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Friday, February 19, 2010


          Privy dolls love the idea of lounging, luckily we can now take lounge wear to the streets. Bones and Roses of Hollywood have created the best thing to happen to chic. Their robes feel luxurious, look effortless and is a must have item for that 'what to wear' to any occasion dress. The gem tone colors look great on any skin tone and the unique designs are a compliment to any wardrobe.  Check out their website to snag a B&R robe! Enjoy the Privy Interview with the designer!

Label/Company Name: Bones and Roses Hollywood
Name: Emy Hovanesyan

3 words to describe your label: Glamorous, Sophisticated, Unique

In your opinion what is next season’s trend? Any shades of blues, shoulder pads, shiny materials like silk.

What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely? Modern day woman is our inspiration. Women wear a variety of hats each day, and with those hats are outfits that must compliment the specific task at hand. Changing constantly becomes rather monotonous therefore with Bones and Roses apparel, our customers can be dressed for the day and ready for anything, anytime!”

What are your favorite materials to use? Silk, Modal, Rayon blends.

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming: Coffee shops around town

Female entrepreneur of the year award should go to: Taryn Rose

Are you going to NY Fashion Week and what Designer are you looking forward to seeing? I am not going to NY Fashion Week but looking forward to Herve Leger show which my sister designs for.

What kind of press/marketing/celeb spotings has your line received? We had articles in California Apparel News, WWD, Genlux magazine.

If you could dress any celebrity at the moment who would it be? Charlize Theron she has always embodied the old time elegance with a modern twist and that’s what Bones and Roses is about.

And Lastly, spill the Privy find: Shop for our collection online www.bonesandrosesbrand.com or at www.shopnbc.com
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Insider Fashion: Sarah Jessica Parker for Halston

SJP was seen front row at the Halston 2010 show during last week’s presentation. Her new role within Halston will get her a permanent front row seat. SJP among many other celebrities have been become the faces of many designers campaigns but many do not become a creative director and earn a stake in the company.  Halston’s presentation at The Mercedez Benz Fashion Week included signature dresses with flowing dresses, wispy ruffles and colors that complemented the nude color trend along with splashes of tangerine, and canary.

 Parker will have a very active role within Halston Hertitage, which is Halston’s secondary line. Many people have been vocal about Halston’s decision saying the SJP is just another celebrity that is brought on for publicity and is negatively affecting the couture world. Here is PrivyDoll’opinion: SJP has been a style icon since Sex in the city with the stylings of Patricia Field. She also has experience with her previous line, Bitten. This is a very smart marketing move on Halston’s part for the upcoming Sex in the City 2 movie coming out considering NYC high fashion will be back in the spotlot along with opportunities for Halston to be placed in the movie. Halston most likely drape SJP on her millions of interviews and appearances that will follow. It has been said that she wont be touching the Halston couture line, just the Heritage line.The Heritage line can currently be found at Bloomingdales and a Privyfind: HALSTON HERITAGE.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion Radar: Invitation-Only Shopping Trend

Everything in the fashion world has evolved. Online shopping has evolved into this membership- only world where deep designer discounts are only given to fashionista insiders who receive invites in their email box daily. A step further into the online shopping world is flash sales within this invite-only online shopping mall. Flash sales are timed ‘boutiques’ on these sites that the items are only available for possibly 1 or 2 days upon not running out of stock. This is a privydoll’s favorite way to shop, and nearly the only shopping sites I frequent. And like any doll, I want to share with everyone my top finds and invite the PrivyDoll community to join in the fun, just as long as you are not a size 2 that could possibly beat me at buying that hard to find, have to have item! VIP shopping has taken over within the shopaholic’s world. You can even shop on your favorite VIP shopping website on a designer laptop seen on the runways themselves. Technology and fashion are hand in hand and the makers at HP have listened. Vivienne Tam. This mini red floral laptop was walked down the runway effortlessly as a clutch on models at New York Fashion Week. Dress up your life with smart shopping, you will never pay full price for designer again after you become a savvy member-only shopper. Here is a guide and invites to my favorite invite-only shopping sites. So open up your designer lap top and shop your Louboutins off but hurry you may be timed!
1)      www.Rueala.com  Boutiques are female focused but also has travel and men’s featured boutiques monthly. Boutique items are usually only available for 2 days sometimes less. Sales start at 10am each day and I find most top designer items are sold out within the first hour of launching! The reminder options are great in order to get email or text alerts for your favorite designer boutiques that are coming down the line. This site is very easy to maneuver within and the customer service is amazing. As a frequent buyer, the items always come on time, brand new, well packaged and ready to wear. Like most invite-only sites there is a benefit for spreading the word: a $10 credit is given upon your suggested friends ordering. Get your Ruelala on!
2)      www.Gilt.com is a haven for designer obsessed fans. Gilt Groupe offers more higher end designers than some of the other sites.  This is my guilty pleasure. This site offers a Jet set section for travel deals, Mens fashion deals and even a children section beyond the most popular woman’s apparel site. A credit is also given for your guests purchasing and I find this site doesn’t sell out as fast as others, but don’t let that allow you to keep that perfect- season’s-must-have in your shopping cart, this site is timed as well. Burberry, Helmut Lang and Dolce Vita all this week. What’s a girl to do?!
3)      www.billiondollarbabse.com includes many designers you may not of heard of, but designers you are glad you found! This site is a little different, as they incorporate live sales in cities as well. Get your mouse ready because they hold 3 sales a week and they only last 48 hours. Pass onto your fellow shoppers and receive $10 towards your next order.

Enjoy these Privy Finds! Click Below for PRIVATE INVITATIONS!!!

 1) http://www.ruelala.com/invite/privydoll


3) https://www.billiondollarbabes.com/register/u/b5ced4d1cbda947ba59ba8
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fashion Radar: Feb Privy Sites

1)      Jetsetters unite, PrivyDolls can now cheer our travel dreams have come true! We hate having to downgrade our beauty regiments when we travel. Trying to squeeze our expensive products into small, plastic containers just isn’t the same. We found a genius site to solve our problem in traveling fashionably sensibly! Check out  www.3floz.com . This site may only sell minis but it has big brand names, and great combination kits for men and women. Say goodbye to using dried out hotel soap and shampoo!  This is also a great way to experiment with new products for the commitment phob.

2)      PrivyDolls love a good collaboration. Rachel Roy and the songstress, Estelle have teamed up for a mini jewelry line under Rachel Roy’s name. The extremely well priced line includes trendy pieces  in gold and spring pastels. Our favorite, statement ring can be making statements for under $40! To check out the exclusive limited edition collection go to Rachel Roy NYC
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT:Tyler Curtis Meets Snooki

"The Shame of meeting Snooki"
By: Tyler Curtis www.darkroomdemons.com
 Privydoll wants to share Tyler's experience as he mingles with Snooki as she attempts to fist pump Chicago.

So despite my pleas to be an unbiased gossip reporter, our old friend Perez Hilton has opted not to run some juice on his new object d'affection Nicole "Snooki" Spazzatollimoscticholli. Playing favorites in journalism is a no-no unless its op-ed. His avoidance of the following information suggests that in fact he is hell-bent on keeping this anomaly famous as long as possible.

Let me apply orange paint to what went down when both myself and Manor's "It Girl" Gia introduced ourselves to Snooki. Mind you, I dressed for the occasion with a fake tan, awful half cocked hat and Coney Island shirt so I imagined it would be an easy sell. Also, I had already spent time talking to her obviously embarrassed mother and wasted 40 minutes blocking amateur paparazzi children at Manor from getting a nasty crotch shot of her. So I figured my good deeds would have created a warm feeling by the time I got to RiNo and all the hubbub was over. Boy, do I have an unnatural sense of joy and optimism when dealing with these things...

The following conversation occurred twice: Once, 30 minutes earlier at Manor when Gia was to be introduced. The second time was when I arrived at RiNo and sat next to her and her mom...

Us: Hi Nicole! Nice to meet you! I'm so and so...

Nicole aka Snooki turns her back, rolls eyes, ignores us.

Lauren: She only answers to "Snooki"

Gia: Are you fucking kidding me? Bwahahhahaha...

Me: (to Snooki's Mom who has just given me a embarrassed shrug) I garner she just can't hear me. Must be the hair. Have a good night ya fucking mooks. (Cries in disbelief that this is what the world has come to)

Well, there you have it. Our obsession with celebrity has given meteoric rise to a Melanoma rich, foul mouthed, Oompa Loompa zombie who now won't even answer to her Christian name. Not that I'm surprised but if this is any indication of what Americans consider talent we only have ourselves to blame. (Have you seen the Red Carpet interviews at the Grammys?)

Whereas Jwoww was a real person and has her head on straight, this fucking child clown deserves nothing more than a pat on the back and kick out the door. Good for MTv for lowering the bar so low that Heidi Montag now looks like Princess fucking Di.

Though it could be possible that she wasn't amused at my costume change but I doubt she can see past her pursed lips. Still, I ran home and scrubbed my fake make-up based tan off while crying in the shower. Despite my callous exterior, I'm really quite sensitive to these things...

Gia: Bwahahahahahaha!!

(Snooki's mortified but pleasant mother Helen is to the left...)
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Monday, February 8, 2010

INSIDER INTERVIEW: Erica Klein - Jewelry Designer NYC

 Privydoll would like to introduce to you a PRIVY find: Erica Klein's newest jewelry line launches online! Her unique modern and antique line uses precious stones, quirky toys and statement making bangles, necklaces rings. Whether you love silver or gold is close to your heart, Erica Klein Designs handcrafted line has something for every doll. Enjoy the charmed necklace life at  www.ericakleindesigns.com

Label/Company Name:
Erica Klein

Erica Klein

3 words to describe your label:
New, Retro, Vintage

In your opinion what is next season’s trend?
White and grey metals.  Creating depth and texture by utilizing colors of precious and semi precious materials through chunky layering. 

What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely?
I set out to create a line that is both retro yet timeless, using precious and semi-precious materials at an affordable price point.   This season is broken up into a few different collections.  While one of the collections is centered around  Victorian style animals with precious gem accents, the other is based on vintage toys and found objects. The third collection is comprised of only bracelets. I utilized handmade beads, weaves, and accent colors, to create  texture and depth, resulting in stunning pieces that are great alone and even better in stacks.
All of these collections come together to create a season with a retro-vintage feel that evokes much nostalgia. 

What are your favorite materials to use?
Sterling silver, black diamonds, and electric colored tourmaline...

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:
Soul Cycle

Female entrepreneur of the year award  should go to:
Ivanka Trump

When deciding what to wear, Do you plan your outfit around the jewelry or the jewelry around the outfit?
I am a very simple, classic dresser.  When getting dressed i always consider the entire picture but my statement is always made through my Jewelry.  The rule of thumb states to remove one piece of jewelry when leaving the house.  I on the other hand generally add at least one to two more.

What kind of press/marketing/celeb spotings has your line received?
Whoopi Goldberg is a huge fan of my 45 adapter necklace

If you could dress any celebrity at the moment who would it be?
Sienna Miller

And Lastly, spill the Privy find: 
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fashion Insider: Valentines Day Intimates

Valentines Day is around the corner and lingerie is on the mind. This year why not let couture inspire your sexy night? Galliano for Dior sent down half dressed models in Paristhis past week. His inspiration he said was the vintage Dior from the 50’s where he saw photos of the models dressing behind the scenes of the show. The RTW Dior Fall 2010 collection includes everything sexy in the 50’s with a modern feel, with constructed jackets, beautiful layering and stunning colors. The nude and black lace, satin, corsets and slips. Think Pin-up meets Jackie- O. These trends of the 1950’s will inspire most of Fall 2010 but Privy Doll thinks this show will inspire Valentine’s Day intimates. You can fancy this look easily with making sure you mix black and nude satin and colors with layering your body hugging, sexy throwback secret. Do not forget fishnets, garters and of course a date!
Dior RTW2010
We have gathered some Privy finds to achieve the look. Look to sites like Top Shop and Forever 21 for wallet saving looks, because frankly how long do you really keep this lingerie on?
  •       Available At TOP SHOP for $56

  Slip skirt Available a Anthropologie $5. Lace Teddy available at Victoria Secret    $58 

      We should all take a lesson from Galliano and take off an article of clothing when leaving the house whether it be a skirt, pants or a top. Just be sure that your intimates are as trendy as Galliano would want. Have a fabulous and Privy Valentine's Day!
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