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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fashion Radar: Coat Yourself

PrivyDolls, it is that time of year to go coat shopping. My personal dreaded time of year. We say goodbye to the cardigan we brought  into air conditioned locations and replace it for a statement coat that will be your life extension through the winter. It is all about the accent coat. The coat that will make you stand out in the black- on- black fall to winter garb we all wear in the city. I adore this one from Anthropolgie for $288.

I found this coat on sale and fell in love with the modern take on tweed with ruffles by Ellie Tahari for $219 found at Macys.
go for a vibrant pattern to stick out in the crowd of dull, muted black jackets that fill the streets. Try this one from L.A.M.B for $449 on Zappos.

If  patterns aren't your thing, opt for a vibrant color instead. Try this beautiful colbalt blue from Ted Baker found on ASOS for $385.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FASHION RADAR: Cigars are in Fashion?

NY fashion week has passed but we are still recaping the trends and shows PrivyDoll spotted. A trend that has taken LA by storm and made a special guest appearance in fashion week: Camacho Cigars. Milk Studios housed some of the most fashionable during the week and they gathered to see Tara Subkoff's Imitation of Christ show. Check out the accessories on the runway... cigars!
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fashion Radar: Out of Print? Not Out of Luck.

Privydolls love to curl up with their favorite book. It's not too late to finish up your summer read. Was it Moby Dick? Lord of the Flies? Now you can wear your favorite book's cover on a T shirt thanks to the fashion line, Out of Print Clothing. They work closely with the authors and publishers of your favorite out of print books to bring them back in a fashionable way. I love this new inventive way to make vintage covers relevant and to bring out your intellectual side. Check out their website to order on of your favs!
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fashion Radar: Carry a Tune in Style

It only makes sense to carry your beloved objects of affection in designer bags. Almost every designer has come out with a designer carrying case or cover for your ipod or ipad. I adore this new one with a chain by Dolce and Gabbana.It works out great if you have an ipod, iphone or itouch. If you have an ipod and looking for a designer case check out this white one from Mui Mui fround on Amazon for about $200.

If you need a fantastic stylish carrying case for your ipad check out Gucci's or this one by Ferragamo (about $390.)

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

FASHION RADAR: Blush Boutique Online Shopping

New online boutiques make the Privy world go round and I am so excited to share with you a new site (still growing) that is also a great partner to PrivyDoll blog. The owner has been nice enough to give a 20% discount to PrivyDoll readers indefinitely! Just use 'privydoll' as coupon code when checking out. I adore the accessories and choices the buyers make which are all very budget-friendly. I caught up with the owner to get an idea of where BLUSH came from and what we can expect. Ladies, get your plastic out and await arrival of your new fall favorites!

PrivyDoll: Where do you get your buying inspiration from?

 The BLUSH slogan is "another girls style can be your inspiration"....I love looking at other fabulous females! I focus on keeping up with the celebrity trends by reading us weekly, life & style magazine and studying fashion styling on popular shows such as gossip girl, 90210, Melrose, Hills, The City , E and daytime shows with celebs like Ellen and The View. Reviewing all runway shows on elle.com. Vogue, Instyle and Lucky magazines are my bibles to fashion. I read daily Who What Wear online and articles from Daily Candy and WWD. I always try to keep in mind buying pieces that are timeless and convertible from day to night.

Can we expect to see a Blush NY store soon for the NY PrivyDolls to frequent?

BLUSH is planning on opening a brick/mortar store next year...just searching for the perfect location in Western New York.

What are your favorite brands right now?

 For clothing Greylin, See Thru Soul and Black Label really caught my eye for this fall. They are made with gorgeous fabric and of good quality at a great price; as a consumer these 3 are key! Love that they are not saturated brands as BLUSH is a boutique for unique vendors. I love exposed zippers and sleeve embellishments!
For jewelry I adore AV Max. She’s been HOT for a long time but always designs on trend for good quality and price. Kendra Scott designed a gorgeous Moroccan inspired collection with pink jade and pyrite stones..Got to have! As for me personally I think every girl needs a Herve Leger dress!

What do you think the benefits are for privydolls to shop online?

Two benefits to shopping online are having the luxury of taking as much time as you want to pick something out without waiting in lines or leaving your house. Love that feeling of coming home to a present on your front doorstep! There always seems to be discount codes for online shopping which is a great benefit, and if it doesn’t work out you can send it back!! I have to point out a third... if you live in a area that is hard to locate different unique fashions..online is the only savior.

Go to http://www.shopblushny.com/ and receive 20% with coupon code ' PRIVYDOLL'
* PrivyDoll Approved
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


PrivyDoll dabbles in sports and when we play them we want to look good doing so. The outfit is almost as important as the game itself. Luckily, Loup is here to provide us dolls with function and fashion for the days at the tennis courts. Say goodbye to the ugly, old pleated skirts tennis attire has taken a modern feel. I caught up with the designer behind the brand, Loup to learn more about the line and inspiration behind my new favorite athletic line that isn't so... athletic.

PrivyDoll: I don't see any old fashioned spankies and pleats in the line which is not only refreshing but also interesting how street -casual wear is wearable on the court. What elements from traditional tennis attire still make sense for your line?

I still love traditional tennis attire, but I wanted to infuse some more "real world" wearabiilty into the garments because the modern girl really needs items she can wear for more than one reason. I definitely wanted to keep elements like the short length, flouncy skirts, and feminine silhouettes that were popular in women's tennis clothing in the 60's and 70's. I also like to keep the colors neutral and fresh, like traditional tennis whites, to help maintain that classic crisp feeling.

 For those 'PrivyDolls' that don't play tennis, does this line fit in the lives of other athletes?
Yes definitely! While the dresses and skirts are obviously more tennis focused, the other items like the tops, shorts and jackets are great for layering and are really meant to be worn before, during and after any activity where you want to play hard, stay chic and still show your personal style.

I adore the retro feel and the simple silhouettes, what inspires you each season?
Every season I build on my previous inspirations which can include things like old movies, stylish icons and art. For Fall/Holiday 2010 I drew inspiration from images of ballerina's backstage in the 1960's and 70's, the movie Charade staring Audry Hepburn and gorgeous actress Charlotte Rampling.

You can Find more about Loup and where to buy Loup HERE.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Share the (Fashion) Love

What if you could update your wardrobe without breaking the bank or even buying any new items? You can with a new trend that is not only taking the fashion world by storm and opening the opportunities for many other business platforms but coul be the next wave of the future for every industry. Check out Mesh: Why the future of Business is Sharing By: Lisa Gansky. You can pre order the book HERE  to learn how businesses are sharing and making lots,! There are many fashion forward companies that follow this new rule of business success, like Rent the Runway which I wrote about last week and many others. You can find a complete list of fashion sites that let you swap clothes, rent them or even sell them HERE.  Curl up with this Fall read, PrivyDolls!
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fashion Radar: Jimmy Choo for Ugg

What an interesting mash up. Jimmy Choo know for the sexy stilettos and gorgeous materials and Ugg. The Australian big boot company. The boots are now available at Saks and are priced $500-$700! These are studded and even more tacky then the original Uggs that girls stomp around in. Check out the ugliest of the Ugg collection Here.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fashion Radar: New York Fashion Week Street Style

Fashion Week brings out everyone from the most stylish, to the freaks, to the 'what are you thinking' fashionistas. Did I mention everything in between? I snagged a few good fashion 'Whoas!" while in NY at some of the fashion week parties that I wanted to share with the rest of the PrivyDolls.

Don't get me wrong, I love musicals as much as the next, but this Moulin Rouge head to toe (and shoes) suit was a little much for fashion week backstage.

This fashion disaster was seen at an exclusive fashion event on Friday night among many Style Network affiliates.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Radar: NYC Fashion Week: Charlotte Ronson

                  Tents. Camera. Lights! Privydoll loved the shows at this year's New York Fashion Week at the Lincoln Center. One of the best shows was Saturday night's Charlotte Ronson. The celebrity filled show included: Solange Knowles and Nicky Hilton to name a few as Samantha Ronson dj's somber tunes. Models yawned down the runway, which I am still not quite sure if that was encouraged or not- it was only 6pm! Maybe the girls just got up from the previous night's afterparties. The collection was extremely wearable with sweater dresses meant for rail thin girls, some with hoods some to the ankles. The all- knit collection had a great, gray theme and had many fashionistas nodding.

One of the cool editions this year to Fashion Week was a blogger's section of computers lined up with access to their sites to keep their followers up to speed with what they are doing and sharing the FW experience!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion Radar: Rent the Runway (for real)

PrivyDolls know what dresses are which season and always wants the 'it' dress from the hottest designer. However our social calendar of many events, dates and parties doesn't compliment our budget. What a fashion tragedy! Genius idea, Rent the Runway has been assisting PrivyDoll fashionistas find the perfect dress for the special occasion with their dedicated stylists on board. It really is as easy as this: select the dates you need the dress, and size and scroll through the many designer options. You receive 2 sizes of the dress to ensure a great fit and return when you are done! Many of these dresses are 90% less then the runway price tag. With all the social events we have, this is well worth the little investment and the embarrassment of being photographed in the same dress over and over again (social faux pas).

So whether it be a beach vacation or meeting the parents Rent the Runway will offer great suggestions as well!  Where else can you get a designer dress for an event for as low as $50, when you know you wont be wearing it ever again?  Go to www.Renttherunway.com for more information! Add Rent the Runway on Facebook: facebook.com/renttherunway

PrivyDoll Approved!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A buzz isn't just a buzz anymore. You can get a fashionable cocktail at the Marc by Marc Jacobs bar in Milan and shop at its connected store. What a brilliant idea... stop for a cocktail and then keep shopping- why didn't PrivyDoll think of that? Rumors have stirred that Marc will be opening up another concept restaurant in NYC by the end of the month with possible talk of a Marc Jacobs hotel in the works.  Just in time when Fashion week has died down. We look forward to it and will be blogging once its opened! In the meantime check out the Milan venue.
Visit Marc HERE.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion Radar: Jessica Simpson Denim

Jessica Simpson may of received some heat from a photo claiming she was wearing 'mom jeans' last year, but the curvy Simpson's new denim collection leaves the 'mom jeans' behind. Her new line consists of a few styles and silhouettes will also be very affordable. Styles called, Forever Skinny, Kiss me Jegging and Sunset boot are some of the classic and trendier fits. All of the jeans fall under $100! Her fashion empire is growing after her success of shoes and handbags has grown to many other endeavors. You can check out her fall collection HERE . PrivyDoll loves her Denim Booth on the website where you can play around with the washes and fits before buying! What a great back to school denim find!
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Friday, September 10, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Jersey Shore's Pauly D Fashion Designer?

Here at Privydoll, we pride ourselves of sharing 'privy' finds. Whether it be upcoming designer threads, or exclusive, fashionable deals. This privy find is from an inside source.  Privydolls get in line. Pauly D is not only a DJ by night and on the Jersey Shore by day but also turns out to be a big sweet heart.
Insiders shared with Privydoll a custom I <3 Pauly D tank top
specially bedazzled by himself for the beautiful New Yorker. She
caught his eye and his soft side has shown, maybe he can fit in a
girlfriend between his GTL

photo exclusive to www.Privydoll.com
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

PrivyGuy: Ask Men's Celebrity stylist Jimmy Au

Privy Guys listen up. I caught up with celebrity men's stylist to the stars, Jimmy Au to get an exclusive insight on his design tricks and how to dress well, look great and like most men try to do: appear taller. Jimmy Au has an amazing niche in Hollywood. He specializes in dressing men 5'8 and under. Danny Divito, Tom Cruise and many more stars have come to him for custom suits and tricks of the trade for red carpet looks to make these men appear as tall as their leading ladies. Privydoll wondered if some of his fashion tricks could apply to woman's styling as well.

 PrivyDoll: Although your expertise is in men's clothing, are there unisex tricks, in your opinion to elongate the legs or assist in dressing the shorter female?

Jimmy AU: Not exactly. It depends who you are trying to impress. Most women and men seem to favor taller men, so shorter men should either attempt to not look short or try to look taller (truly two different things). Women, however have a different situation. Some men find "petite" attractive, so looking taller isn't always the motive. If you are not looking to impress a man personally, but professionally, then adding height may be good. When wearing suit pants you want to wear the longest hem you can without it breaking too much if at all. Women can have a long pant leg by wearing heels. Wearing stripes works well for both men and women. Choose widths wisely. A wider stripe will make you look more petite. There are differing opinions on proper shirt and suit sleeve lengths for women, but the one rule that works is that you must allow a little shirt cuff to show through the sleeve opening. The shorter your arms, the less you need to show. But you should show a little cuff. It helps frame the arm.
The Emmys were on Sunday, what was the top men's trends seen on the red carpet?
The top men's trends were the return of bow ties and the continued use of peak lapels. Several men even experimented with one button single breasted models and shawl collars or both.
I am sure some fans would be surprised how some of their favorite celebrity men are actually quite a bit shorter than they are perceived with some of the Hollywood tricks they use in the movies. What are a couple celebrities that are 5'8 and under?
Can't say. I feel like I'm exposing a client secret. Celebrities, stylists and costume designers often times come to Jimmy Au's in order to hide the fact that their clients are shorter, unless it plays a role in their character. If you can't tell how tall they are, then my father's clothing collection has done its job. The secret is in the proportions of my father's designs.
With the help of your custom tailoring what men’s designers in general are fans of the shorter male?
None. Jimmy Au is the only designer designing clothes specifically for shorter men (5'8" or shorter). Our collection doesn't even translate to regular sizes if scaled up. Most designers design with a 5'10"-6'0" man in mind. They scale up and down from there with their technical pattern making teams as best they can. Most do not translate scaling down to shorter men. Often times their designs are over sized.

 You have worked with many celebrities, what 'under 5'8 male do you wish to work with that needs your fashion assistance?
We would love to work with ANY short actor who is currently in denial about their height. Most of these guys can be easily spotted often wearing clothes that are clearly too big or not tailored to fit them. Men of all heights should have their clothes checked by a tailor. Sloppy isn't the same as casual. Unfortunately sloppy on a shorter man translates into "look what I borrowed from my older brother." Shorter men may not know how much better they can look because there aren't many resources out there. Shorter men are made to settle.

Where can our Privy Guy's find you for fashion assistance? 
We are located at 9408 Brighton Way in Beverly Hills, CA 90210 or you can visit our website at JimmyAus.com. We are planning traveling trunk shows in the near future and into 2011. We can help in revamping a man's business and personal wardrobe.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

INSIDER INTERVIEW: Tied Up & Tousled +PrivyDoll Discount

Do you like to be tied up and tousled? You will once you check out the headband line with the same name. The unique  line is perfectly designed with delicate finishes on beautiful materials. The headband really never goes out of style in my opinion (insert my baby picture followed by almost every year's grade school picture) but there is a interesting way to make it your own and tie it into your own look. Whether it is a functioning head band to keep your hair out of your face or a dramatic accessory for your outfit Tied Up and Tousled has a match for you. You can see this trend amongst the Hollywood 'IT' crowd and then again on the runway. Check out this designer's line and enjoy a generous PRIVYDOLL Discount!

Label/Company Name: Tied Up and Tousled
Name: Kate Rutter, Designer

3 words to describe your label:
expressive, versatile, free-spirited

The headband has been a classic element throughout the ages. How is your line taking this typical accessory to modern?  It’s not just a headband, it’s jewelry for your hair. It’s an expression. It becomes part of your identity. They’re like little treasures. I want girls to use headbands to share a little bit about their personality. I didn’t really change the headband, in fact, I draw a lot of inspiration from the past. Where I have modernized it, is in the way you wear it; across the forehead, on the part line, over bangs, under bangs, tied on the side, tied in the back, tied at the nape, etc. The possibilities are endless, depending on your mood. The pieces are so adaptable. Sometimes I wear them as necklaces, wrapped as a bracelet or tied like a belt.

How does runway fashion trends effect or inspire your line?
I get more inspiration from street styles but I have so much respect for runway fashion.

What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely?
EVERYTHING! I’m just so random and all over the place, especially with my style. I know I am on a retro kick right now, so definitely the 70’s. I’m inspired by ease, effortlessness, and anything old. I am inspired by Native American/Indian culture. I took a trip in May this year. I drove my best friend to Portland, Oregon from Cleveland, Ohio. Seeing the culture through Montana really stuck with me. I felt a strong connection there. I also love tribal jewelry. I like things to look raw and natural.

What are your favorite materials to use?
  Anything vintage. There’s just something so special about the old and the used. I try to think… “Who wore this? What was their style? Where were they going? What was there story? Maybe they fell in love while they were wearing this silly little broken earring with out a pair anymore.” And then I think… I want someone else to make a new story with it.

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:   Well, I live on a lake so I like to lie in the pier and look out at the water. I also draw a lot of inspiration when and rummaging through old jewelry and fabrics at antique shops or street fairs.

I love the line and it is easy to transform the hippie headband to a night out with a dress. What dress styles or designers are a great compliment to your headband line?   I  hope each girl makes it her own. I like juxtaposition in outfits. For example, a girlie, sparkly band with leather leggings and a ripped up rocker tee. Or plain jeans and a white tee with a dressy band that dangles in your hair. Or a skinny leather band with an oversized, chunky knit sweater. Or a wide woven Native band (like 2” thick) worn with an itsy bitsy metallic bikini. Tied Up and Tousled gives instant style and makes it look effortless.

Female entrepreneur of the year award  should go to:
   Within the fashion world, I would say Rachel Zoe. She has transformed her career as a stylist into a brand synonymous with fashion. It’s a remarkable transition. The industry respects her vision and consumers trust her opinion.

Are you going to NY Fashion Week and what Designer are you looking forward to seeing?

I can’t make it this year but I will be there a few weeks later. I was living in the city last year during Fashion Week and I just love it there at this time of the year. The energy is amazing. I can’t wait to see Alice + Olivia. I love Missoni. Oscar De La Renta gowns are absolutely gorgeous. I’m excited about it all.

What kind of press/marketing/celeb spotings has your line received?
     We are going to be in a photo shoot for Hunter Dixon clothing line which is really exciting. Otherwise, we work with local boutiques like B Lux and My Song.

And Lastly, spill the Privy find: 
The website is the best way to purchase the line at www.tiedupandtousled.com
Follow our blog at              http://tiedupandtousled.blogspot.com/
Follow our Twitter at       http://twitter.com/TiedUpTousled

USE COUPON CODE:' PRIVYDOLL' at Checkout online for  10% off  
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ask: Esthetician: Stress Related Breakouts

PrivyDolls are dolls on the go. They have stressful lives of balancing life and fun. Many times we have stopped and thought to ourselves, is there a correlation with work deadlines and this dreaded pimple that shows its face right when I am about to pull out my hair. I wanted to get to the bottom of stress related blemishes and I turned to an amazing esthetician who specializes in acne for adults and has a skincare line that can help rescue you from breakouts. What came first the stress or the breakout, because we all know breakouts are stressful.  Take these hints from Daniela and visit her to answer any more of your skin care questions! So we asked Daniela, does stress cause breakouts?

 "The answer is yes.  The fact is, there are different types of stress. More importantly, different hormones for different types of stress.  Worry stress causes release of one hormone, conflict stress releases another.
That's what's different. The stress of wanting to flee or fight and you can't. At home, at least, you can yell, you can walk out of a room, but at work either of those can get you fired. And so, conflict stress leads to adrenaline rushes, and since women produce testosterone in their adrenal glands, with adrenaline rushes come rushes of testosterone, which is responsible for oil production in the skin, and more oil means more breakouts. Get it ?

So, if your skin is clogged by either pore-clogging ingredients, dead skin cell build-up, solidified oil build-up or a combination of all three (which is the case with most people) oil rushes in behind these clogs, gets stuck,and irritates the heck out of pores which causes swelling and redness. That's what an "undergrounder" is.  You squeeze it till next Tuesday and nothing comes out but fluid, right ?  And then it gets worse. If the pore swells shut, oxygen runs out, the anaerobic bacteria inside thrive, and white blood cells come to wage battle."

What to do ?  Contact Daniela at her Studio to find out !

Daniela's Facial Studio
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Fashion Radar: In the Trenches

Trench coats are timeless and necessary for every PrivyDoll's wardrobe. Fall 2010 fashions are all about the trench and even utilizing the camel color trend through the season. I found some of the best trenches at every price point for achieving this trend. Vogue recently released a similar trend report on the camel trend that included trenches. This fabulous, more traditional trench is found on ShopBop by Marc by Marc Jacobs on sale for $314.

Another great trend of transitional fall is the trench dress. I found this steal at H&M for $34 and a classic trench for $49.95.
This trench dress is so work appropriate but also has some sassy appeal as well. The trench coat pictured here is found on BlueFly by ABS for only $77.
The splurge choice is this cape (also a huge trend for fall) trench by Red Valentino. I found it here at Neiman Marcus for $995.
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Radar: Shirt Tails

There has been a fashion trend that snuck in for summer 2010 but is making a comeback for fall as well. Seen in T shirts, tops and sweaters. The shirt tail is here. PrivyDoll calls it the mullet shirts (think short in front and party in the back.)The shirts have been called 'fish tail' and been found in racer back tanks for summer but for fall you can find this trend in jackets and sweaters. The picture featured here is a sweater by Theory for $215 found here.

This curved hem theme is also found in long sleeve tops. This one found here in many colors is available at TopShop for $32.
This thermal by Alice and Olivia is a great shirt tail -style tunic. Found on ShopBop for $119.
I love this trend found in a acid wash hoodie! You can purchase this from my new fav shopping site, ASOS for only $77.50.
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fashion Radar: Wedge Tower

We all were not blessed with legs for days, but PrivyDolls can thank a fashion trend of 5inch and high wedges for fall! Privydoll found many designers bringing the wedge into fall with a platform of almost 5inches or even above 5 inches! These Giuseppe Zanotti  pictured to the left are extra, extra tall wedges and 6 inches tall! These can add some real height for $1,250. I found a tall wedge on a budget like these below by Jessica Simpson. These leather ankle wedges  pictured below are by Jessica Simpson. Found HERE for $115.

Another great fall trend is the clog. Jessica is 5'2 herself and has many shoe designs for the women who inspires to be taller. These new clogs that come in black and brown have been seen on her in celebrity magazines and are available on here site. Love the zipper accent on these 5.2 inch heel! 
On Vogue's Best bet they included these wedges that are a great edition for fall. Found here from Jeffrey Campbell for $182 . These two-tone wedges are a fabulous change up from the ordinary , expected black wedge fall loafer.
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fashion Radar: Day Clutches

Traditionally, clutches were meant for the noche. Nighttime called for dress, pumps and clutch but PrivyDoll has seen and participated in the trend of day clutches. Keep the super sequins and frilly clutches for your black dress affair but look to pick up a couple clutches that are day appropriate and even one that can transform your regular garb to trendy. Look for leathers or patterns for a standout choice. I adore this one to the left by Cole Han found on overstock.com for only $59! This also plays into the nude leather trend going on as well!

Another great choice is this over sized leather clutch from Jessica Simpson. The array of solid colors or python print is perfect for a daytime look. I found all of these choices on Amazon for under $60!
I agreed with the editor pick of this orange woven bag found on ShopBop.com. This Mar Y Sol bag is only $80 and is a great addition to the end of summer/fall wardrobe.

                                 Another great choice is this simple black envelope clutch found on Asos for only $25.28! Love the metal accent on the flap!
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