Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Entertainment: Sassy City Chicks Shopping Event Recap

Sassy City Chicks shopping event rolled into Chicago last week after having success as a traveling sample sale, beauty supply stop for the fashionistas of respective cities. After Success in Miami, LA and others this year marked its first year here in Chicago. Attending the media meet and greet I had plenty of time to talk and mingle with the vendors and of course first pick of their wares. First stop eye brow wax by Anne, brow specialist from Sine Qua Non Salon . I learned quite a bit about the art and that "your brows are sisters not twins." I know most of us spend a lot of time trying to groom them perfect and matching. So before you go drastic to shaving your brows off due to frustration go their new West town salon for brow rehab. The number one biggest mistake women make is over tweezing. Anne suggests if you need a tweezer intervention in order to let them grow out, do it! I went under the wax to let the pro tame the brows.

Salons, boutiques and designers were just few of the vendors that set up shop Thursday afternoon. I love sharing privy finds, and there were some cool find. Like jewelry designer Marsha of www.spinalfusion.etsy.com who turns old clock hands into earrings.  The dangle ornate earrings for $20 were also part of a collection by the designer that utilizes bullets as post earrings. So rough and edgy with a feminine touch. Love!

I have to mention a great new handbag designer find. Vintage Reign (www.vintagereign.com) showcased clutches, handbags and much more which one was just as cute as the next. Leather, suede with animal print in bright colors were all on trend and I can see why Nordstrom picked up the line!

Deliciously Vintage, a vintage boutique (1747 S.Halstead) had a mini pop up of some of their special pieces where a PrivyDoll could dig!



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