Friday, April 9, 2010

Fashion Radar: Fall in love with Fall 2010 shoes

I cannot remember a time where every designer has included STAND  OUT shoes in their RTW collections. The shoes coming out give us something to get really excited for shoes again, and want to start a 'shoe fund' jar for Fall 2010 collections! From stacked heels,  gems, fur and heels that make you look twice and and wonder how you even balance in those are included in many of shoes on the runway. As we all countdown for Sex in the City 2 where the stilettos will take center stage, we can also count on seeing Giuseppe Zanotti heels on the ladies. Possibly any of these from the Spring 2010 line that incorporated leather fringe and layering that reach up the ankle.

I love another designer collaboration I love for Fall 2010: Manolo Blahnik for Zac Posen! This collection includes all the trends this year: fur, jewels, leather, rope, and embellished heels.
Louis Vuitton is not disappointing either with skyscraper heels and ankle ties and unique heel accents.

Futuristic heels Balenciaga stood out possibly more than any other collection for RTW Fall 2010. The multi color, stacked heel was a modern turn of the gladiator shoe. My spare change will go into the Balenciaga shoe fund for sure this year!



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