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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fashion Radar: What to Wear Under any Holiday Dress

Most  PrivyDolls have a hard enough time finding the perfect holiday dress for the many cocktail parties, work parties and family gatherings of the season. We also have to worry about what to wear under the strapless/one strap/too tight dress. Luckily, I found some great suggestions to ensure we are covered even under the dress! Holiday shapewear is very important. We recently wrote about the new Victoria Secret shapewear skirt as a great option. Click HERE for full article. Here is a great guide as to what to wear and where to get the holiday shapwear you need this season!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Insider Interview: Nyla Noor Handbags Exclusives +Privy Discount

PrivyDoll fell in love with Nyla Noor's Spring 2011 hand bag collection and not familiar with the line I did some investigation and just adore the brand!! Found in Henri Bendel and some other boutiques the line is for sure to sell out for spring. The colors are spring-dynamic and perfect for cruise-chic. The clutches pictured to the left are a spring staple. I sat down with the two designers to congratulated them on the stunning line and learn  about the inspiration.Enjoy the interview and introduction to Nyla Noor- a name to know.  They have been gracious enough to offer PrivyDoll readers an exclusive discount! Love them! This is PrivyDoll Approved!

PrivyDoll: What are three words to describe the line in its essence?
Nyla Noor: Balanced, Refined style, Wearable

Who is the Nyla Noor women?
The Nyla Noor brand personifies the harmony between feminine grace and subtle seduction. The brand’s mission is to create luxurious accessories for the modern woman who aspires to achieve a life of balance. She does this with an inner strength and fearless spirit.

Where is your favorite place to gain inspiration?
Great question! Having grown up in New York, we have always spent a lot of time in museums (Saifra loves the MoMA, I love the Whitney) and and love modern dance as well. But a large part of inspiration also comes from traveling and experiencing different people, the art, cultures, traditions and ways of life. The beach, particularly because of the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, always provides a deep sense of connection, as it always brings us back to our own wave design (as seen on all of our silhouettes) and the importance of relaying our message of finding balance in ones own life in each piece we design.

PrivyDolls adore bags and shoes they go together like diamonds and rings. What is one of your favorite shoe lines that compliments the bags?
We really love Jimmy Choo's, their aesthetic has a striking edge to them while still remaining wearable that we really love. Additionally, their 2011 Cruise collection, just like our Spring/ Summer 2011 collection, is also inspired by the beaches of Brazil and the vibrancy of carnival in Rio de Janeiro. They are a wonderful compliment to our handbags in terms of both color and design.

Spring 2011 is by far one of the most stand out bag lines I have seen. What was the inspiration of the line and the decision on the colors which are so fabulous?
Wow, thank you very much! For our Spring/ Summer 2011 collection, we were inspired by a trip that we had taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The contrasting colors really represent the duality of this charming city. In one aspect, Rio is a laid back beach town, serene and relaxed. On the other hand, Rio is vibrant and bursting with energy and passion, fueled by it's fun vibe and carnival. While each collection my develop through various inspirations, there is a constant element that you will see in past and future collections, The signature wave design, which is incorporated into each silhouette, is a symbol for finding balance amid the highs and lows of work and life. It also serves as the brands trademark, which is instantaneously recognizable as a Nyla Noor original.

Lastly, where can we find the 'Privy' find ?
Henri Bendel’s 

Privydolls can receive a special 15%off discount on the website with the check out code: HOLIDAY15 
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashion Radar: Holiday Party Dress Dilemma

photo courtesy of Marie Claire
Holidays mean one thing to many PrivyDolls. Parties. Every week it seems in December is filled with work parties, Holiday parties, secret Santa parties, bring your favorite wine and re gift party and many more. All I hear is dress shopping is needed and stocking up is essential to make It through the next month. I found some great versatile dresses to get you through the holiday season considering the season also includes you spending way to much money on everyone else. Here are some great finds all under $75 so you can stock up and not worry about what to wear when you get another invite in your mailbox.

I love this choice for a night cocktail holiday party found on Etsy. This silver shimmer dress is just enough skin and can be paired with a black tight if necessary. For only $45 you can't go wrong. Throw a black blazer on it for a look for another night.

Back of dress shown here.

Love this black tube dress found at AKIRA for only $64. The ruffle detail on the bottom and some sparkle up top of the bondage tube is a great versatile party dress for the holidays.

Nothing says holiday dress more than a vibrant RED number. I love this sophisticated but fun dress from ASOS for $65.

If you are looking for the perfect LBD to get you through the holidays look no more. This multi way dress is a perfect choice for cocktail hour or holiday party. The multi functioning dress is an easy way to wear it more than once this season. Find it HERE for $55!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fashion Radar: Cyber Black Friday Shopping Deals

It takes a lot of effort to get out of the turkey coma this Friday and shop with the millions of other mad shoppers on black Friday. Online stores and also brick and mortar stores that have websites are cashing in by turkey tired PrivyDolls who can shop the deals in their stretchy pants on Friday. I will be one of those!! I put together some great Cyber Friday 2010 finds for us shoppers that may not want to fight for a parking space at the local malls.

Sephora is offering free shipping on some of their favorite gift giving products. Check out this LINK to see the items part of the sale!

OLD NAVY is offering door stoppers and Friday only dales such as $15 sweaters and $5 Graphic T's. Check out the Full Ad HERE.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Entertainment: AMA's Fashion Trend: Sheer Lace

The American Music Awards took place on Sunday night and the red carpet fashions are still a buzz. There were hits and misses. This year I personally think there were more hits than misses but it was undeniable a fashion trend among the hottest. PrivyDoll reports that the  biggest trend that transcended the runways to the red carpet this past weekend was the sheer, lace dresses. The designs were sexy but not too revealing, made you look twice but were delicately done. Love.Love this trend. it also is wearable to a certain extent and can be rocked on the street. The image to the left is the beautiful Heidi Klum who presented in this floor length sheer lace gown.

Rihanna was seen in a couple outfits including her fabulous opening act outfit. She rocked a red sheer, lace dress on the red carpet that matched her red hair.

 Christiana Milian rocked a mini sheer dress with cutouts in the right places.

 Want to know how to achieve this look for the holiday season coming up and beyond? The lace trend is wearable and with the holiday season coming up lace is always on point. This dress from ASOS I adore and for $206 it is a sure bet you wont be spending thousands like the dresses above.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Entertainment: Gift Guide Part 2: Celeb Ornaments

Decorating the Christmas tree is such a nostalgic moment every year. Many collect ornaments that symbolize the year. Why not have this year's signature ornament be one that can also give back. I love these celebrity designed ornaments that are giving 100percent of the profits to St.Jude Children's Research Hospital. Celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary J.Blige, Sean Combs, Molly Sims, Iman, Gwen Stefani to name a few have jumped on board with some fabulously fun ornaments. The Gwen Stefani ornament is pictured to the left which is adorable! You can purchase any of the ones below and many more on HSN. Ornaments are priced from $19.90-$49.90. Shop away PrivyDolls!

Molly Sims designed $39.90

Sarah Jessica Parker Designed $29.90
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fashion Radar: Katy Perry for VS shapewear

Katy Perry was seen wearing Victoria Secret's new shapewear skirt as outerwear. Is Katy the new face of the shapewear or just a fan? Either way she looks fab rocking this meant for shaping as a skirt with a bustier this week for Victoria Secret. Be as dare as Katy and rock this skirt (found in many other colors) for $42 available online or in stores. Check it out HERE.
We are seeing a trend maybe girls are getting a little Burlesque movie inspired while they shop, but I don't see this trend going anywhere anytime soon. More Burlesque inspired looks to come on PrivyDoll !

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Radar: Top That

PrivyDoll is always trying to find a fashionable way to stay warm. I came across this amazing new hat collection from France called Lou Mistraou. The hats have an amazing story of a dying breed of hand made hats from haute-couture chapeu makers. This chic and playful line is the ultimate in luxury,warmth and of course staying current. the line is available in kids, adult small and adult large. Using the finest leather and flannel this hat is sure to get you through the winter and beyond! The line is sold in a few boutiques in NYC but can be found online on their SITE.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Insider Interview: Get to know Spratter & Jayne Scarf Collection

PrivyDoll has been talking about scarves (one of my favorite things) since the summer ended. I found a fantastic designer whose first collection has sold out at the Henri Bendel  due to their large order! This is Spratters and Jayne's debut collection that includes handmade scarves made by women's co-op of crocheters outside Lima, Peru. The materials they use are high-grade and just luxurious. They also travel every year to Peru to ensure a fair work environment and to promote green production. The wildly famous infinity scarf seen in the picture has been a huge success but I adore the two-button cowl neck as well. For more information check out their SITE. PrivyDoll caught up with the designers to learn more about this debut collection and where we can expect to see them next!

PD:Why Peru? What has drawn you to have production there?

Some of the best wools in the world come from Peru. The yarns I was using to make samples of my scarves were done in a very high quality Peruvian Highland Wool. And, as I made a decision early on not to do production in China, Peru seemed like the obvious choice. Also, there is a huge community of very talented artisans working out of Peru, knitting and crocheting these wools. Because my scarves are so chunky, production cannot be done by machine - everything must be hand done. It just seemed to make sense to base production from there where everything could be done by the experts! I go down every year and teach/oversee the production and work with an amazing group of women who make these for me. They are much better at crochet than I am, so I learn a lot when I go.

PrivyDoll: The two button scarf and infinity are my favorites. What is your top seller right now?
All the styles are doing incredibly well - but a real favorite this season seems to be the Infiniti Chain Scarf. It's definitely a scarf that grabs attention.

PD:The line is all about the scarf, a must have, but are there plans for line expansion?
I am toying with the idea of doing hats and gloves and some more interesting layering pieces. But S&J is definitely an accessories line focusing on scarves. You can never go wrong with a good scarf.

PD: Where can we find this privy find?
I am currently being sold in high-end department stores and boutiques all over the US, Canada, Japan and Europe. Here in NYC you can find me at Henri Bendel and amazing boutiques like International Playground on the Lower East Side, Sucre in the West Village and Generra in the meatpacking district. My website lists a comprehensive list of stockists around the world, and we'll be beginning to sell online via the website shortly!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Entertainment: Gift Guide Part 1

PrivyDolls, it is that time of year already! I always dread to think about it before turkey day but lets be realistic we have to shop earlier and earlier due to less funds and more creativity. With Hanukkah coming even earlier this year we need to shop even earlier for those that celebrate. Not alone get a head start on Christmas shopping as well. I found quite a few great budget friendly gifts for girlfriends. Check out the finds below! We are even offering some Gift Guide giveaways starting in December so check back on the Facebook page for details!

Check out these great finds from the Jewish site, moderntribe.com. Find the my favorite find, Ring Bling diamond shaped stainless steel necklace HERE.
Barbie Coin purse $38

Ring Bling Necklace $38
Keep your PrivyDoll Girlfriends organized to ring in the new year! Love these HangIT for the accessory lover friend we all have. What a great idea to keep your necklaces untangled and can be hooked on any drawer, closet or hook. Found at CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond and the Container store this is a great gift for only $10.
Privydolls love our winter boots, Heeled, over the knee or knee high boots are all staples for the city girls in the cold climates. Check out this great Privy find for keeping your boots in shape during the season. Booty Shapers are inflatable boot support to keep your boots in the great up right position for storage when you aren't wearing them. Also a great gift for your boot-loving friends and for only $10 wont break your wallet.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Insider Interview: Ethnic and Ethical Jewelry

We caught up with the women behind the company, Hands Up Not Handouts for some insight about this cultural positive company that gives money back to the women designers in the countries they reside in, such as Rowanda and Palestine. I love the sweet grass earrings that can add a pop of color to any outfit and with the holidays approaching feels good to give back to women and their special skills across the globe. Check out the interview below with Tess Sager a young philanthropist and daughter of Bobby Sager. It is Tess' goal to help people help themselves in the long term. We love this Privy find for that exact reason!
PD: What are some of the materials used for the jewelry line?
Both collections-- the bracelets and the earrings-- are made bright and lively, just like the women we partner with. In Palestine, they embroider the bracelets and pillows out of lush thread. In Rwanda, the earrings are made of sweet grass and sisal. The sweet grass is dyed in vegetable dye, then woven around the sisal in a circular fashion.

PD:The line is so colorful and fun what designer clothing line do you feel is a great fit for your jewelry line?

The lines look great with so many different looks! I have worn them with so many different designers like if I am going to a party or a fancy dinner I pair the jewelry with Alice &Olivia or Herve Leger but then I also am wear the jewelry to school when I am in jeans and an top from American Apparel. The line is so versatile. Its also a great way to give your outfit a pop of color!

PD:It is amazing that proceeds of the line are going to help women across the globe what experience inspired this company to give to this need?

Over the last 10 years (since I was 10 years old) my family and I have traveled to some of the most desperate places in the world doing the work of the Sager Traveling Foundation and Roadshow. A few years ago we were in Palestine visiting a women’s handicraft cooperative in the Qalandia refugee camp. We went into their show room and it was heart breaking for me to see so many unsold embroidered tablecloths and pillowcases. So much hard work just sitting and collecting dust. They had a special expertise and they were working so hard but they were making the wrong product. So many hours were put into those products that it became so expensive and the aesthetic did not appeal to western taste. By working together with the women we figured out how to reapply their embroidery skill to make super cool $50 bracelets that are now flying off the shelves and now over 300 Palestinian women are working on this project. In Rwanda the women and I transformed their traditional know how of weaving sweet grass baskets that look cool but lets face it – how many grass baskets do people need in New York, Paris, or Dubai? Instead we used the same weaving technique to make a line of big trendy sweet grass earrings.

After developing the products the next step in creating value was to share the stories behind the women making these accessories - to take the buyer on a journey that really connects them to the women’s lives, challenges, and dreams. I use my photography to tell the story of how buying this jewelry impacts women’s lives. They are not anonymous, they are real human beings with real challenges and real smiles. When women make money they have more say in their family and their community, more kids go to school and families eat better. Those are the life changing results that come from empowering women with this opportunity.

PD:Where can we get this 'Privy' Find?

All over but I always tell people to go to http://www.handsupnothandouts.org/ to buy our jewelry and meet the women we work with through our photos, stories and video!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Entertainment: Latino Fashion Week Moda in the City Recap

PrivyDoll attended the kick off media red carpet event for the 4th annual Latino Fashion Week on Monday. Which is the kick off event for the week's busy events. Crimson lounge was buzzing on Monday with every media outlet you can imagine waiting to get a glimpse of the local Latino celebrities that rocked the runway and the local designers' previews that followed. Latino Fashion Week is a great platform for young designers, new designers and an outlet for exposure for the community. The local celebrities that offered to strut the runway included: Betzaida Ramirex from Mega 95.5, Maria Elena Ponticiello from NBC/Telemundo, Mai Martinez from CBS and Johanna Londono from Mega 95.5 to name a few of the celebrity models. The rocked in sparkles from local designers Akira and M.GO.
PrivyDoll before the show

The night was about local talent and ten pieces from these five local designers that are to make a big impact in fashion design in Chicago and beyond! Designers included: Maison de LaCour, Angelica Santoyo-Bernal, Claudia Urrutia, Minx Parlor Design Team and Hector-Javier MonArrez. Loved the lace see through dress with heavy feather collar by Masion de Cour and the following picture is a picture of the designer and his last look.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fashion Radar: Fall Fringe on a Budget

PrivyDolls have seen Fringe everywhere! on boots but an easier trend to achieve is the fringe bag for fall. I have seen some bright colors but a simple black or brown will compliment any fall wardrobe. The modern hippie bag has been seen on runways, on celebrities and now affordable on some of my Privy finds below! Fringe clutches, hobo bags and shoulder bags Oh My! Fall fringe is here!
photo courtesy of US weekly

Of course Privy Doll has come to the girl's budget rescue and has some fringe bags on a budget! Love these below found by Galian and found on the site HERE. and the best part both of these bags are only $25!

Check out this great shoulder fringe bag by AKIRA for only $46.90. Love the exaggerated black fringe.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fashion Radar: Legs for Days- Hosiery Edition

Ho's are back and stronger than ever this fall/winter. PrivyDoll is talking about hosiery that is. I have seen a huge push with design this season which is such a fun twist on the classics. Opt for lace or other fun patterned tights instead of leggings for a statement. They can actually be that accessory your LBD needs. I especially adore the look with tall boots which just gives a few inches of knee and thigh a patterned edge. I have found some great patterns to spice up your fall wardrobe.

You can find many floral and designed tights like the ones I photographed at Vfish in Chicago. *Available in stores only for $13-15.
How fun are these tights found on ASOS for all under $20 each there are hundreds of fun patterns. Here are a few of my favorites.

 Check out these zebra inspired tights found at Express for $16.50. Love Love.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Entertainment: Privy Techie

Not only are Privy Dolls fashionable and cutting edge we know what fashionable techie tricks to stay ahead of the game. I have two new apps that are must haves for the Privy girl on the go! Ipads, Iphones, Blackberrys they make the world go round and keep us connected to work, friends, entertainment, social networks and lets face it everything.
Have you ever had to shop alone for that big date, big event or pressured dinner with the boyfriend's parents and couldn't decide on the color or dress alone and lets face it trusting some sales girl who is earning commission isn't always the best bet. You need your girls. Download the app TextPlus for free! It's conference text from your Ipad or Iphone to anyone. Imagine you are able to get the opinion from all your girlfriends instantly in the fitting room! Group text is in. Genius.

Next Fabulous new app is from Marie Claire Magazine. The new 'A-Z app' and is a staple for your wardrobe. Literally.  Check out the fun APP VIDEO the editors of Marie Claire put together to showcase the need for this fashionable accessory. The App includes:
  •  The ABC's of fashion:  See clothes and handbags in 360degrees straight from the runways
  • 7 days of dressing: Synch your calendar with outfit ideas - never a rush in the morning again!
  • Beauty Sampler: Try the newest make up trends with a virtual tester
  • Expert Advice:  Celebrity fashion stylist give advice on this season's trends
Both Apps are available on Itunes.com.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fashion Radar: Glamour's Women of the Year Announced- Get the Look

Glamour's annual Women of the Year issue is a an honor. This year Fergie graces the cover which will hit stands on November 9th.  With success as a solo artist and with her group, Black Eyed Peas the songstress makes hits. She also has done a lot of work for the community including causes for AIDS and cancer. Glamour is honored to have Fergie on the cover and in the magazine as this year's Glamour's Women of the Year. When asked about success, Fergie said, '"There were periods of my life when a lot of people didn't believe in me. [But} I still had faith in myself. I really had to ask myself the question. Where do I see myself in five years? Create a ladder for yourself, and walk up the steps. Climb that ladder."  For more of the exclusive interview check out Glamour's newest issue.  I love that 'climb the ladder' quote!

Lets climb the fashion ladder and get Fergie's look for less. On the cover she is wearing a velvet blazer by Dsquared2. We found this velvet blazer trend locally at one of my go- to spots to get the look for less. Akira Chicago. This great Deep blue blazer by Kensie Girl is only $89!.

Fergie's beautiful spread in this month's issue had her in a gorgeous polka dot 3/4 sleeve dress by Sonia Rykiel dress and Boots by Christain Louboutin. I found a great polka dot stretch dress from Motel for $63 and boots by Enigma  from Akira Chicago again for  $82!

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