ryan Seacrest, Extra and more

We have a lot of models that read our blog and would love to know more about your model search. How often do you run the contest and how does one sign up?
The contest started in December 2009 and runs through July 2010.  You can enter on our website beachbunnyswimwear.com and each month we choose 3 semi finalists for the chance to star in Beach Bunny’s 2011 campaign shot by world renown photographer Yu Tsai.  Winner will be announced during the Miami Swim Show in July.  Anyone can vote so log on to our site to check out our girls!

 And Lastly, spill the Privy find:

Beach Bunny Swimwear
136 S. Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fashion Radar: Alice in Wonderland Inspired

Aren’t we all a little bit of Alice when we open the new issue of Vogue? You open the crisp pages and just  want to fall into those ads and drape ourselves with the season’s hottest trends in patterns, handbags and designer bling. With the new 3-D Alice and Wonderland coming out Friday it is no surprise that designers have taken the Alice in Wonderland inspiration to the runway and the streets. 

You can achieve a little Alice with some simple pieces like the blue ballet flats or a fantastic big, black bow headband. Designers including Zac Posen and Mui Mui showed a little Alice meets madhatter for RTW 2010. Influences showed up in shoes and party dresses.           
  Akira Blue Ballet Flat $69
                                        Black HeadBand- Forever 21 $4.80                                                             

    We also love what Tarina Taranti has done with her entire line focused and designed with the characters of Alica in Wonderland in mind. Her Madhatter mood ring and Alice on acid pendant necklace. Tarina is busy these days with the launch of her make up line sold at Sephora. Check it out here for pink and sparkly make up picks.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ASK: an Esthetician- Daniela's Facial Studio answers

Your skin is just as important as what  you wear on top of it, but often times we neglect,damage and don't spend as much time as we need to on our skin. We need to seek out the right answers to our very common questions to achieve that glowing, beautifully clear skin. We at Privydoll, have received questions from our readers that want to inquire about skincare and questions we all are wondering. Luckily, we have a fantastic, licenced Esthetician on hand to answer the letters from our doll followers. Daniela also has a fabulous skin care line that you can purchase in her studio or online. Don't be shy, ask away!

Dolls have written in, and are eager to gain knowledge from our favorite, privy Esthetician, Daniela. Contact privydoll@gmail.com to ask our privy Esthetician any of our skin questions! 

1)      To wax or to pluck
           Dear Privydoll,
What do you suggest for a first time eye brow sculpt?
Well, let’s face it – plucking is slower, waxing is faster.  How much pain can you tolerate ? J  Plucking also has a downside, which is if it’s not done properly, hair can break off under the skin and re-grow in the wrong direction and cause a painful pimple at worst, and stubble at best.  However, if you are taking or using any medications or treatments which cause massive exfoliation, like Retinoid creams, Accutane, or high percentages of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, then waxing will rip your skin off.   In these cases, you’ll need to get plucked.  If your skin is not being sensitized by these things, or if your skin is not super sensitive as it is (which is a lot more rare than people think) then waxing is less painful and causes less ingrowns and stubble.

2)      Sleeping beauty
          Dear Privydoll,
What beauty regime do you suggest for women for night time skin rejuvenation?
Nighttime is a great time for topical anti-oxidants, soothing botanicals and cell rebuilding ingredients to work with your skin while it’s rejuvenating itself during the night.  If you’re using exfoliating or healing products to combat breakouts, you want to use those in the morning to help your skin deal with clogging throughout the day.  Then at night you’ll want to use any products that have vitamins, peptides or any anti-aging treatments.  If your home has forced or radiator heat without a humidifier, you may find your moisturizer a bit lacking at night, but it shouldn’t necessarily be heavier.  Check with a skilled Esthetician to see if your nighttime moisturizer puts enough water into your skin and holds it there adequately.  If your skin is not hydrated properly, the heaviest moisturizer will do nothing but annoy you.  Heavier is not better.

3)      Blemish Babe
           Dear Privydoll,
How often should I be getting a facial if I have bad acne?
The first thing you need to know about facials and moderate to severe acne, is that your skin care routine at home has to be addressed first.  If the products you’re using every day are clogging and/or not hydrating enough, getting facials will end up being like jogging to Krispy Kreme.  Having said that, once your skin care routine is what it should be, and you’ve been using it for about 2 weeks, your skin should be soft enough, and therefore pliable enough, for a facial to get out what it needs to.    At that point, the ideal is once a month until your skin clears up.  After that, you would use the same formula as someone without an acne problem – after you get a facial, the day your skin starts to look the way it did before the facial, subtract two weeks.  That’s how often you need to come in. 

4)      Working It
Dear Privydoll,
I have had some work done lately, a nose job and have received botox- how soon can I get a facial after getting work done and also when I get a botox treatment?
For any kind of treatment after a nose job, consultation with your doctor is a must, since everyone heals differently.  As for Botox treatments, the best thing really is to get a facial right before, and then let the Botox do it’s job over the next three or four days.  It’s better than getting any facial treatment after.

Now, Lets get to know Daniela!

Company Name:
Daniela’s Facial Studio

 What 3 words to describe your Service:
Gentle, Knowledgeable, Thorough

What are the trends of Skincare?
The greatest technology to hit the skin care world since liposome encapsulated anti-oxidants is the new Peptide technology.  Short chains of proteins penetrate the epidermis to its lowest layers to help skin literally re-grow itself.  It repairs damage, smoothing fine lines, building up sunken skin to lighten dark under-eye circles and reduces puffiness and sagging.  Amazing stuff.

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:
Day dreaming I do pretty much everywhere.  It’s an old and strange habit.   But my favorite place to dream is anywhere that has a lot of history to it; brownstone buildings, old musty museums, overgrown gardens, and yes, cemeteries.

If you could do any celebrity’s makeup for a red carpet event who would it be?
I’d rather clear up some of their skin, yich…  Although…Angelina Jolie’s eyes would be fun to make up.  Lisa Edelstein would be fun, too, because she and I have a little of the same clubbing background and we both like to take risks with makeup.

And Lastly, spill the Privy find:
Daniela’s Facial Studio at Restoration Salon
2149 N. Sheffield Ave. in Lincoln Park CHICAGO


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