Monday, November 1, 2010

Insider Interview: Alice + Olivia Founder and creater gets Privy

Alice+ Olivia is one of the best brands out there according to PrivyDoll and we love the inspirational story behind the brand and founder, 32 year old Stacey Bendet-Fisner. We adore the entrepreneurial fashion mind that has grown her line to a $65 million dollar world wide brand. Her 2011 spring collection is of course smashing with 70's inspiration and a use of flowy dresses, sequin tops and feather skirts. The collection compels a feel  that offers nothing more but a romantic, girly, polished Alice + Olivia look. Thehighlow.com website which we adore interviewed Stacey recently and I loved some of the questions. The editor asked Stacey:
"As the story goes,  alice +olivia was born from a search for the perfect pair of pants. When you first began did you ever envision owning your own global-reaching fashion company?"
Stacey responds:
"I always knew I wanted to design, and I was absolutely obsessed with the 'perfect pant.' But during my days rollerblading around NYC, running to fabric stores to pick up various upholstery fabrics, I can't say that I really 'knew' how face alice+olivia would grow, or how big it would become. There was a moment a few years ago when the president of alice+olivia, Deanna Berkeley, turned to me and just said, " Are you ready? Because this is going to be a crazy ride...."

How down to earth can she be? Love Stacey and her line alice+Olivia sold in over 800 stores worldwide. For the rest of the interview go to TheHighLow.

For more alice+olivia looks go to the SITE or Vogue for more 2011 styles.



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