Monday, April 5, 2010

Fashion Radar: It's all Black and Gold

                Trends transcend across media and art. On the fashion radar is the trend, black and gold. We see it as a cosmetic beauty trend but also on the runways as well. And the it just so happens that one of my favorite songs right now is called Black and Gold by: Sam Sparro. In the words of Sparro, " 'cause if you aren't really here then I don't want to be either.I want to be next to you. Black and Gold. Black and Gold. " Click here to hear the catchy song that fits in with the trend of the moment.  http://popup.lala.com/popup/432627052148894506.

You can pick up your limited edition makeup pallet from Chanel April 1st. Shadows and nail laquer that were inspired from the Shanghai show are now available to the masses. Prices will range from $25-$35. I love the Black matte liner and then using a gold sparkle shadow. You can take this trend to the extreme with using the nail art and taking a spin away from the French manicure and utilize black and gold with color and tip.

Runways also showcased a lot of Black and gold for fall 2010. Diesel had many items from their black gold line shown for Fall 2010. This look is very attainable and you may be able to put this together without any updates. Take your favorite black mini and give it a 2010  update with gold accents. Gold belt or necklace and you have accomplished the updated black dress for fall. If you can't wait until Fall, I love this dress available now by Diesel from their Black Gold collection: (on right) $360 Click HERE.



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