Monday, March 14, 2011

Insider: Behind the Scenes Shooting a Lookbook

We see them in retail stores, sometimes get them in the mail if you are a frequent fan and as press, I receive them in press releases and emails daily. Look Books. They are the final images from the designer's blood and sweat of the season, sharing their collection to the world. It must speak the emotion and energy that will propel the collection through the season. If you have ever wondered what it looked like behind the scenes shooting or creating a look book I have put together a behind the scenes piece with the help of Christina Fan of C/Fan designs. PrivyDoll has wrote about her line in the past on the blog,  but this piece is a bit raw, that shows the process of putting together the lookbook that will debut her next collection.
The photographer is a huge part of the process with his eye through the lens he has to capture the movement and feeling the designer wants the clothes to portray.
Last month C/Fan shot her Fall 2011 look book in NY's JK studios.  The 15 looks were shot in a long, nine hour day. Fan described the set "it was extremely hectic. Due to the proximity to fashion week and the stress of everyone coming down with the flu." Christina let photographer, Andrew Boyle do his thing on the set and develope the inspiration for the shoot. Catching up with Andrew about the shoot: "I'll admit I am addicted to having models move and jump and stride to create shapes and movement, so and I was pretty excited to see all the garments I would be able to play with for the C/FAN FW 2011 look book.  Opting for a somewhere between a hard contemporary lighting style and the softer style seen in U.S Vogue studio editorials, we kept it clean and warm while letting the garments take on a life of their own. Christina's furs, coats and skirts moved freely while retaining an elegance. And of course no shoot comes without any kind of drama in pre produciton, as we lost our studio option the afternoon before and our model to hospital (of course we wished her well!). But in the end after sourcing a gorgeous shooting space in Tribeca and a wonderful subject to model the collection, it seemed the curve balls thrown at us resulted in a better shoot anyway. As they say in the classics; 'It'll be all right on the night..."
And we can't wait til we all get to see her Fall 2011 collection the team has put into this lookbook. Next time you come across a lookbook remember all the hard work and collaboration that goes on behind the scenes.

Lookbook credits:
Photographer: Andrew Boyle
Art Direction an Styling: Justin Min
Model: Loni at Fushion Models
Hair and Makeup: Krystie Poulin


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