Thursday, February 24, 2011

Insider Interview: Blogger Extraodinaire JustJared Talks to Privy

PrivyDoll loves to support the blogging community and when I heard about fashion/celebrity blogger, JustJared to lock a great partnership with the brand Clorox, I had to find out more about this Privy collaboration.  Announced in a blogger briefing this week, the campaign, 'Get the Dirt, but Keep it Clean.: has also teamed up with Dress for Success to encourage celebrities to rock white dresses this award season.I caught up with Just Jared to learn more about the new venture and what spring bleach white looks like on the red carpet. One element of this partnership is the great charity element. Clorox will donate $100 to Dress for Success for each celebrity that wears white  during this award season. |For more information on this campaign and great, clean cause go to www.clorox.com/getthedirt.

PrivyDoll: From a blogger to a blogger, congrats on the partnership with Clorox! It is amazing to hear stories of brands and companies understanding and respecting what we do! How did the collaboration come about?

JJ:Thank you so much! Clorox approached me about this partnership earlier this month and I just couldn't turn it down. The collaboration had all the elements that the Just Jared brand stands for: fashion, celebrity, and charity! I also loved the fact that I could get other people involved and raise money for Dress for Success.
It was a win-win for everyone!

PrivyDoll: Lets talk style. I enjoy your style section and my blog is very fashion focused. We saw a lot of white on the redcarpet already this award season. Who do you think owned it? and do you think the average fashionista can rock white dresses this spring even if it isn't their wedding day?

JJ: True Grit actress Hailee Steinfeld has been a stand-out on the red carpet lately. She looked angelic in an Alberta Ferretti cocktail dress at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival earlier this month. Can't wait to see what she pulls out for the Oscars!

PD:And of course the average fashionista can rock a white dress this spring even if it isn't their wedding day?

JJ: I don't really believe in those rules about not being able to wear certain colors during certain
times of the year. As long as you feel comfortable in your fashion, rock that look.

PD:If you are going to rock a white dress what accessory trends do you recommend?

 JJ: What you pair with a white dress all depends on the neckline, the fit, and how dressy/casual the occasion is. I'd probably stick with sparkly but colorless jewelry. They can really help accent the simplicity of a white ensemble.

PD: I am hoping #clorox becomes a big twitter trend for the sake of the charity. What have you learned about clorox now being affiliated that you didn't know before?

JJ:I wasn't aware of the charity initiatives Clorox had before I partnered up with them. It's great that they're using Twitter as a way to captivate a larger audience! I hope to do more with them in the future, raising money and awareness for causes I'm passionate about.



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