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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fashion Radar: Manufactured Metallics

Metallics are in for fall 2011 and you can wear this trend incorporated in just about anything you wear.Seen on the runway head to toe or in  accessories: handbags, shoes, or even dresses. Metallic fabric on anything goes.I love a big, metallic bag for fall. It looks a little worn, industrial almost. Some of the hottest bags are in a colored metallic which is a fun way to spruce up a usually dull-colored wardrobe for fall. Check out my favorites below.

I love this metallic take on a T-shirt. This one from ASOS is only $36 and oh so chic with skinny jeans.
You are a doll on the go and hands free is not an option until now. You can be chic and mobile with this oh-so-modern fanny pack by Vintage Reign for $160.
Check out the these looks from Calvin Klein Fall RTW 2011 collection. All Metallics
 If gold is your favorite, these gold pants found at Nordstrom for $795 are a great choice for this trend for fall.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Insider Interview:Nettie Kent Gets Button Happy

Privy Doll loves a good find and an upcoming designer nonetheless. A name you must know. Nettie Kent Jewelry line. The entire line is beautiful with vintage inspired elements. Leather, gold bracelets and earrings are included in the line, but my personal favorite and PRIVY find is the vintage button rings. I adore the vintage look of these but are so modern at the same time. I have personally had an obsession with old buttons since as long as I can remember so its no wonder I was blown away when I first saw these. Get to know the designer behind the line and learn about her love for vintage and the 1970's.

PrivyDoll:Love the vintage touch on your line, what vintage pieces inspire you?

Nettie Kent: " I am a collector, and when it comes to vintage clothes and jewelry, I could almost be called a hoarder... I am an avid small town thrift shopper and when I used to have more free time I was an eBay addict. I love old pieces, my vintage jewelry collection is filled with pieces I have scavenged over the years, really great old chains and broaches, tons of single earrings, and rings galore! Some of it I have picked up with reworking in mind others just because they were beautiful. Right now on my inspiration board over my work table I have tons of old chains and 6 different bolo ties I have collected, also lions lots of lions, belt buckles and buttons and pins..."

PrivyDoll: The Button rings are fabulous. I feel like they have a real story to tell. Where do you find the buttons?

Nettie Kent: "Thank you! I started using the buttons in rings a few years ago after I been collecting them for a bit, the first one I made I kept for myself, this amazing old bronze lion head button, I wear the original but had so many people asking me for it that I cast the whole ring and offer it on my website. http://nettiekent.com/artwork/1896702_Bronze_Lion.html As I made more rings from the buttons I had collected people started giving me old button as gifts, I have so so many beautiful buttons in jars, some too precious to use!"
PrivyDoll:What is your favorite piece of jewelry to make ? bracelets, rings etc?

Nettie Kent:"I love to start a new piece, to begin with a sketch but then the real fun is in the wax carving, letting the piece unfold from the wax and often it will change from my intended idea and I love to work with the change see what happens, where it goes."

PrivyDoll:Your pieces are very wearable- What clothing designers looks do you feel best fit with your jewelry line?

Nettie Kent: "I hope for my jewelry to be transformed by the wearer, my Slice of Sand pendant is one of my most popular pieces and its such a simple piece and can look good with most things. When I am in full on work mode, which is all the time these days! I don't have the time to linger in my closet and this summer I have had a sort of uniform of vintage Levi cut offs and either a vintage blouse or tank. I do tend to keep my clothes more simple and concentrate on my jewelry and shoes! For this fall I have my eye on this amazing sheer black tank with leather detailing from SGC N-Y-C http://www.sgcny.com/shop/leather-cross-tank/ I love the simplicity of it yet it has total edge and interest with the sheerness and the leather, I'm sucker for clothes that incorporate leather! Also Christina Fan of C/Fan showed these high wasted black trousers that I am needing http://cfan-designs.com/ I could really go on here for a long time, I make jewelry but I love clothes so much, and shoes... don't even get me started, I'm not a tall girl so big shoes make me happy, I've been in heaven with all the platform and wedges offered lately, and the 70's vibe is my favorite, if I could choose an era to live in the early 1970's would be my first choice!"

PrivyDoll: Where can we find your pieces?

Nettie Kent: "All of my designs are available for sale on my website http://nettiekent.com/home.html My stock list is on there as well and growing everyday! one of the stores I work closest with is Dear Fieldbinder here in Brooklyn, they also have an amazing online shop http://www.dearfieldbinder.com/ and are the first to get new stuff from me! they are selling my thunderbird button ring exclusively http://www.dearfieldbinder.com/19718.html That is a very special ring with a very special story but its kinda a secret, I want my wearers to make up their own stories..."
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Entertainment: Coach Poppy Fragrance with Denise of Flower Girl

Coach has done it again, launched a new fragrance that will be your new signature scent. Flower Girl founder and owner, Denis Porcaro of NY is the flower spokesperson of this new scent. Floral is huge for fall and this scent is sure to be the accent to your fall fashions. On Friday afternoon Macy's State Street hosted an informal flower bouquet making lesson by Denise.

PrivyDoll with finished Denise-approved bouquet
  Denise taught me that building a bouquet is similar to building a fragrance. Something maybe one wouldn't put as similar. There is a base, a middle and a top. We utilized three different types/sizes of roses. Step one: Greens. Choose some good base greens to start with. We used lemon flower and ivy. Step two: Stagger the roses. Use different sizes and layer them to make the bouquet look fuller. Step three: Choose a fun element. Something whimsical like a feather.

Flower Girl, Denise and PrivyDoll at Coach Poppy Launch
 We sprayed the feather with the new Poppy scent and bundled the bouquet. "The foundation is a refreshing mix of wet ivy, citrus, lychee and cassis." I love the light scent and mix of musk with the citrus.
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Fashion Radar: 40's Revival for Fall

There is an obvious trend among small and large retailers for fall/winter 2011. The 40's and 50's are calling. Answer the phone, the dial phone that is. Polka dots, knee and ankle hemlines, bows, elbow length gloves, pill box hats. They are all back and evident in major brand's shows and ads for Fall. You can wear this trend without looking like a Lucille Ball Halloween costume. Break up the looks with skinny jeans or use the accessories to modernize your classic, black dress or standard work go-to outfit.Things to keep in mind when achieving this look: 1)Pay attention to hemlines. The skirts should be pencil or be full and hit the knee or in between the knee and half.  2) The look is identifiable by collars and buttons. Keep the collars rounded and small and buttoned up. Whether it be a blouse or dress.  3) Accessories are lady like and polished. Good leather and satin is a must. Forget Mad Men. Be a Mad Woman.

This ad campaign from Kate Spade for fall sums up this look that is classic and wearable. Pill hat optional.
Marc Jacobs took polka dots to a new level with their fashion show designs were head to toe in the dots, even a padded pill box hat. The hemlines and suiting was hugely influenced by the 40's for this fall/winter.

Even mega house, Louis Vuitton's fall ad campaign captured some collars that scream 1940's revival. This look no matter the designer is modern and nostalgic  at the same time. Dig through your grandma's chests and you may be surprised what you will wear this season!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ENTERTAINMENT:Style Look Rooftop Show

A fashion show on a rooftop makes a summer night even better. Last night, StyleLook  (a personal styling company) showed some of the hottest trends and looks for fall at Market's rooftop while Grey Goose cocktails were sipped. Geneva Seal was on hand as well with gorgeous jewelry pieces. Fall trends included belted sweaters, red pants and wedges. Layers will be huge but still classic silhouettes . Fall colors were expected and shown: red, burnt orange, brown and gray.

PrivyDoll at Fashion Show: photo by Your Trendy

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Monday, August 15, 2011

ENTERTAINMENT: Glamorama 2011 Recap

Last Friday night, 3,000 of the most fashionable Chicagoans showed up at the Chicago Theater to view the hottest fall trends from top designers: Sonia Rykel, Marc Jacobs, Jean Paul Gaultier, Armani Jeans, Tracy Reese, Papi, BarIII , Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse. The show fused art and fashion with music as well. Far East Movement and Cee lo Green performed their top hits. The mini collections for fall from all the designers where so well choreographed with different sets, music and a unique art approach that made you feel like you were at many of these designer's couture shows.

Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse
 I am still buzzing over Karl Lagerfeld's pieces for Macys. Mark your shopping calendar for August 31st-this will get me in the doors. The showcase was dramatic, like him. The models all wore sky high black s with tights. Leather and tweed shorts made the cut as well as party dresses in fuscia and a lot of black.  I will be on the wait list for the black and white part dress with his signature, over- sized  collar.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
  There were some apparent fall trends. I loved all the heavier tweed pieces and plaid. Each collection included some great solid , rich colored party dresses with longer hem lines. Fur collars and jackets were also in and seen over suiting and dresses. For men, the obvious trend that we have been seeing is tucked in trousers or even dress pants into combat style boots, loose flaps. It is very urban office. The fall fashion wasn't the only entertainment that got the crowd on their feet. Far East Movement and Cee lo Green performed their top hits  well as mini dance intermissions with some great child dancers from breakdancing to ballet.
PrivyDoll @Glamorama in Walter Dress
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fashion Radar: Friendship Comeback

Head to the craft stores and dust off your memory to make this season's flash backs trend: friendship bracelets. I remember sunday afternoons in my early teen years that included boxes and boxes of colored string and more bracelets I had friends for. These bracelets are back and I figured we all needed a refresher course on making these bands. Homemade jewelry is always fun and this is probably the easiest and thriftiest trend. Stack the many bracelets and mix and match with bangles you already have for some arm flare.

Make a Triple Diagonal Swirl:
1.Gather 3 colors of your choice. knot off about 30inches and tape to begin braiding.
2.Separate strings and begin with one . Double knot around the next string then the next string.
3. repeat with the next color knotting across each of the other strings.
4. Once braiding is length is good enough, knot off and wear
I am jogging your memory yet?

For the not so crafty Privy Doll the easiest one was the knotted bracelet:
1. Gather any amount of choice colors. knot off about 30 inches and tape to begin braiding
2. Take first string out and begin knotting around all the remainder of strings
3. Keep knotting until you get the desired look, Change the color by grabbing the next string and repeat
4. Alternate as often as you like until the length is good enough. knot off and wear.

Do craft stores give you anxiety? You can still have this look with buying some gorgeous friendship bracelet inspired looks. This bracelet found on Shop Bop for $73.

This woven bracelet from CUSP for $74 is a great addition to add to your stacked friendship bracelet look.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fashion Radar: Move for Me

Make a statement with fall pieces and make sure they have their own movement. Literally. Exaggerated fringe, fabric and strings shimmied down runways and you can too down the street. Whether it be your fringe bangs (Privydoll's signature) or bags, shoes or earrings fringe is all the rage for fall. There is something so sexy about the natural movement of long fringe on a bag or this season's big trend on boots. Strings are attached for fall and make sure they are extra long.

These low heeled leather heeled shoes have a touch of suede fringe that is perfect for a transition into fall. For $41 you cannot go wrong with this rock hard shoe perfect for a pencil skirt or a skinny jean found HERE.
Fringe accents are also huge and little commitment like this fringe back shirt from BEBE for under $40. Pair it with a leather skirt or jeans for a perfect fall look.
Swing from the rafters in this ultra swing tube top from AKIRA for $86.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fashion Radar: Seeing Stars

wearing a night sky while dancing the night away is in for summer and fall this year. Small star print showed up on the runways and has made its way into retail already for this season. Make the boys go starry eyed with these great finds. I love the midnight blue or black background found in most of this season's pieces.  Use a bright, thin belt to accentuate the waist and add some color. Dolce & Gabbana had stars in their eyes for their Fall 2011 collection like the dress seen to the left. I love the fitted silhouette and the pattern is fantastic.Look what PrivyDoll found to compete with this runway look.

I love this one shoulder star printed dress from Delia*s. What a great budget buy!
 Asos doesn't let me down again when searching for the right off the runway trend look with a pricetag I love. Check out this fabulous star dress for $77.58.
What a great star print dress with a retro feel from Shop Bop! On sale for $297 this is a great dress for work or play!

I can see this with a great yellow or red shoe for contrast!

For a great work and drinks blouse, I love this one from L'Agence for $325 on Net-a-Porter. Love it with a skinny jean or pencil skirt!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fashion Radar: Lolla Wear 2011

It possibly is the biggest weekend in the year for Chicago. Lollapalooza is here this weekend and has been sold out for over a month. This year marks its 20th anniversary and is expecting over 300,000 people! Headliners in every music genre will hit the stages for the Chicago locals and many that have flown in for this year's epic line up. With the heat and crowds and a weekend full of debauchery your weekend outfits need to be planned out and a chic 'mom' bag is a must. What to bring? Here is what will be in my PrivyDoll approved lolla rockin' weekend bag.
Must have attire:
In honor of Top Shops VIP party happening late night Friday wear these red Top Shop shorts for $55.
Pair these hot shorts with a cropped swallows shirt from Forever 21for under $20 to stay cool in the mass crowds.

Try sporting a cotton , easy breezy romper in a fun pattern. This ideal for sitting on a blanket mid day on Saturday. This is a great find for under $37 from Shop Akira.

We covered what to wear to lolla but lets not forget about our undergarmets. With the heat rising and comfortability and fashion collide at these events its important to know when its appropiate for your bra straps and back to show. Check out this link with discussion from Rachel Cothran, founder of Project Beltway on The High low.
 Pack a mini fan in a fanny pack and bring a blanket and enjoy one of the best weekends in Chicago. A Lollapalooza  fashion report will follow.
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