Friday, April 16, 2010

BEAUTY: Prasada Beauty Line

PrivyDolls strive for the perfect, soft skin and we fell in love with the beauty line, Prasada beauty. This line although only available on their website, www.prasadabeauty.com but will soon be sold into boutiques starting in South Florida. The fresh, pure ingredients come through not only in the smell but the feel of the products on your skin. I used the She Body Butter which the smell was the a spa-like smell, which is just lovely and pure. We caught up with the owner to ask a few questions about the line and the miracle ingredients.

PrivyDoll: I noticed that in the Shea Body Butter that Red Marine Algae is used. What are the beauty benefits?

Lisa Sheppard of Prasada: "Marine algae is a wonderful ingredient used in our very creamy Shea Body Butter. It's a natural source of anti-oxidant which helps to fight off free radicals
  and maintain skin elasticity. It helps to firm, heal and repair damaged skin.
  By the way, red marine algae has been used since 600 BC in China as a general medicine or tonic, with anti-viral properties. So it has immune- enhancing benefits both orally and for the skin."
PrivyDoll: What two pieces of advice would you give women about skin care?
LS: " 1: Use sunscreen religiously and 2: pay serious attention to what goes "IN" the body.......how you eat! We have a wonderful collection of skincare products for sure, but the nutritional basis and content of  your diet is KEY for the true care of your skin.You can checkout on the website our special Beauty Tip section which is actually a very comprehensive mini-tutorial in complete care of yourself: mind,body,and spirit."
Privy Doll:  There has been some buzz about the product, Sheswai Nail Lacquer. You are now selling it on your website. Where did you find it and why is it better than other salon brands?

 LS: "I've been interested and have researched proper and effective nail care for many years so I was thrilled to discover in an email from super-stylist Rachel Zoe ( The Zoe Report) that she recommended Sheswai Nail Lacquer. I contacted Debbie Leavitt, the creator of the polish at Sheswai in LA and then became a seller of the polish on the website. 
It's really a GREAT polish: The 7 very stylish colors are long lasting; it has  an excellent professional applicator brush (VERY important); its an eco-conscious polish in that it is FREE of toluene, formaldehyde and DPB's; and the bottle caps are made from sustainably harvested wood.  Finally the bottle and the screened design are really lovely!

Check out all of Prasada's beauty line including scrubs, body butter, anti aging creams, sun protection and much more! The  products are great and prices are fabulous!  www.prasadabeauty.com


Anonymous said...

I love this stuff!!

Anonymous said...

If I could only stress how valuable all Prasada Beauty products are in my life. From daily cleanser, to toner splash throughout the day, to scubs in the evening. I apply the sunscreen everyday, a smudge of it goes a long way.

The fair prices pay themselves off immediately.

Give it a try...:)

Anonymous said...

I am a guy and ONLY use Prasada, it is the best! I like the cleansers best and the scrubs.

Josh said...

PrasadaBeauty has some really great products.. I went to their website after seeing this Privy Doll blog about them, and I am hooked. Their skin care is amazing. And they have the best selection of high-quality nutritional supplements that I have found anywhere. It is now the only place I buy my supplements and probiotics.


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