Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion Radar: June Privy Sites

 I love finding fun new shopping sites. And this month, Madwell launched an online store! Love love the classic denim and much more!

 I love these skinny ankle jeans from Madewell for a mere $95 and free shipping and returns you can't go wrong!

Are you constantly looking for unique, hipster wear? Go to www.smashingdarling.com for a UK, very hip site with lots of designers small and large selling their wears.They claim they are "Leading the Indie Fashion Revolution", and I believe it!  They also carry a large selection of KelWear I wrote about. You are also able to set up your own boutique to sell your designs on. So very chic!
Love this Photo Finish hat I found on the site for $90.

Or this Brown-NY scarf for $20!
All items found on www.smashingdarling.com



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