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INSIDER INTERVIEW: Tied Up & Tousled +PrivyDoll Discount

Do you like to be tied up and tousled? You will once you check out the headband line with the same name. The unique  line is perfectly designed with delicate finishes on beautiful materials. The headband really never goes out of style in my opinion (insert my baby picture followed by almost every year's grade school picture) but there is a interesting way to make it your own and tie it into your own look. Whether it is a functioning head band to keep your hair out of your face or a dramatic accessory for your outfit Tied Up and Tousled has a match for you. You can see this trend amongst the Hollywood 'IT' crowd and then again on the runway. Check out this designer's line and enjoy a generous PRIVYDOLL Discount!

Label/Company Name: Tied Up and Tousled
Name: Kate Rutter, Designer

3 words to describe your label:
expressive, versatile, free-spirited

The headband has been a classic element throughout the ages. How is your line taking this typical accessory to modern?  It’s not just a headband, it’s jewelry for your hair. It’s an expression. It becomes part of your identity. They’re like little treasures. I want girls to use headbands to share a little bit about their personality. I didn’t really change the headband, in fact, I draw a lot of inspiration from the past. Where I have modernized it, is in the way you wear it; across the forehead, on the part line, over bangs, under bangs, tied on the side, tied in the back, tied at the nape, etc. The possibilities are endless, depending on your mood. The pieces are so adaptable. Sometimes I wear them as necklaces, wrapped as a bracelet or tied like a belt.

How does runway fashion trends effect or inspire your line?
I get more inspiration from street styles but I have so much respect for runway fashion.

What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely?
EVERYTHING! I’m just so random and all over the place, especially with my style. I know I am on a retro kick right now, so definitely the 70’s. I’m inspired by ease, effortlessness, and anything old. I am inspired by Native American/Indian culture. I took a trip in May this year. I drove my best friend to Portland, Oregon from Cleveland, Ohio. Seeing the culture through Montana really stuck with me. I felt a strong connection there. I also love tribal jewelry. I like things to look raw and natural.

What are your favorite materials to use?
  Anything vintage. There’s just something so special about the old and the used. I try to think… “Who wore this? What was their style? Where were they going? What was there story? Maybe they fell in love while they were wearing this silly little broken earring with out a pair anymore.” And then I think… I want someone else to make a new story with it.

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:   Well, I live on a lake so I like to lie in the pier and look out at the water. I also draw a lot of inspiration when and rummaging through old jewelry and fabrics at antique shops or street fairs.

I love the line and it is easy to transform the hippie headband to a night out with a dress. What dress styles or designers are a great compliment to your headband line?   I  hope each girl makes it her own. I like juxtaposition in outfits. For example, a girlie, sparkly band with leather leggings and a ripped up rocker tee. Or plain jeans and a white tee with a dressy band that dangles in your hair. Or a skinny leather band with an oversized, chunky knit sweater. Or a wide woven Native band (like 2” thick) worn with an itsy bitsy metallic bikini. Tied Up and Tousled gives instant style and makes it look effortless.

Female entrepreneur of the year award  should go to:
   Within the fashion world, I would say Rachel Zoe. She has transformed her career as a stylist into a brand synonymous with fashion. It’s a remarkable transition. The industry respects her vision and consumers trust her opinion.

Are you going to NY Fashion Week and what Designer are you looking forward to seeing?

I can’t make it this year but I will be there a few weeks later. I was living in the city last year during Fashion Week and I just love it there at this time of the year. The energy is amazing. I can’t wait to see Alice + Olivia. I love Missoni. Oscar De La Renta gowns are absolutely gorgeous. I’m excited about it all.

What kind of press/marketing/celeb spotings has your line received?
     We are going to be in a photo shoot for Hunter Dixon clothing line which is really exciting. Otherwise, we work with local boutiques like B Lux and My Song.

And Lastly, spill the Privy find: 
The website is the best way to purchase the line at www.tiedupandtousled.com
Follow our blog at              http://tiedupandtousled.blogspot.com/
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