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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fashion Radar: Romper Rave

PrivyDolls have a love for anything comfy and stylish. Lukily the 80's romper is back in and strong for Summer. You can find a romper at just about any store and from any designer this season. It is important to consider the fabric and the fit when buying your romper. It is greatly versatile depending on the fabric, that can transition to a night out with a clutch and bangles or of course stylish poolside attire. Tube rompers have made their way into my closet and every day wear coming into summer. You may be asking  yourself, "How do I wear a romper without looking like I am 8." The answer is make sure it fits. You do not want it extremely tight in the front area or back. It is suppose to be casual, laid back look. However, make sure it is not a saggy fabric on your back end which will make your tush look quite large. The best ones allow for you to use your own great belt with it that can really make the romper look like an outfit. Heels are acceptable if going out if the romper is not a terrycloth or jersey material. Remember a few bangles, gladiator sandels or heels will complete this look along with a clutch. We picked some of our favorites to share with you and once again you don't have to spend a lot in this trend.

Here are a few rompers that can sustain daily wear as well as transition into heated summer nights with a few accessories.

 Cat and Mouse Romper by Free People $188

BCBG Generation found at Macy's halter romper $98

Forever 21 bow front , zipper back Black romper $36

Charlotte Russe Tube romper in Plum $16

Joie Cavier romper $232 found on Zappos.com

What a great color and a touch of ruffle on this romper from BEBE. Seen here for $109!
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

INSIDER INTERVIEW: Nikki Lund and Richie Sambora of White Trash Beautiful

 PrivyDoll wrote about the launch of White Trash Beautiful last month, but after LA fashion week, this line has received so much press we wanted to share more about this line and the designers. This line will be a household name, thanks to pop star, Nikki Lund and Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi.  We were flattered to hear that Nikki Lund wanted to do a piece with us on her new line with Richie Sambora. The line is full of pieces that make  your heart beat faster. Structured blazers, flowing dresses and unique shapes that flatter. We are ecstatic and excited to share with you the creative brains behind the collaboration. Lund shared the inspiration of the line and her favorite pieces. Enjoy!

3 words to describe your label: SEXY, ELEGANT, AND UNIQUE

In your opinion what is next season’s trend? MORE CLASSIC PIECES, BACK TO THE

What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely? And what was the idea behind the

What are your favorite materials to use? HARDWARE MATERIALS THAT YOU

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming: THE BEACH

Female entrepreneur of the year award should go to: NIKKI LUND

Your line received some great press from LA fashion week. What were the highlights?

You have teamed up with Richie Sambora. What kind of ideas does he bring to the table
that is different than your style?

What kind of press/marketing/celeb spottings has your line received? THE COVER OF

If you could dress any celebrity at the moment who would it be? RICHIE SAMBORA

And Lastly, spill the Privy find:
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BEAUTY: The Shiny Truth of Macadamia

When a PrivyDoll finds something that changes their beauty routine one must dish. I received a sample at this year's Midwest Beauty show of the new Macadamia Nut Natural Oil hair masque and oil treatment. I cannot stop raving about this product. I am a fan of their competitor, Moraccan Oil. The smell of Macadamia masque is so consuming I couldn't stop getting a wiff of my locks hours after the treatment. It left my hair amazingly shiny, soft and the ends sealed for about two days. I used the Masque before the shower on damp hair and the oil after a shower before blow drying. The oil smells as great as the masque and really seals in the shine before adding heat. The line is available in some salons and on their website. I love that they also sell 1oz size, great for trial and traveling. Your hair is just $28 away from a body lift. Check out the site for all their products at: www.macadamiahair.com and in stores at Ulta.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

FASHION RADAR: Denim Uniform

Privydolls love a great pair of jeans, and whether it be your daily uniform or your weekend wear you appreciate the familiar fit of your favorite pair. Premium denim has taken over the past few years and we have all paid up to $300 on that 'it' pair. Those times are over with the line, UJ (www.Uniglo.com). UJ jeans just opened a store in SOHO in NY and brags its prices of their premium denim is $39.50! Cutting edge cuts, washes is what UJ claims and we believe it with the many styles including our favorite, Extreme Skinny. Try one of their pastel colors for spring!

On the higher end we are loving JET Jeans, a hollywood based denim line seen on many celebrities and in many exclusive boutiques. Prices are about $185 and can be found on Shopstyle.com

On the highest end for Spring/Summer denim has to be Acne Jeans. Their metal collection is made to order and can also protect you in a sword fight I would guess. The chain ling, and metal knee pads are custom and start around $2,000!

We Also found Chanel apart of the Spring/Summer denim movement. These sunglasses have denim sides. So very cute!

Denim is also being seen in purses and shoes and fanny packs from many of the biggest designers including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and many more. You can acheive this summer trend very easily. Many brands and stores are also catering to the denim lover. Just remember pastel denim and light colored, bleached is in.

Miss Sixty has always been one of my favorite go to denim brands and of course their S/S line incorporates all we love in denim with their edgy, 80's flair. Acid wash, tapered and zippers are included on most of the collection. My favorite is below!
Guess has always been a leader in denim and this season the denim vest is back. Buy a denim vest that is versatile and looks great dressed up or down. I found this one on www.Guess.com. 

For the Doll on a budget, Forever 21 has an entire Jean Shop. Click HERE to see all the denim under $25!!!

Deal of the day is found on Sheikshoes.com. Stone washed denim heels also seen in People Magazine. Seen below for $29!!
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

FASHION RADAR: Shades of Summer

Privy Dolls love a stylish way to protect our eyes Sunglasses are a staple and this season we have a lot to choose from. It is always safe to wear an aviator version like the classic ray-ban shades. Rumors have been circling that Lady Gaga is teaming up with UK designer, Linda Farrow. Her rep has not denied this rumor that MTV and Vogue have reported. Gaga often wears over the top glasses in most of her videos and when she is caught by her very own paparatzi on the streets.
Ever see your favorite celeb wearing a pair of sunglasses you wish you could find? Head to :
http://www.celebrity-sunglasses-finder.com/Celebrity-Sunglasses-Finder-StarShop1d.html  for an easy match up of sunglasses to the celebrity wearing them.

I love these new sunglasses from Balmain seen here for $595. 

There are a lot of great shades out there for the PrivyDoll on a budget. check out these great vintage looking glasses from Aldo for $12!!

For another great find. Try these snakeskin sunglasses from www.mandee.com for $7!

The cut out square lens in the oversized glasses is a trend that is seen in Gucci's 2010 collection for sunglasses. These are available at Neiman Marcus for $245.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fashion Radar: Sustain Style

It is Earth Day week and all Privydolls like to do their part in being green. There are many designers that are using sustainable fabrics and reusable materials to make very stylish pieces. Do your part in Earth week by buying designs by sustainable brands. I have put a list of some of my favorites.

Douchette Duvall is a brand by two Manhattan designers that use environmentally friendly fabrics. Their line includes many 'green' dresses and blouses. We love this Little Green Dress but also check out their site for retailers nationwide including Barney's. www.duchetteduvall.com
Be fashionable and eco friendly with KOR  water bottles. They just launched a limited edition designed bottle that is supporting their water causes with donating 5% of sales. The Kor  bottles hold 750ml of water for your days on the road and has many really sleek designs for $35. Check out more at: www.korwater.com.
We also love what Soul's Calling brand stands for: "Fashion with a purpose". You can shop online HERE, and pick up some recycled plastic flip flops seen here for $22!

Happy Earth Day Fashionistas!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Fashion Bloggers Unite

Vogue has our back. Vogue had an entire section last month dedicated to fashion bloggers and how they are influencing the world of fashion media. It is very exciting to hear Anna Wintour speak about how herself and Vogue is open to the fashion blogging phenomenon and thinks it is good for fashion overall. I couldn't agree more! Wintour spoke at a speaking engagement at the Pratt Institute and said,
"We love as much coverage of fashion as possible. We don't care at all where it comes from, and we embrace bloggers and video and social networking, and anyone that's talking about fashion is a good thing. And we now have our own website that incorporates all of that. But I think what's interesting to us with this new phenomenon that 'everyone's a fashion editor, everyone's a fashion writer' is that all of that actually helps Vogue, because we have access and the understanding of fashion that, forgive me, but maybe some bloggers and some of the newcomers to this world have a little bit less experience of, but as I said, the more the merrier. We embrace it."  - Anna Wintour   And that is why we adore her. She gets it. Understands the natural progression of the industry and embraces the changes!

With that, PrivyDoll would like to share some of our favorite fashion blog sites. 







Check out backstage video on the set of VOGUE's Style Bloggers March segment HERE.
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Monday, April 19, 2010

INSIDER INTERVIEW: Rachel Olesker Jewelry Line

 PrivyDoll found a great jewelry designer, Rachel Olesker who happens to be a Chicago native! The lines are classic, but interesting, modern but reminiscent. The line can be found on Rachel's site, www.rachelolesker.com, which I invite you all to check out. The collection includes leather, chains and stones. Privy doll caught up with Rachel to learn more about the line! I included two of my favorite pieces that are PrivyDoll Approved!!

PrivyDoll: What three words would you use to describe your line?
RO:  Flexible, unique, chic

PrivyDoll: In your opinion, what is next season's biggest trend?
RO:I think this year people are going to be back to the basics.  I think people are going to be buying more neutral, classic pieces that will wear longer.  

PrivyDoll: What is your inspiration for your brand/line entirely?
RO:  Since all of my pieces are one of a kind, the inspiration for my line is always evolving.  I get inspired by what I see when I travel or go antiquing.    I never know what I am going to find but when I see it, I know it... and then again sometimes I don't.  When I buy a vintage piece, I know it is "cool"  and I love it but I am not always sure how I am going to use it.  Often, I take home a piece and let it sit for a while before I know exactly how I am going to incorporate into a piece.  That is what makes my work so much fun and exciting.  It is the hunt for a great piece, and then the challenge to use it and create a piece that is unique and wearable today.
PrivyDoll:What are your favorite materials to us?
RO:  My favorite materials to use right now is vintage chains.  There is such an amazing variety and no two are the exact same.  The chains  are so much fun to wear alone, layered with another chain or combined with another vintage find.  

PrivyDoll: What is your favorite place to brainstorm?
RO:  Since I am a mom of two young boys, my favorite place for brainstorming is in the car driving carpool. 

PrivyDoll: What designer inspires you the most?
RO:  The clothing designer that motivates me the most is Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein because his line is elegantly tailored, simple with a twist.  Perfect for my jewelry!

PrivyDoll: What advice would you give fashionistas when they are trying to pick out jewelry for their favorite Little Black Dress?
RO:  My advice to fashionistas when trying to pair jewelry with their favorite little black dress is MORE is MORE!!!    My rule when leaving the house is not to take off one piece of jewelry but to put on three!

PrivyDoll:What kind of Press has your line received?
RO:My jewelry has gotten press on vogue online and Janell Snowden, a host for VH1 has worn some of my pieces to events.

PrivyDoll:If you could dress any celebrity right now who would it be?
RO: If I could dress any celebrity at the moment it would be Heidi Klum.  She can wear anything and she is also experimental.  I love that...
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Friday, April 16, 2010

BEAUTY: Prasada Beauty Line

PrivyDolls strive for the perfect, soft skin and we fell in love with the beauty line, Prasada beauty. This line although only available on their website, www.prasadabeauty.com but will soon be sold into boutiques starting in South Florida. The fresh, pure ingredients come through not only in the smell but the feel of the products on your skin. I used the She Body Butter which the smell was the a spa-like smell, which is just lovely and pure. We caught up with the owner to ask a few questions about the line and the miracle ingredients.

PrivyDoll: I noticed that in the Shea Body Butter that Red Marine Algae is used. What are the beauty benefits?

Lisa Sheppard of Prasada: "Marine algae is a wonderful ingredient used in our very creamy Shea Body Butter. It's a natural source of anti-oxidant which helps to fight off free radicals
  and maintain skin elasticity. It helps to firm, heal and repair damaged skin.
  By the way, red marine algae has been used since 600 BC in China as a general medicine or tonic, with anti-viral properties. So it has immune- enhancing benefits both orally and for the skin."
PrivyDoll: What two pieces of advice would you give women about skin care?
LS: " 1: Use sunscreen religiously and 2: pay serious attention to what goes "IN" the body.......how you eat! We have a wonderful collection of skincare products for sure, but the nutritional basis and content of  your diet is KEY for the true care of your skin.You can checkout on the website our special Beauty Tip section which is actually a very comprehensive mini-tutorial in complete care of yourself: mind,body,and spirit."
Privy Doll:  There has been some buzz about the product, Sheswai Nail Lacquer. You are now selling it on your website. Where did you find it and why is it better than other salon brands?

 LS: "I've been interested and have researched proper and effective nail care for many years so I was thrilled to discover in an email from super-stylist Rachel Zoe ( The Zoe Report) that she recommended Sheswai Nail Lacquer. I contacted Debbie Leavitt, the creator of the polish at Sheswai in LA and then became a seller of the polish on the website. 
It's really a GREAT polish: The 7 very stylish colors are long lasting; it has  an excellent professional applicator brush (VERY important); its an eco-conscious polish in that it is FREE of toluene, formaldehyde and DPB's; and the bottle caps are made from sustainably harvested wood.  Finally the bottle and the screened design are really lovely!

Check out all of Prasada's beauty line including scrubs, body butter, anti aging creams, sun protection and much more! The  products are great and prices are fabulous!  www.prasadabeauty.com
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FASHION RADAR: Shine on Her Big Day

Returning RSVPS, shopping on registries, attending showers, and bachelorette parties fills your weekends in the coming months for many of us. Wedding season is upon us and if not finding the best couple engraved silver, finding the right dress for each wedding on your daily planner is a job in itself. I have found some of the best picks for any type of wedding you have to attend whether it be beach front or black tie. There are of course some rules in considering a dress for your best friend's wedding. They say to not wear white, I disagree.Don't wear a white ball gown, or a white dress with bling, taffeta or bridal looking. A white summer dress is appropriate considering the venue and the theme.

For a black tie wedding: try a gown that isn't the traditional black. The white and color drip is modern but still appropriate. This dress from Betsey Johnson for $495 is found on www.betseyjohnson.com/

It is easy to wear a dress you already have, but it needs to fall to an appropriate length and also not show too much on top. Most weddings are more formal then not, and keep in mind your fun newlyweds will be inviting their grandmas, leave the cleavage dress for Saturday night out. This dress by Vivienne Westword is a great choice found on www.zappos.com  for $784.

Don't let a beach wedding let you make an excuse for flip flops. Flip flops are never OK at a wedding even for bridesmaids at the reception which has suddenly become OK to some and shame on the bride for providing.
I love this blue dress by Cynthia Vincent on http://www.piperlime.com/ for $299.

Attend a wedding in style for a budget. Look at these great finds!
I love this outside wedding guest dress. This one is from Anthroplogie for under $150!!
Click HERE to see it!

 Another great option for a summer casual wedding is this dress from Akira Chicago. This dress is under $120! Love the color and fit! Click HERE.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

FASHION RADAR: Spring Steals (Under $99 style)

Spring is here and we browsed the magazines, watched the runway shows and found the looks for less online for you with these privy finds. The look to the left is from ADAM RTW spring 2010. It is important to keep the summer looks contemporty with florals, cardigans and sandels.

I love a strong, gladiator heel that has a softer heel. This is such a transitional shoe from day to night. And for under $60 this is a steal from Kensie Girl.Found on http://www.heels.com/.
A huge spring trend is the 'jegging' = translation is jean leggings. Joe's Jeans has not only done light, dark, distressed and grey jeggings. All found on http://www.joesjeans.com/ and for under $90! These are all great for a light alteternative with a tunic.

Looking for the go-to easy black spring dress? I found a great find on Forever21.com for under $20! This black fringe dress has versatilty and a trendy touch.

Another no brainer spring dress is this one from Bebe. The simpliest, most transitional  spring to summer dress is here. On Sale right now, is this white sleeveless silk dress. Click HERE to see it.

A great choice for a spring must have is a pastel patterned skirt. A skirt that works with a T-shirt or a blouse with heels. This skirt from Top shop is a great choice for $70! Click HERE to see it.

It is not quite time to pack up your scarf, but it is time to pack up your wool scarf. Replace it with this cotton eternity loop scarf in animal print from Rachel Roy exlusively on http://www.rachelroy.com/  for a low price of $38.
The perfect earring for spring a feather drop earring. I love these black feather earrings for a shocking $4 at Charlotte Russe. These earrings look expensive but feel free to buy a few to stock up, because these are going to be hot in summer too!
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Friday, April 9, 2010

Fashion Radar: Fall in love with Fall 2010 shoes

I cannot remember a time where every designer has included STAND  OUT shoes in their RTW collections. The shoes coming out give us something to get really excited for shoes again, and want to start a 'shoe fund' jar for Fall 2010 collections! From stacked heels,  gems, fur and heels that make you look twice and and wonder how you even balance in those are included in many of shoes on the runway. As we all countdown for Sex in the City 2 where the stilettos will take center stage, we can also count on seeing Giuseppe Zanotti heels on the ladies. Possibly any of these from the Spring 2010 line that incorporated leather fringe and layering that reach up the ankle.

I love another designer collaboration I love for Fall 2010: Manolo Blahnik for Zac Posen! This collection includes all the trends this year: fur, jewels, leather, rope, and embellished heels.
Louis Vuitton is not disappointing either with skyscraper heels and ankle ties and unique heel accents.

Futuristic heels Balenciaga stood out possibly more than any other collection for RTW Fall 2010. The multi color, stacked heel was a modern turn of the gladiator shoe. My spare change will go into the Balenciaga shoe fund for sure this year!
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