Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Insider Interview: Backstage with C/Fan at Chicago Fashion Focus

Images by Don Marshall
PrivyDoll caught up with Chicago, designer Christina Fan of C/FAN backstage at Chicago's Fashion Focus last week to get the scoop about spring 2011 and the inspiration behind her beautiful line. The combination of movement and structure was flawless. I loved the long leather, bondage inspired bracelets all the girls rocked down the runway that added that extra raw to the feminine softness. The look itself was wearable, effortless and right on target for what is hot now but still what is cool to come. PrivyDoll wanted to know what was going on backstage and where we can see C/FAN soon! Enjoy the interview! For more information and where to buy the collection go to her Site.

PD: Give PrivyDoll some backstage gossip- How was working with the 13 designers coming together for one show. It was a flawless transition between designers on the runway how chaotic was it backstage?
CFAN: It wasn't as chaotic as I thought it would be, interestingly enough. The designers were asked to stay in a certain section and the Macy's production team basically took care of it all for us! Trust me, it's hard to just sit there though when I'm used to running around like a crazy woman back stage for shows. NY was definitely panic attack central. With Chicago, I just had to make sure that when I walked out on stage at the end, I didn't trip!

PD: Your collection stood out at the Tuesday night Incubator show with the flowy prints and the breezy effortless looks. What is your inspiration for the Spring 2011 collection?
C / F A N Spring/ Summer 2011 is inspired by a memory of the fleeting period in time when a young girl just enters womanhood and all those that feel her presence are affected by her nostalgic innocence. It is a time of both awakening and dreams; a time which is limitless, fragile and boundless, similar to the dawn of a new day.
Spring/ Summer 2011 focuses on the use of silks, ranging from sheer chiffons, washed silks and silk jerseys with a focus on an exclusive photograph of a luminous December morning in Caddo Lake, an undefined territory between Louisiana and Texas. The versatile collection includes diaphanous and draped shapes to impart an ethereal and effervescent quality to the C / F A N woman.

PD: What other events last week was C/Fan involved in?
CFAN: Since C/FAN already showed during NYFW and at the tents for Fashion Focus, I didn't want to overload with events. Trying to keep the sanity! I will be hosting a trunk show at Sofia Vintage on December 3 with the jewelry line, Damen and Division and also Designer Day at Cerato Boutique on December 11. Everyone should definitely come scope it out!

PD: I loved the print on the chiffon. what was the inspiration of the sunsets and scenery on the garments? It projected such a modern take on a soothing backdrop.
CFAN: Isn't the print absolutely wonderful? With the inspiration of an innocence and awakening, I definitely felt that dawn was a parallel theme to visually explore. With that being said, when a friend showed me the Paul Keith photo, I instantly fell in love with it. It was a total challenge to get the image printed on such a fragile fabric, but I think the end result is something extremely special. Each piece made from that printed fabric tells a story and is individually unique.

PD: What is next? what shows are you preparing for?
CFAN: I'm currently working on Fall 2011 and preparing for a trip to Asia. Come visit during the trunk shows and check out Sofia Vintage, Cerato Boutique, and SHE Boutique



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