Monday, August 22, 2011

Entertainment: Coach Poppy Fragrance with Denise of Flower Girl

Coach has done it again, launched a new fragrance that will be your new signature scent. Flower Girl founder and owner, Denis Porcaro of NY is the flower spokesperson of this new scent. Floral is huge for fall and this scent is sure to be the accent to your fall fashions. On Friday afternoon Macy's State Street hosted an informal flower bouquet making lesson by Denise.

PrivyDoll with finished Denise-approved bouquet
  Denise taught me that building a bouquet is similar to building a fragrance. Something maybe one wouldn't put as similar. There is a base, a middle and a top. We utilized three different types/sizes of roses. Step one: Greens. Choose some good base greens to start with. We used lemon flower and ivy. Step two: Stagger the roses. Use different sizes and layer them to make the bouquet look fuller. Step three: Choose a fun element. Something whimsical like a feather.

Flower Girl, Denise and PrivyDoll at Coach Poppy Launch
 We sprayed the feather with the new Poppy scent and bundled the bouquet. "The foundation is a refreshing mix of wet ivy, citrus, lychee and cassis." I love the light scent and mix of musk with the citrus.



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