Monday, June 27, 2011

Fashion Radar: Embellished Flats

Stilettos will never be replaced and as  heels are pretty much an extension of my legs most of the time I see the trend of embellished flats  as just another option. For me, after 4 days in a row of 12+hours running and dancing in my 4inch heels. The embellished flats are great for running around with a skinny jean or a girly dress but they have also made their way on the red carpet with young Hollywood and beyond.  Don't take just PrivyDoll's word for it check out the article from BarneysNY Blog, The Window where Amanda Brooks is seen wearing flats. http://thewindow.barneys.com/amanda-brooks-on-flats-for-evening/

                       I just bought a pair myself. I love my new MIA bling bling flats found on their website. My favorite things have combined.. animal print, bling and comfort. Best $69 you have ever spent.

                   These dazzling bowed Steve Madden flats from Nordstrom are $89.95.

I love these classic black flats with one large stone found as a steal on Shiekh Shoes for only $19.99.  Pair these with a pencil skirt or leggings for a great look.



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