Thursday, June 16, 2011

Entertainment: Summer Beach Reads

Sunglasses. Check. The perfect new bikini choice thanks to Privydoll's suggestion. Check. Some good summer reads... The best two books are out for summer lawn chair reading. Pull out your floppy hat and enjoy these fun reads, PrivyDoll style. I loved these two summer reads which are a bit different but both great finds. Maid of Honor and Bad Girls are my picks for summer reads.

Summer is the season of weddings, if we aren't going to them we are in them. Thats what I love about this relateable nonfiction book by Chicago native, Jillian Conley. Her novel, Maid of Honor is a  story of a single Chicago girl doing all she can do for her friend once she is asked to being the maid of honor.
A cutesy, easy summer read is perfect for a beach back drop and laughs with such relate able, cheeky happenings. Find it on Amazon Here.

I took the test. I am a bad girl wannabe. Take the test in Bad Girls written by Carole Liberman M.D. She has been seen on Dr. Phil and many other appearances covering the topic of love and girls that are bad. This book's title also includes, 'why men  love them & how good girls can learn their secrets.' This is not quite a how-to book but an interesting take on how to find love and how to spot a bad girl who takes good men.  I love the dedication " This book is dedicated to all the good girls who have been wearing their hearts on their sleeve... only to have it broken and to all the men who have been preyed upon and hurt by bad girls. May this book soothe your pain and help you find the love you deserve." This just about sums up why this book is a must read by all women whether you are bad or good :) Find it on Amazon Here.



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