Thursday, March 10, 2011

Insider Interview: Laura Lombardi Handcarfter Jewelry Designer Talks Privy Style

PrivyDoll has a soft spot for vintage jewelry and always on the hunt for the prefect piece. There is a fine line of vintage meets new. Enter Laura Lombardi's jewelry line. The unique, metal vintage line is a great find at some very reasonable prices. the handmade line is designed by Chicago local, Laura Lombardi and PrivyDoll caught up with her for an exclusive interview to learn more about the inspiration and what vintage means to the modern fashionista.


PrivyDoll:What are your favorite materials to use to handcrafting a line?
LL: I almost always exclusively work in vintage metals. One of the things i find most enjoyable about the design process is recontextualizing seemingly dated pieces.

PrivyDoll: I love that you are a local Chicagoan, how do you see Chicago as a fashion vehicle?
LL: I don't really see Chicago as a vehicle for fashion, but that's not to say that there aren't people here doing interesting things. Fashion here has a much more local and personal feel to it.

PrivyDoll: Do you design based on one inspiration for a collection or design per individual item?

LL:I design a whole collection with a main inspiration in order to maintain a strong narrative.

PrivyDoll:The collection is so rough but delicate, how do you achieve the antique look with making it modern?
LL: The pieces look antique because the materials themselves are vintage, but what makes them contemporary is how I choose to appropriate said vintage materials. I never want things to look vintage per say, but more have a worn in look to them.

PrivyDoll:What are you favorite clothing lines that compliment your jewelry line?
LL:Alexander Wang, bodkin, something else, complex geometries, maison Martin margiela are a few of my favorites.

PrivyDoll: Where can we find this "privy" find?
LL: My Line is at many stores:Eskell, dovetail, and workshop in Chicago, old Hollywood and life:curated in Brooklyn, redeem in DC, magpie and rye in sanfrancisco, totokaelo online, robber in toronto, the shining in Dallas and Spartan in Texas to name a few. Check out http://www.lauralombardi.com/ for more information and the entire collection.


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