Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Insider Interview: Horse+Nail Bag Designer Talks Privy

Privydolls, check out this handbag designer you will want to know. Horse+Nail is a line of gorgeous handbags of high quality and high personality. We caught up with the New York designer, Lindsey Hufnagel to learn more about her inspiration of the line and where we can find this fab leather and hardwear line. Check out the excluisve interview below! To check out the entire handbag line or to buy one of her must have bags go to the SITE.

PrivyDoll: I love the handbag line but especially love the brand image and the ability to grow the line to much more than just handbags. Are you working on any line extensions?

H+N: I have so many ideas, but at the moment my first goal is to create a few men's pieces.... I have had a lot of requests, especially for wallets. I am dreaming up the perfect leather jacket as well.. so you might be seeing some cool outer wear in the near future. Other extensions I forsee are jewelry, shoes, cotton T's and maybe even a fragrance! I have a lot of ideas, and as hard as it is to contain them all.... I want to build this slowly...

PrivyDoll: Similar to you, I grew up in a city but also grew up horseback riding which may be why I was so attracted to the handbag line in the first place. How has that influenced the line?

H+N: My upbringing definitely had an effect on my inspiration.... But what really triggered it was during a day of internet shopping... I was searching for the prefect horse shoe... won't tell you what for just incase I re-visit that idea... but I found some of the most interesting bits and other horse Tack.. and I thought as soon as I saw the Hackamore....WOW that would make an amazing shoulder piece! It is what I consider The Horse+Nail Signature Piece as that is where it all started. I've always been attracted to the drama aspect of fashion... the Avant-garde, couture, and costume. So I really want to create something that excited people in the same way. As far as my clients, I do find a lot of them have a similar passion for horses and riding. They can connect with the bags.

PrivyDoll: Who is the Horse and Nail women?

H+N: I like to think the Horse+Nail woman can be anyone... I did create it for my demographic which consists of young artists, musicians, and fashionistas of New York City... but it has definitely reached a broader customer base which I am so happy about. The Horse+Nail woman is a strong, independent, against the grain woman. She takes pride in what she wears and how she wears it, but makes it seem effortless. She doesn't care what people think of her, as long as they are thinking something....

PrivyDoll: The hardware is amazing and the leather is fabulous as well. I see in your Spring2011 collection there is a fringe element, which I wrote about last week. What other trends do you see in handbags in 2011?

H+N: Tassels!! It's all about the added drama. We use Fur, fringe and metal chains and bullets, they are HOT! HOT! HOT! They are a fun, easy way to excite even an old bag... The fur is fun as it is very versatile and looks great with pretty much any color. I wear mine daily.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME BAGS! I love Horse+Nail! Keep up the good work, Lindsey!


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