Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion Radar:Jean Paul Gualtier and Levis

Jean Paul Gualtier has teamed up with Levis for this season's collection of fashionable denim. JPG will keep his signature corset detailing mixed with dark denim and an interesting architectural design all the while keeping true to Levis brand identity. The line on the Levis site is a trendier dark denim with thick stitching and red accents. If you think you will scoop up some Gualtier fashions at a levis price, think again many of the jeans are around $340 and $450. These harem denim pants seen in the picture are found HERE at Neiman Marcus for $435.  To take a look at the entire collection check out Levi's site. The men's line is a great recreation of punk meets English rock, in my opinion. The Denim jacket is a must have for the men's line.
Fashion sites announced this week that the line has included denim corsets including this one below. Denim really is the American classic and Gualtier said it himself, "Levis is the American dream, it's a myth. It is the original jeans, and was a joy to work on my versions of the 501." Denim isn't going anywhere in 2010 or beyond, I love how designers can re invent the the classics!



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