Friday, April 2, 2010

INSIDER INTERVIEW: Mariana London Lingerie Brand

Privy Dolls love delicate, beautiful lingerie. That is why we are gushing about new lingerie line and designer, Mariana London.  This Brazilian cut line accents what we have all while being sexy. The racer back bras are my personal favorite and really are so unique. We look forward to seeing the swimwear line coming soon. In the meantime enjoy getting to know the designer behind the hottest lingerie line!

Label/Company Name: Mariana London Corporation
Name: Mariana London

3 words to describe your label:
Luxury, Sophistication and comfort

In your opinion what is next season’s trend? And how do you translate a street trend to lingerie?
The next season’s trend to me is basically what the designer actually comes up with, and if it’s a good one, then that’s when it becomes a “trend.” It’s all about creativity that makes you stand out whether it’s a pattern, style or even an accessory for instance.
I translated street trends into lingerie designs based on tank tops and dresses by adding a super glow to ordinary tank tops of even a dress, meanwhile you’re still wearing lingerie. The back details of the bras are truly unique and transform whatever you may be wearing.
As far as what I’m feeling for next season’s trend would be bright citrus colors and more stone details coming up this summer of 2010

What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely?
My inspiration for my first collection came from luxury and sophistication. Plain top notch fabrics and bold colors; followed by unique cuts and stones on sports bra – which are now fancy versatile bras.

What are your favorite materials to use?
Microfiber, rhinestones and ice stones along with the finest Brazilian laces and unique cuts.

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:
My home office with a nice cup of latte!

Female entrepreneur of the year award should go to:
To all females who believe in themselves as well as their product!

Dolls love a sexy negligee, but why design a lingerie brand and how did you start your line?
I have always loved and collected lingerie myself. My father is a designer in Brazil as well as some relatives who are actually co-designers for Mariana London. As a former model, it inspired me very much to take my line forward; as a result, I have named the line after myself.

Your site and pieces screams retro, French-inspired lingerie but the brand is made in Brazil. What are the differences in style and fabrics between French and Brazilian lingerie?
Actually the song featured in our videos as well as the website is simply linked to Samba! I have chosen these Bossa Nova songs because it’s linked to the roots of Mariana London  a Brazilian female as the collection is designed in Brazil.
 The collection is 100% Brazilian inspired. The French theme song just happens to love Samba and Samba loves lingerie as we all love Brazilian lingerie! Brazilian cuts underwear exploded all over the world in the 90’s. Before Brazilian cut undies came along it was either full or thong bottoms – there was no in between and this is why we love Samba – even in French!

What kind of press/marketing/celeb spotings has your line received?
Mariana London debuted in late January 2010. We had our premiere party at Samba Room, in Ft. Lauderdale. We were featured in the New Times as well as the international Brazilian People Magazine.
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