Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ask: Esthetician: Stress Related Breakouts

PrivyDolls are dolls on the go. They have stressful lives of balancing life and fun. Many times we have stopped and thought to ourselves, is there a correlation with work deadlines and this dreaded pimple that shows its face right when I am about to pull out my hair. I wanted to get to the bottom of stress related blemishes and I turned to an amazing esthetician who specializes in acne for adults and has a skincare line that can help rescue you from breakouts. What came first the stress or the breakout, because we all know breakouts are stressful.  Take these hints from Daniela and visit her to answer any more of your skin care questions! So we asked Daniela, does stress cause breakouts?

 "The answer is yes.  The fact is, there are different types of stress. More importantly, different hormones for different types of stress.  Worry stress causes release of one hormone, conflict stress releases another.
That's what's different. The stress of wanting to flee or fight and you can't. At home, at least, you can yell, you can walk out of a room, but at work either of those can get you fired. And so, conflict stress leads to adrenaline rushes, and since women produce testosterone in their adrenal glands, with adrenaline rushes come rushes of testosterone, which is responsible for oil production in the skin, and more oil means more breakouts. Get it ?

So, if your skin is clogged by either pore-clogging ingredients, dead skin cell build-up, solidified oil build-up or a combination of all three (which is the case with most people) oil rushes in behind these clogs, gets stuck,and irritates the heck out of pores which causes swelling and redness. That's what an "undergrounder" is.  You squeeze it till next Tuesday and nothing comes out but fluid, right ?  And then it gets worse. If the pore swells shut, oxygen runs out, the anaerobic bacteria inside thrive, and white blood cells come to wage battle."

What to do ?  Contact Daniela at her Studio to find out !

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