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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fashion Radar: Embellished Flats

Stilettos will never be replaced and as  heels are pretty much an extension of my legs most of the time I see the trend of embellished flats  as just another option. For me, after 4 days in a row of 12+hours running and dancing in my 4inch heels. The embellished flats are great for running around with a skinny jean or a girly dress but they have also made their way on the red carpet with young Hollywood and beyond.  Don't take just PrivyDoll's word for it check out the article from BarneysNY Blog, The Window where Amanda Brooks is seen wearing flats. http://thewindow.barneys.com/amanda-brooks-on-flats-for-evening/

                       I just bought a pair myself. I love my new MIA bling bling flats found on their website. My favorite things have combined.. animal print, bling and comfort. Best $69 you have ever spent.

                   These dazzling bowed Steve Madden flats from Nordstrom are $89.95.

I love these classic black flats with one large stone found as a steal on Shiekh Shoes for only $19.99.  Pair these with a pencil skirt or leggings for a great look.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fashion Radar: Who Runs the World? PrivyDolls do!

Beyonce's new song and video is one of her best yet with, Who Runs the World. I can't get it out of my head and when it comes on at the club you cant help but cheer, Girls! Girls! I say PrivyDolls run the world and this is a genuine amazing find. The music video appears to be a Vogue spread included Laruicci, a jewelry line in the video. The affordable and extremely beautiful pieces make you feel like you are running the world.

Get Beyonce's look with these earrings and rings found on Laruicci's site.

Get these earrings for $275

                                                              and the claw ring for $78
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fashion Radar: Feather Earrings

Feathers are all the rage. We have seen them on handbags, hugely gathered on dresses and shoulder pads on the runway and the highly promoted feather hair extension piece that was featured on the blog. I found some amazing handmade feather earrings from JousJous.com I wanted to share. For under $45 these are all so individual and can capture the feather trend with minimal commitment. Pair them with a maxi dress or a black attire to spice up the look.

I also found some great choices from Bebe and Urban Outfitters.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fashion Radar: Sneak Peep at New Swim line

I think everyone knows by now I have a lot of favorites, but bikinis are on the top of my list. I was beyond thrilled to hear one of my favorite lingerie designers, Mariana London (designer interview featured on  PrivyDoll) has grown her brand by including brazilian bikinis. Could my week get any better? These ultra sexy, lingerie inspired suits will be available soon on her website and will retail around $40 and up. She is filming her first swimwear look book but gave PrivyDoll a little peep show if you will.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Entertainment: Sassy City Chicks Shopping Event Recap

Sassy City Chicks shopping event rolled into Chicago last week after having success as a traveling sample sale, beauty supply stop for the fashionistas of respective cities. After Success in Miami, LA and others this year marked its first year here in Chicago. Attending the media meet and greet I had plenty of time to talk and mingle with the vendors and of course first pick of their wares. First stop eye brow wax by Anne, brow specialist from Sine Qua Non Salon . I learned quite a bit about the art and that "your brows are sisters not twins." I know most of us spend a lot of time trying to groom them perfect and matching. So before you go drastic to shaving your brows off due to frustration go their new West town salon for brow rehab. The number one biggest mistake women make is over tweezing. Anne suggests if you need a tweezer intervention in order to let them grow out, do it! I went under the wax to let the pro tame the brows.

Salons, boutiques and designers were just few of the vendors that set up shop Thursday afternoon. I love sharing privy finds, and there were some cool find. Like jewelry designer Marsha of www.spinalfusion.etsy.com who turns old clock hands into earrings.  The dangle ornate earrings for $20 were also part of a collection by the designer that utilizes bullets as post earrings. So rough and edgy with a feminine touch. Love!

I have to mention a great new handbag designer find. Vintage Reign (www.vintagereign.com) showcased clutches, handbags and much more which one was just as cute as the next. Leather, suede with animal print in bright colors were all on trend and I can see why Nordstrom picked up the line!

Deliciously Vintage, a vintage boutique (1747 S.Halstead) had a mini pop up of some of their special pieces where a PrivyDoll could dig!
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Entertainment: Summer Beach Reads

Sunglasses. Check. The perfect new bikini choice thanks to Privydoll's suggestion. Check. Some good summer reads... The best two books are out for summer lawn chair reading. Pull out your floppy hat and enjoy these fun reads, PrivyDoll style. I loved these two summer reads which are a bit different but both great finds. Maid of Honor and Bad Girls are my picks for summer reads.

Summer is the season of weddings, if we aren't going to them we are in them. Thats what I love about this relateable nonfiction book by Chicago native, Jillian Conley. Her novel, Maid of Honor is a  story of a single Chicago girl doing all she can do for her friend once she is asked to being the maid of honor.
A cutesy, easy summer read is perfect for a beach back drop and laughs with such relate able, cheeky happenings. Find it on Amazon Here.

I took the test. I am a bad girl wannabe. Take the test in Bad Girls written by Carole Liberman M.D. She has been seen on Dr. Phil and many other appearances covering the topic of love and girls that are bad. This book's title also includes, 'why men  love them & how good girls can learn their secrets.' This is not quite a how-to book but an interesting take on how to find love and how to spot a bad girl who takes good men.  I love the dedication " This book is dedicated to all the good girls who have been wearing their hearts on their sleeve... only to have it broken and to all the men who have been preyed upon and hurt by bad girls. May this book soothe your pain and help you find the love you deserve." This just about sums up why this book is a must read by all women whether you are bad or good :) Find it on Amazon Here.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fashion Radar: The One You Need: One-Piece Swimwear

One pieces are all over the beach and yachts this summer. We saw cut out dresses through this season and cut out bikinis are a must. They even can mask some unwanted tummy and side issues some of us have. I adore this stripe suit found on the left. The deep V is resemblance of the JLo plunge dress we saw on the red carpet years ago. Bring back the plunge in suiting this year. It is flattering and boarders a retro meets sexy look. Here are some of PrivyDoll's top picks to conquer this summer soiree trend.

Allure Magazine also recently wrote about this must have trend of one piece suits and how to wear them. For the full article check it out here: www.thewindow.barneys.com/one-piece-swimsuits/

I adore this monokini from OneSol for $105. The spandex denim look is studded and flattering! Sign me up!
Want a sexier spin on the monokini? This red lace up halter is for sure to turn heads and key your tummy tucked. For $144 on ShopBop this suit is a siren choice for a strong PrivyDoll.

A classic Black monokini can't be wrong. This one from Victoria Secret is only $66 and includes a little pushup on the top.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Entertainment: Akira Drinkcessorizes with McDonalds Fashion Show

photos by Matthew Reeves
Last night was a first PrivyDolls, a fashion show exclusively designed at the top level of the Rock N' Roll Mcdonalds in the heart of downtown Chicago. The space is a meca past 4am , and honestly can say I haven't been a customer before that until last night. The media only event was huge brand initiative that just 'made sense'. You may of seen the campaign billboards and photos on buses of this very fashion forward push from McDonalds. They are promoting their 45+drink options and to "drinkcessorize". This is one show that the masses would  of enjoyed. Instead of waiters passing apps of the dainty size, quarter pounders and chicken nuggets were on trays and cokes and smoothies were passed in small cups.

 I think everyone had to leave their stuffy fashion attitude behind when media cameras kept capturing me eating greasy fries. The fashion show was a mens ands womens showcase of Akira's summer collection that included the models carrying McDonald's drinks. The perfect summer accessory if you ask me! Trends for the summer included bold colors, yellow scarves, nautical prints, and white blazers and pants. It was a very light hearted, different kind of event that really tied McDonald's new campaign to street wear. I may of double thought eating one of everything as the size 0 models pranced through the restaurant though! McDonalds has never looked cooler!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Fashion Radar: Festival Fashion

Tis the season for outdoor music and meat on a stick. Your threads need to meet the needs of the outdoor festival surroundings. Keep in mind: comfort, breathable, mobility and of course chic-ness. Long maxi dresses are an obvious good choice as well as some of this season's hot trend of cotton, patterned shorts. Pair the shorts with a wedge or nicer sandal and you can complete the look with a floppy hat. You are now ready for whatever Lollapalooza and Pitchfork throw at you!

While doing the online shopping for you PrivyDolls, I came across Forever21 has their own selected pieces that are music festival ready! Check out their complete looks HERE. You can expect cropped, rocker tanks, comfy skirts and rompers.

I love these shoes by MIA found at AKIRA for $69. They are a step up from flipflops with a small wedge and more support for dancing!

Choose an airy top that is breathable and fun. I Love this cropped button back top from Akira also.

Love my pics? ShopAKIRA has their own festival section as well with some great choices from their stylists. Check out their picks HERE.
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