Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fashion Radar: Bone to Pick

Skulls made their way to our wardrobe last year and they are back for Fall/Winter. Check out these AMAZING bone Shoes from Desquard2. The bones appeared in many of the heels and made their way on Alicia Keys last week. We hear that these shoes will be around $1500 and available on Zappos.com in August.

       I can't get enough of these shoes! Fall/Winter is all about the statement shoe!
 Bones and skulls have been popping up in many designer's collections whether it be shoes, patterned or jewelry.  The shoes to the right are all part of Desquared2 Fall 2010 collection. How do you accessorize your new bone shoes?? With bone jewelry! I recently wrote about jewelry designer, LorG. To keep with the theme, Below is a great pick from his SITE,

Skulls and Bones were integrated into the fabric and print in Alexander McQueens' Fall/Winter collection along with Vivienne Westwood. Both collections among others during fashion week included these sullen shapes in the walls, runway and the prints.



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