Thursday, April 8, 2010


PrivyDoll fell in love with this unique jewelry line. The handmade line is beautiful, delicate and so ladylike. 

Label/Company Name: Atelier Poési
Name: Julie Booma

3 words to describe your label: Poetically Inspired Adornments

In your opinion what is next season’s trend?
For Fall/Winter 2010, I think texture will be the focus.  In addition to the usual furs (faux, I hope!) and other cozy elements, I see interesting knits made of chunky yarns in a neutral palette with a bit of subdued sparkle.  In terms of accessories, things seem to be swinging back to the basics – belts to cinch slouchy silhouettes and simpler jewelry to complement the neutral solids.

What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely?
My inspiration for this season was celestial minerals….whether in material or shape, I wanted to convey my fascination with constellations and the inherent beauty of metals.  Overall, my line is inspired by the idea of visually conveying poetic beauty through elements such as color, composition and proportion. 

What are your favorite materials to use?
I love the versatility of metals, how they can provide the structural backdrop for a piece, yet also be used as the focal point simply by working its shape in various ways.  Most of my pieces are made of sterling silver and gold-fill, but I am starting to work more and more with reclaimed silver and solid gold. While jewelry has been and is our specialty, we are currently working on a line of hair adornments that incorporate gemstones, feathers and textiles and are excited for what the future holds for other projects.

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming: 
Believe it or not, it’s in my bed!  Many of my best ideas come to me during that transition between waking and sleeping, so I always keep a bedside sketchbook to record the designs that may float through my mind.  I suppose it could just as well be a hammock on some faraway exotic beach….I would not complain J

Female entrepreneur of the year award  should go to:
Zena Nelson, the founder and executive director of the South Bronx Food Cooperative (SBxFC),which cooperatively provides affordable and nutritious food for the underprivileged neighborhood.  I first heard about her on the Sundance Channel’s Eco Heroes show, and I have so much respect for her for using her skills and efforts to give back to and sustainably empower her community instead of herself.  In the midst of America’s health crisis, she is creating a way for people to access healthy and ecologically beneficial food that they otherwise would not have – what a great example for other communities!

What kind of press/marketing/celeb spottings has your line received?
Our line has been featured in Time Out  and Chicago Magazine, but a great press opportunity was our feature on a popular wedding blog called Style Me Pretty.  We love working with bridal clients and usually create lovely custom pieces for her and her bridemaids.

Since you are a jewelry designer, do you plan your own outfit around the jewelry you are going to wear or match your pieces to our outfit? 
A little bit of both, depending on my mood.  If I just finished a fabulous jewelry piece, I am usually so anxious to wear it that I will put it on first and then peruse my closet.  Sometimes I’ll have a dress in mood for a special occasion and then design a piece to complement it.

And Lastly, spill the Privy find:  (where to buy  your line, website, contact you etc.)
Our website, www.ilovepoesi.com, shows the most complete view of our line and while our online store is in the works, orders can be placed directly by emailing us at orders{at}ilovepoesi{dot}com.  Select pieces of our line are carried at Shebang and will also be at Botanica and Gray Boutique soon.



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