Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Insider: Miami Designer, KREL

 From "Hoe Downs" to runways, Krel wear has had a Miami spotlight from their collaboration previews at the Hoe Down party at the Standard hotel to online boutiques. Not to be confused with southern twang, this line is about the modern party, the playful stretch dresses and neon prints that are influenced by the women of Miami and beyond. We caught up with the designer, Karelle to learn more about this line and why it is one of my 'privy finds.'.

Label/Company Name: KREL

Name:  Karelle Levy

PrivyDoll: 3 words to describe your label: 
Krel: Colorful Unique Innovative

PrivyDoll: In your opinion what is next season’s trend?  
Krel: For Fall I see a juxtaposition of texture smooth and fuzzy, combining bright and neutral colors.

PrivyDoll: What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely?
Krel: Spring/Summer 2010: Inspired by 24-hour party people, club culture and chameleon-like characters, the DiscGlo Collection brings you from night to day with a playful palette of hot neons and nudes. The entire collection is glow-in-the-dark and blacklight-reactive, each unique piece will change and adapt to its environment, with patterns and colors shifting and transforming with varying degrees of light and dark.

PrivyDoll: There are alot of fabulous Fall 2010 collections out there, what is your inspiration for your Fall/Winter collection?

Krel: Inspired by KREL’s 2009 visit to Iceland Fashion Week, where, as reported in New York Magazine, Designer Karelle Levy, was nearly arrested for disorderly conduct. Upon arriving at IFW’s venue, all 17 designers were devastated by the conditions of the runway, soon discovering that everything promised by the President of Iceland Fashion Week was wholly untruthful. Led by the KREL team, 13 international designers rebelled against the hollow authority of IFW’s President, and staged their own show in Reykjavik, which was met with critical acclaim. KREL’s Fall 2010 palette explores the muted tones of Iceland’s natural, volcanic landscape- juxtaposed with moments of brightness, like the pools of nearly-neon geothermal water that dot the treeless fields of lava rock. Inspired by this incredible Icelandic journey, KREL’s Fall 2010 Collection celebrates the multi-faceted, resilient and bold, through shape, color, perspective- all of which amorphous and ripe with potential.

PrivyDoll: What are your favorite materials to use? 
Krel: Fishing line and techno yarns that glow in the dark.

PrivyDoll: Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:
Krel:   The steam room at The Standard Spa in Miami Beach.

PrivyDoll: Female entrepreneur of the year award should go to: 
Krel: Me! 

PrivyDoll: How does the ‘Miami women’ influence the designer?
Krel: The women in Miami are really hot, and not afraid of color or revealing clothing. 

PrivyDoll: What kind of press/marketing/celeb spotings has your line received?
Krel:  Elle.com,

PrivyDoll: If you could dress any celebrity at the moment who would it be?
Krel: It would be great to dress Angelina Jolie.

PrivyDoll: And Lastly, spill the Privy find:  

Krel: I do a lot of trunk shows and private events



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