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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Insider Interview: Blogger Extraodinaire JustJared Talks to Privy

PrivyDoll loves to support the blogging community and when I heard about fashion/celebrity blogger, JustJared to lock a great partnership with the brand Clorox, I had to find out more about this Privy collaboration.  Announced in a blogger briefing this week, the campaign, 'Get the Dirt, but Keep it Clean.: has also teamed up with Dress for Success to encourage celebrities to rock white dresses this award season.I caught up with Just Jared to learn more about the new venture and what spring bleach white looks like on the red carpet. One element of this partnership is the great charity element. Clorox will donate $100 to Dress for Success for each celebrity that wears white  during this award season. |For more information on this campaign and great, clean cause go to www.clorox.com/getthedirt.

PrivyDoll: From a blogger to a blogger, congrats on the partnership with Clorox! It is amazing to hear stories of brands and companies understanding and respecting what we do! How did the collaboration come about?

JJ:Thank you so much! Clorox approached me about this partnership earlier this month and I just couldn't turn it down. The collaboration had all the elements that the Just Jared brand stands for: fashion, celebrity, and charity! I also loved the fact that I could get other people involved and raise money for Dress for Success.
It was a win-win for everyone!

PrivyDoll: Lets talk style. I enjoy your style section and my blog is very fashion focused. We saw a lot of white on the redcarpet already this award season. Who do you think owned it? and do you think the average fashionista can rock white dresses this spring even if it isn't their wedding day?

JJ: True Grit actress Hailee Steinfeld has been a stand-out on the red carpet lately. She looked angelic in an Alberta Ferretti cocktail dress at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival earlier this month. Can't wait to see what she pulls out for the Oscars!

PD:And of course the average fashionista can rock a white dress this spring even if it isn't their wedding day?

JJ: I don't really believe in those rules about not being able to wear certain colors during certain
times of the year. As long as you feel comfortable in your fashion, rock that look.

PD:If you are going to rock a white dress what accessory trends do you recommend?

 JJ: What you pair with a white dress all depends on the neckline, the fit, and how dressy/casual the occasion is. I'd probably stick with sparkly but colorless jewelry. They can really help accent the simplicity of a white ensemble.

PD: I am hoping #clorox becomes a big twitter trend for the sake of the charity. What have you learned about clorox now being affiliated that you didn't know before?

JJ:I wasn't aware of the charity initiatives Clorox had before I partnered up with them. It's great that they're using Twitter as a way to captivate a larger audience! I hope to do more with them in the future, raising money and awareness for causes I'm passionate about.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Insider Interview: Horse+Nail Bag Designer Talks Privy

Privydolls, check out this handbag designer you will want to know. Horse+Nail is a line of gorgeous handbags of high quality and high personality. We caught up with the New York designer, Lindsey Hufnagel to learn more about her inspiration of the line and where we can find this fab leather and hardwear line. Check out the excluisve interview below! To check out the entire handbag line or to buy one of her must have bags go to the SITE.

PrivyDoll: I love the handbag line but especially love the brand image and the ability to grow the line to much more than just handbags. Are you working on any line extensions?

H+N: I have so many ideas, but at the moment my first goal is to create a few men's pieces.... I have had a lot of requests, especially for wallets. I am dreaming up the perfect leather jacket as well.. so you might be seeing some cool outer wear in the near future. Other extensions I forsee are jewelry, shoes, cotton T's and maybe even a fragrance! I have a lot of ideas, and as hard as it is to contain them all.... I want to build this slowly...

PrivyDoll: Similar to you, I grew up in a city but also grew up horseback riding which may be why I was so attracted to the handbag line in the first place. How has that influenced the line?

H+N: My upbringing definitely had an effect on my inspiration.... But what really triggered it was during a day of internet shopping... I was searching for the prefect horse shoe... won't tell you what for just incase I re-visit that idea... but I found some of the most interesting bits and other horse Tack.. and I thought as soon as I saw the Hackamore....WOW that would make an amazing shoulder piece! It is what I consider The Horse+Nail Signature Piece as that is where it all started. I've always been attracted to the drama aspect of fashion... the Avant-garde, couture, and costume. So I really want to create something that excited people in the same way. As far as my clients, I do find a lot of them have a similar passion for horses and riding. They can connect with the bags.

PrivyDoll: Who is the Horse and Nail women?

H+N: I like to think the Horse+Nail woman can be anyone... I did create it for my demographic which consists of young artists, musicians, and fashionistas of New York City... but it has definitely reached a broader customer base which I am so happy about. The Horse+Nail woman is a strong, independent, against the grain woman. She takes pride in what she wears and how she wears it, but makes it seem effortless. She doesn't care what people think of her, as long as they are thinking something....

PrivyDoll: The hardware is amazing and the leather is fabulous as well. I see in your Spring2011 collection there is a fringe element, which I wrote about last week. What other trends do you see in handbags in 2011?

H+N: Tassels!! It's all about the added drama. We use Fur, fringe and metal chains and bullets, they are HOT! HOT! HOT! They are a fun, easy way to excite even an old bag... The fur is fun as it is very versatile and looks great with pretty much any color. I wear mine daily.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashion Radar: J'Adore Spring

Ah, Paris in the springtime. If you are not going like me, at least I want to dress like it. Stripes are in for Spring and why not go overboard with the Parisian effect. Striped shoes, bags and tops are just a few of the options to say hello to spring. This classic, Parisian look is effortless and put together at the same time. Huge trend is matching stripe on stripe instead of pairing your top with a solid. Try it this spring!

Go Parisian chic when you hit your spring vacation destination with this suit from Red Carter and matching beach tote. Both found on ShopBop.
Check out these must have wedges for Spring. The stripped sandal that reaches your ankle is a great choice for a simple dress or a jean capri. Found on Akira for $169.
 A big trend for spring is the maxi skirt. Hemlines go south for this season and a very chic Parisian look is accomplished with this skirt found on ModCloth for $34.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion Radar: I Got the Spring Blues

There is one thing for sure in Spring 2011: Cobalt Blue is the new black. I have seen it everywhere and I am a bit biased since it is my favorite color, but I just adore walking into a retail store and seeing it everywhere. Don't be afraid of this brilliant hue, it is a great solid paired with your regular wardrobe. A great trend to integrate in your wardrobe easily.  For instance, Zara has entire collection in the front of the store pairing cobalt with black and beige and even stripes.

 Consider it a basic color to build and mix with. I do love this dress from Akira as well for only $49!
             Accent your spring work wardrobe with these cobalt heels from Zara. Love the hue!
Another great Shoe to capture this trend is this one found here again at Shop Akira for $164.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beauty: All in One Sponge

A new product has made its way into many showers. Spongeables is a multi use (barsoap meets loufa) product that helps exfoliates while it lathers up. Just add water and this strong sponge will scrub away. The line has extended to children's and an anti-cellulite sponge, along with a mens line which was published today as well!  When you think of a sponge, you may think soft, flimsy but this spongeable is not the case. You can pick up a Spongeable at Ulta, Walmart, Rite Aid and their Site and try it yourself.

Some real PrivyDolls tried out this new product and overall the ladies of PrivyDoll enjoyed it! Check out their reviews below!
"The product was good. It produced a good amount of lather and the exfoliating side was good for feet but a little too rough for the rest of my skin. I thought the lavender scent was nice but i wouldn't consider it to be aromatherapy and it overall didn't have a strong scent."

"The exfoliater anti cellulite side was nice but not sure how it can help cellulite. It had a nice scene but I did miss miss my super girly, stronger smelling washes I normally use. I would recommend this as strictly an exfoliater."

"I tried the the toddler version and my daughter thought it was fun. it lasted a number of times which was a surprise and didn't loose its shape. I would suggest a tear-free and smaller shapes if it would be used on a toddler."
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashion Radar: Go Nude!

Nude shoes are a must have for Spring 2011! Not only do they go with everything they are a secret to fashionable women everywhere. They elongate your legs, smoothing the look from head to toe. Whether it be pumps or heeled sandals nude is the way to go for Spring. Not sure if you want to go black or brown? Nude works in almost every situation even if its a LBD. I love these wooden nude heels below from Rachel Roy for $149.
Pumps are the go-to for the PrivyDoll not just in the workplace but with skinny jeans or a dress on a night out. These Budget nude platform pumps are only $49 and found on Piperlime!

A patent nude pump is so in for Spring 2011! Break out of the winter blues and black on black and black with pumps like these from Akira. For only $48 these shoes are a breathe of spring air!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Insider Interview: Lady Gaga's Dress Designer, Vera Thordartottir

There has been quite some buzz about a new talent in the industry that has caught the eyes of Vogue and the fashion monster herself, Lady Gaga. Just a couple days after graduating design school a dress featured in Vera Thordardotti's final student collection was seen worn by Lady Gaga in a performance at Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball. What amazing exposure for Vera! One thing is for sure, we will hear a lot more from this amazing designer in the years to come. Get to know her now with this Privy Find.I loved this story so much PrivyDoll was excited to have an exclusive interview with Vera about her inspiration and how such a young talent feels to have Lady Gaga sport her design!

PrivyDoll: The collection that is catching the eyes of many is a very interesting collaboration. The dresses remind me of the suffering cold here in Chicago. Where did your inspiration of the line come from?

VERA: The inspiration for my collection was drawn from how frost affects the elements. I originally sourced pictures of cracked stones, ice that forms in puddles and the northern lights. I initially played with different textiles and materials. I found silicon a very interesting material to work with and combined it with silver wires and Swarovski crystals to make a frosty looking textile that is soft and could be sculptured around the body. I went on to developing a way to construct my garments from the textile without using any stitches but would sculpt the pieces out of silicon and wires in mathematic consideration of the body. Other fabrics used in my collection were sheep leather, silk duchess and fish leather. I developed patchwork from the fish leather, which gave a rough surface that reminded me of the pebbles in frozen puddles. The northern lights inspired the colors of the collection which was sponsored by Swarovski and Atlanticleather

PD:How would you describe your designs?

V:I love playing with texture, structure and innovative material. I seek lots of inspiration from the nature and they different ways we experience the world around us. I like to take these different elements, combine them and make something magical.

PD:Your graduate collection is getting a lot of press since Lady Gaga wore a dress from the collection. How did the style icon see your collection?

V:Gagas team saw pictures of my graduation collection and called in the pieces for Elton Johns White Tie and Tiara Ball where she wore it whilst performing. Then later she wore a skirt I sent to her whilst presenting Nick Knight with a selfmade artpiece.

PD:and how does it feel to be so recognized nearly days after graduating?

V:It was an amazing feeling to be recognised by a style icon like Lady Gaga. It was a dream come true seeing her bring my pieces to life.

PD:Gaga also wore just undies under the sheer dress (fitting for her) not so much for the average PrivyDoll. What suggestion would you give for undergarmets under the collection with such sheer overlays?
V:For my runway presentation the model wore a fishleather corset and trousers with the show piece.

PD:What other celebrities would you love to wear your line?
V:I would love to see Bjork wearing my designs one day, we are from the same country, I respect her as an artist and a visionary. I also feel like she has this quirky, daring dress sense.

PD:So the classic question is, what is next? Are you going to continue designing under your name or what other projects are you working on?

V:I am launching my new line during Reykjavik Fashion Festival in the beginning of April 2011. I have also got fun collaborations going on that I will keep under the wraps for now but I keep regular updates on my Facebook page

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Beauty:Backstage at Katie Gallagher Fashion Week

Katie Gallagher is known for very avant garde looks. Last night at Milk Studios her showcase lived up to the name, but the makeup was the star. The collection was dark, but not as dark as the heavy eye make up that turned these models into Gothic rock stars. The zombie look fit the very black on black collection. Makeup designer, Javier Romero was the mastermind behind the makeup. Artist used MAC makeup to achieve the creative direction of the collection.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Entertainment: Akira Womans Fashion Show Spring Recap

Last night Akira sold out the Lyric Opera House for their annual spring fashion show. The beautiful Opera house was a great backdrop to showcase the modern yet timeless pieces. The show included women's and men which I will cover some of the top men's trends in a PrivyGuy recap.  The show lasted quite longer than most, cramming lots of great spring trends into one show and showcasing merchandise all available online at ShopAkira or their Chicago retail stores.

Love the PrivyDoll Chair!

The trends were clear: Lots of vibrant patterns and flowing dresses with longer hemlines then we have seen in the past seasons. The colors were strong and may tempt you to go a little out of your comfort zone.

photo by Dean Paul

A big trend for spring 2011 is muted neutrals. Pair white with beige and accent with a great accessory. We saw a lot of floppy hats and chunky necklaces paired with the casual look. layer white on other neutrals for a effortless spring look.

Photo by Dean Paul

Photo by Dean Paul
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Entertainment: Fashion Week Essentials

"Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future... this is known as Fashion Week." –Carrie Bradshaw; Sex & The City. It is that time of year again when PrivyDolls  look forward to the next season while it seems so far away.We really are fashion forshadowers to the masses. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week begins TODAY in NYC. An entire schedule of the shows are listed eon the website- but there are just too many off site shows and events to mention.  There is so much to talk about surrounding this event I don't know where to begin. If you are attending the shows, I have to share with you a must have to get through the hustle/bustle of fashionistas. Make sure your bag is packed with Eboost.
A healthy energy packet to add to your water when you are on the go. I loved the orange flavor. Check out their site to stock up before you head to the tents.

Taking notes on the fashions you see? Writing for some fabulous fashion blog like PrivyDoll? Don't bring a bic. Bring a stylish pen to document your stylish week. Try the pens from Parker. Love this Urban Parker Pen Premium Metal pen. Prices range from $40-$65.
Not sure what to wear each day? Rent the hottest dresses on Rent The Runway.  Check out Rent The Runway's Best Bet list for Fashion week. Check off their check list HERE.

Privydoll staying put? If you can't make it to Fashion Week don't fret. We will be reporting the top shows throughout the week. Also check out QVC starting tomorrow at 10PM EST for live coverage of the hottest trends. For more information check out QVC's Fashion Week Site!

Still have some shopping urges? Set your alarm for 12PM EST today. Gilt Groupe is premiering an exclusive Fashion Week 'Favorite NYC Designer' Sale. Not a member of Gilt yet? Join Here for Free!
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fashion Radar: Miu Miu's Powder Room Tells a Story

Miu Miu has done it again. Their beautiful new collection has been integrated in a gorgeous mini movie campaign found on their website by female filmmakers. The movie tells the story of the Miu Miu femme and is as intriguing and seductive as the line itself.I adore the best of the collection for Spring is featured but in a way that is moving and really gives the clothing a personality in a way that is much more powerful than a runway. Check out these shoes below seen in the video! The movie is compelling with tease and draws you in wishing you had a powder room with such glam. If only the walls of this powder room could talk...

Zoe Cassavetes (Broken English) is the first filmmaker to be announced with The Powder Room, an enchanting and dramatic short film set in London’s Claridges hotel. As its name suggests, the piece takes us into an ultra-feminine environment where gestures between women are traded in a ritual of opulent beauty. In this world Cassavetes uses the romantic codes of the powder room to mirror the beauty and luxury of the Miu Miu universe. “I love the idea of a powder room, the ritual which takes place within them is very important for women,” explains Cassavetes. “There’s something special about preparing yourself, a moment before the action takes place. I love the sense of intimacy. It’s a place away from men, where you can check out other women, and reglamorize yourself ready to face the world again.” Cassavetes brings her eye for capturing the essence of femininity to the film, which layers multiple close ups of subtle glances and abstract details to create a mysterious narrative mosaic. “The story is about women and their private moments”, says Cassavetes, “so it’s allowed to be free and dreamy… the dreamy part was the most fun. And the glamour.” Audrey Marnay stars as a captivating femme fatale who plays provocatively within the private and reflective environment of the powder room. When other glamorous girls played by models Caroline de Maigret, Line Gost and Sophie Vlaming enter, the powerful unspoken codes of the powder room are unfold within a sensual dream-like tale. Cassavetes’ films will premier online on miumiu.com from January 26th. The next directors will be revealed afterwards with each film promising to be as individual as each director’s particular cinematic point of view.
Check out the Video HERE.

Photo credit : courtesy of MIU MIU
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fashion Radar: Spring Trend: Fringe

Spring bags are hitting the stores and PrivyDoll can't help to notice a lot of fringe.Whether it be bags, jackets or even shoes the trend is everywhere for Spring. Bebe has a surprising very cute collection of fringe leather bags that also incorporate a  little rocker in it as well with some added studs here and there. Combining these two trends is quite the new trend itself. I love these fringe heels found on Nasty Gal for only $110! They also come in the also fantastic nude color for spring.

Cardigans have been transforming to not just your boyfriends cardi to fashionable, necessary parts of your wardrobe. Cardigans can be fashion statements and can represent the season's trend. Enter the fringe cardigan also found on Nasty Gal for $88.

Bebe has an amazing handbag collection coming out hitting the stores in spring that includes the fringe trend. My two favorites of the collection are below. Enjoy the sneak peak and check back to BEBE.com to purchase them!
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Fashion Radar: Sunglass Must Haves

The IT sunglasses have arrived. My picks are these from Alexander Wang. These brass sunglasses seen to the left are the ultimate sun blocker with fierce angles. They also come in Black and can be found at Saks or on Blue and Cream for about $325. The frames are fierce and the material is harsh. I love the combination and with the frames coming in a couple colors you can't go wrong!

Do you have your Ray Bans for spring yet? Besides these Wangs stock up on some Ray Bans for the sunny days.  I love their 'rare print' collection that includes solid frames with great patterns on the inside. Check these out for $195.

Need your aviator fix for Spring? Purple tinted Aviators. Yes Please, Check out these shades from Union Bay. A newly launched facebook fan page and campaign for the accessory line and spring/summer collection. Check it out HERE for more details!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fashion Radar: Get the top SAG Awards Look for Less

I was tweeting and facebooking about my favorite looks on the red carpet at Sunday's SAG awards. There were so many trends. Lots of red, pink and combining the two together. White was a huge trend as well. I found some great look-alike finds for the PrivyDoll on a budget that wants to achieve these red carpet looks. All of these great Privy finds can be found on http://www.edressme.com/.
Sofia Vergada glisened in this beautiful blue plunging gown. The gown to the right can be found for $196

This red gown was stunning on the red carpet. The dress to the right is by Laundry and found on edressme.com for $275

Claire Danes looked girly and beautiful in this gown on Sunday. Achieve this same look with this dress for only $358.

I loved this hot pink dress (another huge Spring trend whether it be pink lips or pink dresses). The shoes were just the perfect pair to accompany the dress. Find these for only $235
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