Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beauty: All in One Sponge

A new product has made its way into many showers. Spongeables is a multi use (barsoap meets loufa) product that helps exfoliates while it lathers up. Just add water and this strong sponge will scrub away. The line has extended to children's and an anti-cellulite sponge, along with a mens line which was published today as well!  When you think of a sponge, you may think soft, flimsy but this spongeable is not the case. You can pick up a Spongeable at Ulta, Walmart, Rite Aid and their Site and try it yourself.

Some real PrivyDolls tried out this new product and overall the ladies of PrivyDoll enjoyed it! Check out their reviews below!
"The product was good. It produced a good amount of lather and the exfoliating side was good for feet but a little too rough for the rest of my skin. I thought the lavender scent was nice but i wouldn't consider it to be aromatherapy and it overall didn't have a strong scent."

"The exfoliater anti cellulite side was nice but not sure how it can help cellulite. It had a nice scene but I did miss miss my super girly, stronger smelling washes I normally use. I would recommend this as strictly an exfoliater."

"I tried the the toddler version and my daughter thought it was fun. it lasted a number of times which was a surprise and didn't loose its shape. I would suggest a tear-free and smaller shapes if it would be used on a toddler."


MissStephanieW said...

I absolutely LOVE my spongeable for my feet. It's like a mini spa pedicure, neatly wrapped into one convenient package. The dual sides are perfect for cleansing and exfoliating, all while giving off a great lavender scent. I've made the spongeable a bath time ritual and after six uses so far, it's still holding strong and working up the same lather as the first time.
I'm looking forward to trying the other spongeable products.


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