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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fashion Radar: Fits your Life Denim

Privydolls are all different. We all have different bodies and our need to tuck, plump or suck it in is different when it comes to our jeans needs. Good thing I found Salsa Jeans. They have something for everyone. Salsa prides itself from Portugal and it's tag line, Fits My Life seems true with the many types of jeans they have. If you want a little more plump in the back, they have a 'Push Up' effect. They even carry a unisex jean and a reversible jean. Expecting moms can even find a jean here. A Salsa Jean shop will be opening in July on Melrose in LA, which will be the first Salsa store in the US, in the meantime mark Salsa a shopping destination next time you are jetsetting in Europe.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Fashion Radar: To Dye For

The trend of the moment is tie dye. Tanks, Bikinis and name it has made their way to the ink dry. Remember trying to attempt this fashion trend in the early 90's when we would take t-shirts and rubber bands and tie them and then strategically dip the t - shirt into the dyes. Luckily fashion has grown and I hope your taste level along with your fashion budget. Every designer and store just about has some kind of tie dye for the season. Try these items to achieve the free- loving trend this summer.

Love this one shoulder tie dye dress  by Akira Chicago for $29!

Don't stop the dye at the clothes. This Tory Burch wallet/clutch is a great choice for this trend. Found on ShopBop for $195
 A scarf is a great alternative to throw on over a solid color dress or tank to achieve this look. This one from Lucky Brand is a great color and choice! Found on Piperlime for $45.

What a budget-friendly trend. You can find this across all price points. This is a great tank that looks like it is from a designer boutique, instead of Forever 21 for $17.80.
 What another great budget find here at Arden B. This tie dye tube is on sale for $19!

Dye on PrivyDoll!
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fashion Radar: Masculine is Feminine

La Roux (known for her single, bulletproof, which I adore!!) was asked to preform in Paris on June 24th at the Menswear show for Viktor & Rolf she was dressed head to toe in a very masculine suit. V&R even asked her to wear heels to do the masculine vs. feminine look. Elly Jackson declined. She wore loafers. I think there is a lot to be said for women performers who are not running the stage half naked. La Roux's style is in right now for fall/winter 2010. We dabbled in the 'Boyfriend Blazer' and the Boyfriend jeans last season but this season is all about men's suiting. "I love suits". Said La Roux as she sported a tuxedo.

Photo: Dominique Charriau/Getty Images

 Black Suiting with menswear inspiration was everywhere for Pre Fall and Fall 2010. 

Jean Paul Gaultier  Pre Fall 2010

Viktor and Rolf Fall 2010
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fashion Radar: Fringe is in the Air

PrivyDolls love a wearable trend. Fringe is that trend at the moment. Bohemian rhapsody meets modern, urban street. Colorful fringe is in. Wear it on a bag, shoes or your ears. I found many items at Chicago's store, FIX where the fashionista can incorporate small accessories or more daring fringe tops and dresses to achieve this summer trend. Check out all these items at FIX (1101 W.Fulton Mkt) or at wwww.shopfixchicago.com). Runway fashions including Mui Mui, Gucci and Ana Sui are just a few that captured this trend in accessories and even footwear.

Nightcap Fringe Dress, $226 at Fix Boutique |Of Two Minds Leather Fringe Dress, $474 at Fix Boutique| Citrine by the Stones Rio Earrings, $98 at Fix Boutique  | Haute Hippie Dicklace, $275 at Fix Boutique
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fashion Radar: Bone to Pick

Skulls made their way to our wardrobe last year and they are back for Fall/Winter. Check out these AMAZING bone Shoes from Desquard2. The bones appeared in many of the heels and made their way on Alicia Keys last week. We hear that these shoes will be around $1500 and available on Zappos.com in August.

       I can't get enough of these shoes! Fall/Winter is all about the statement shoe!
 Bones and skulls have been popping up in many designer's collections whether it be shoes, patterned or jewelry.  The shoes to the right are all part of Desquared2 Fall 2010 collection. How do you accessorize your new bone shoes?? With bone jewelry! I recently wrote about jewelry designer, LorG. To keep with the theme, Below is a great pick from his SITE,

Skulls and Bones were integrated into the fabric and print in Alexander McQueens' Fall/Winter collection along with Vivienne Westwood. Both collections among others during fashion week included these sullen shapes in the walls, runway and the prints.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HOME: DVF launches home line

Keep your eyes open for Diane Von Furstenberg's home furnishing line launching January 2011. I can't imagine a wrap bedskirt but I can imagine it will have timeless pieces and amazing prints. "The design of your home is a reflection of you." Diane said in an interview. We can find her line in international department stores and boutiques. Alot has changed since she launched the 'wrap dress' in the 70's but we can be certain her home decor line that will include bedding, table wear and bath accessories will be just as iconic as her fashion legacy. The picture featured above is from The Rug Company where she among some other designers such as Paul smith have some collectible, gorgeous rugs. I can't wait to see her Home Decor collection in Jan!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fashion Radar: Drink Prada

Dear Prada, I know PrivyDoll is not Vogue or W, but I am getting there. Prada sent many editors at all the top fashion magazines Prada tea to celebrate the launch of their two new fragrances, Infusion de Tubereuse and Infusion de Vetiver. These limited edition tea bags I hear smell amazing and just so chic. They are not for retail (yet) and as soon as I hear these designer *Bags are available I will share it with the Privy community. How cut are these to sassy up your coffee mug! Privydoll wants to get her doll hands on these!

Photo courtesy to luckymag.
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fashion Radar: Rachel Zoe to Launch Line

Rachel Zoe, the celebrity stylist we are "BANANAS" over has told WWD that she will be launching her own line. She currently has a line with QVC, but this new signature line will capture her style and be a bit more higher end. Her signature fake fur and flowy floor- length dresses will most likely make the cut into her collection. This news is just in time for her new season of The Rachel Zoe Project due to come out in August. I adore her daily email blog as well. Click HERE to sign up to receive her free fashion blog.
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion Radar: June Privy Sites

 I love finding fun new shopping sites. And this month, Madwell launched an online store! Love love the classic denim and much more!

 I love these skinny ankle jeans from Madewell for a mere $95 and free shipping and returns you can't go wrong!

Are you constantly looking for unique, hipster wear? Go to www.smashingdarling.com for a UK, very hip site with lots of designers small and large selling their wears.They claim they are "Leading the Indie Fashion Revolution", and I believe it!  They also carry a large selection of KelWear I wrote about. You are also able to set up your own boutique to sell your designs on. So very chic!
Love this Photo Finish hat I found on the site for $90.

Or this Brown-NY scarf for $20!
All items found on www.smashingdarling.com
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fashion Radar: Haute Street Festival Fashion

Chicago summers equal street festivals. Every weekend in summer Chicagoans flock to the organized street fests to mingle, booze and eat. The question is always, what to wear to these street festivals that achieve haute fashion looks while looking not like you walked off a runway, considering you are bumping into beers and stepping over left over street food leftovers. PrivyDolls know how to achieve the best Street festival look. Here are some suggestions on a budget!

Upcoming street festivals include: (Click here for full schedule on Metromix)
This weekend- Taste of Randolph
June 15-July 4th Taste of Chicago
June 25th  Chicago Pride
July 9-10th World's Largest Block Party
July 10-11th Roscoe Village Fest
July 16-18 Pitchfork
July 17-18 Taste of River north
July 24-25 Taste of Lincoln Ave

For shoes choose an alternative to flip flops, try a wedge even an espadrille. These are a great pick from Akira, for $69.

Choose a loose fitting, but not too casual romper for a street festival. It is comfy enough to be worn in the sun and the cotton fabrics are an easy alternative to throw on.  This one at Urban Outfitters is a great choice for $32.

Another great dress choice is this racer- back patterned dress from Akira. Here for $57 this is one of those dresses you just throw on and look put together! Love it!

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Privy Baby: Vivienne Westword Tot Line

We gushed over the shoe designer Melissa, teamed up with Vivienne Westword a couple seasons ago for her sustainable Brazilian shoes that have taken Jellys to the the next level. Launching now, The two have teamed up again. This time for a children's shoe line. The adorable plastic shoe with a back strap is such a great addition to the woman's line. The shoe line will be available online and also in selected boutiques in NY. The children's shoes will run you about $100 a pair and just look almost edible they are so cute!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Insider: Miami Designer, KREL

 From "Hoe Downs" to runways, Krel wear has had a Miami spotlight from their collaboration previews at the Hoe Down party at the Standard hotel to online boutiques. Not to be confused with southern twang, this line is about the modern party, the playful stretch dresses and neon prints that are influenced by the women of Miami and beyond. We caught up with the designer, Karelle to learn more about this line and why it is one of my 'privy finds.'.

Label/Company Name: KREL

Name:  Karelle Levy

PrivyDoll: 3 words to describe your label: 
Krel: Colorful Unique Innovative

PrivyDoll: In your opinion what is next season’s trend?  
Krel: For Fall I see a juxtaposition of texture smooth and fuzzy, combining bright and neutral colors.

PrivyDoll: What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely?
Krel: Spring/Summer 2010: Inspired by 24-hour party people, club culture and chameleon-like characters, the DiscGlo Collection brings you from night to day with a playful palette of hot neons and nudes. The entire collection is glow-in-the-dark and blacklight-reactive, each unique piece will change and adapt to its environment, with patterns and colors shifting and transforming with varying degrees of light and dark.

PrivyDoll: There are alot of fabulous Fall 2010 collections out there, what is your inspiration for your Fall/Winter collection?

Krel: Inspired by KREL’s 2009 visit to Iceland Fashion Week, where, as reported in New York Magazine, Designer Karelle Levy, was nearly arrested for disorderly conduct. Upon arriving at IFW’s venue, all 17 designers were devastated by the conditions of the runway, soon discovering that everything promised by the President of Iceland Fashion Week was wholly untruthful. Led by the KREL team, 13 international designers rebelled against the hollow authority of IFW’s President, and staged their own show in Reykjavik, which was met with critical acclaim. KREL’s Fall 2010 palette explores the muted tones of Iceland’s natural, volcanic landscape- juxtaposed with moments of brightness, like the pools of nearly-neon geothermal water that dot the treeless fields of lava rock. Inspired by this incredible Icelandic journey, KREL’s Fall 2010 Collection celebrates the multi-faceted, resilient and bold, through shape, color, perspective- all of which amorphous and ripe with potential.

PrivyDoll: What are your favorite materials to use? 
Krel: Fishing line and techno yarns that glow in the dark.

PrivyDoll: Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:
Krel:   The steam room at The Standard Spa in Miami Beach.

PrivyDoll: Female entrepreneur of the year award should go to: 
Krel: Me! 

PrivyDoll: How does the ‘Miami women’ influence the designer?
Krel: The women in Miami are really hot, and not afraid of color or revealing clothing. 

PrivyDoll: What kind of press/marketing/celeb spotings has your line received?
Krel:  Elle.com,

PrivyDoll: If you could dress any celebrity at the moment who would it be?
Krel: It would be great to dress Angelina Jolie.

PrivyDoll: And Lastly, spill the Privy find:  

Krel: I do a lot of trunk shows and private events
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Fashion Radar: Best Celeb Fashion lines

It is the cliche, actor slash model slash fashion designer. But a few have really have surprised me and have done an amazing cross over. One of the first of course is Gwen Stefani's line LAMB which has been very successful but there are a few more that have an  amazing Fall 2010 collection out. Most of the celebrities lines really do embody them, and embraces their own personal style and make it wearable to their fans and other fashionistas. It is amazing what can happen when a fashionista makes it big, they start their own line eventually. PrivyDoll is next :)

Nicole Richie's line, House of Harlow has adorable pieces and some of the best are found in Chicago at Sofia Boutique.  I adore these Sandals found on Kitson for $225.

Whitney Port from Gossip girl has taken her swing at fashion and has had a couple good seasons. her line, Whitney Eve Fall 2010 looks fabulous! Here is a great pick from her Spring/Summer line found on Kitson for $188
Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham has received a lot of fashion press for years and also can be seen as a fixture at most Fashion Weeks. She has launched her new line mainly of dresses which when you look at it is very 'her'. All dresses are slender, sleek and modern with a couture feel. I gush over her line which can be found on here site and at many department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.
Dress by Victoria Beckham collection
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Stanley Cup Fashions

Chicago is still buzzing (and actually still drinking) to the Chicago Blackhawk's big win. The stanley cup is resting in Chicago and the parade included a few hundred thousand fans. At PrivyDoll it is important to always stay fashionable, even if you are cheering on your team. Luckily, I found some cute alternatives to over sized jerseys for the fashionable, 'Privy' Fans.

Vintage, fitted T shirts are on the must have list for female fans. I found this great one HERE for only $23.99.
How cute is this fitted zip up sweatshirt?? There are only a few sizes left HERE.
 I bet the women outside today in the 90 degree humidity would of loved to have this Blackhawk tube top from Sports Authority. 

Snag some Blackhawk denim with these back pocket branded jeans. Found HERE.
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion Radar:Jean Paul Gualtier and Levis

Jean Paul Gualtier has teamed up with Levis for this season's collection of fashionable denim. JPG will keep his signature corset detailing mixed with dark denim and an interesting architectural design all the while keeping true to Levis brand identity. The line on the Levis site is a trendier dark denim with thick stitching and red accents. If you think you will scoop up some Gualtier fashions at a levis price, think again many of the jeans are around $340 and $450. These harem denim pants seen in the picture are found HERE at Neiman Marcus for $435.  To take a look at the entire collection check out Levi's site. The men's line is a great recreation of punk meets English rock, in my opinion. The Denim jacket is a must have for the men's line.
Fashion sites announced this week that the line has included denim corsets including this one below. Denim really is the American classic and Gualtier said it himself, "Levis is the American dream, it's a myth. It is the original jeans, and was a joy to work on my versions of the 501." Denim isn't going anywhere in 2010 or beyond, I love how designers can re invent the the classics!
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Mtv Movie Award Fashion

Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards aired and the best part of the show is for sure the red carpet. The number one trend was sparkle minis. Many of the celebrities sported extra minis with sequins and some a bit sheer. There were quite a bit of nude heels that finished off the look. I was surprised most of the hair on the red carpet was kept simple, long and wavy or straight. Check out these pictures of this glitter trend. All pictures courtesy of americansuperstarmag.com.
PrivyDoll found some dresses on a budget that can make you look like you just walked off the MTV red carpet!Check out these 'Privy' Finds to mirror Hollywood fashion!

This gold tank dress is only $70 at Bloomingdales! I would pair it with a nude peep toe and get ready for looks!
 Michael Kors brings you a pearl sequin dress that would be perfect for red carpet walking. Found on Zappos, this dress is on sale for $90!

For a bit more, this See by Chloe dress for $373 is found on Bluefly. This oversized - shirt, sequin dress looks just like the ones seen at the awards.
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