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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fashion Radar: Clutched onto Summer

Privydolls may feel the same, when the weather breaks we want to shed the jackets, shed the extra weight for beach time and I personally often feel like shedding the large totes I pranced around the city with during the summer that housed extra gloves, heels and scarves thoughout the day. I love the idea of a small bright clutch for summer, it is actually freeing to have just a small bag to babysit while out. Last year around this time, I wrote about day time clutches and this year, they are back. I found some perfect clutches for this summer. Privy approved of course!
I love this marigold colored clutch by Dooney & Bourke for $118.

Cole Haan has a great summer collection out called Jelly Bean satin clutches. This green color is a great summer pop of color and the bag for $121 is a great find that can also be dressed up.
I love a salmon color mixed with denim or tourquise. It can be your staple color for this summer. This clutch with wristlet from Express is an amazing find for $16!
Go gemstone pink with this Tory Burch clutch from Saks. This tone is being paired this season with complimenting gem tones in a color-block way like emerald, tangerine and turquoise.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fashion Radar: A 70's Summer

Boho chic is huge this summer and you can rock this inspired trend from day to office with these great finds. The top items to conquer this psychedelic trend are: jumpsuit, wedges, wide leg pants, boho dress. You will be surprised to see where I found some of these pieces for the season. The day dress is perfect for street festivals, weekend shopping or a mini stay-cation. Think Rachel Zoe in LA, where she is always seen wearing boho prints, wide leg jeans and over sized, square sunglasses. That is the look. You can take that feel and incorporate into your own style with these easy finds below.

I love this one from J.Crew for $298. The hemline is perfect and modern but still has a very boho feel.

You can wear this decade inspired look to the office too! wide leg trousers are back in, Pair them with a tucked in airy blouse and tall shoes to to modernize this look. These pants are a great choice by Robert Rodriguez on Cusp for $275.
Pair these shoes and other day wear with these great colorful and leather block wedges found at Anthropologie for $190.

Pair any of these looks with this 70s inspired leather, fringe bag found at Aldo for $45. This across chest bag is perfect for a casual, laid back hippie look.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fashion Radar: Spring Scarves

The season calendar my say Spring, but the thermometer may make you question some of these chilly spring days. Some start out cold and turn into a pretty spring day but it's the transitional hours that can make dressing for spring difficult. You packed up your winter coat , but afraid to say goodbye to all the accessories. Pack up the pasminas, wool and furry scarves and replace them with 'spring scarves.' These great PrivyDoll picks are the ideal scarves to get you through these transitional days and still look chic and are easily ditchable if the sun decides to come out. I love a cotton or gauze scarf loosely wrapped over your tanks and tees as you build your spring layers. When the weather turns, simply double fold and knot on the handle of your bag to keep the spring patterns visible.

I love this pink paisly scarf from Banana Republic that can add a pop of color in the rainy spring days for $49.50.
A classic white/black spring scarf is a perfect accessory for pair with khaki weekendwear and gray suiting during the week. This one by Michael Stars is $38.

Combine the tribal trend in this chiffon, great scarf by Rachel Roy on sale for $19.99. What a great Privy Find!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Fashion Radar: Beginning of Bandage

The 80's fashions have recycled themselves into our modern wardrobes specifically over the past few years, with the huge comeback of the leather motorcycle jacket, leggings and acid washes. One item that made its birth in the 80's by a designer we still look to for luxury chic has stood the test of time. One of the other iconic 80's must have pieces was the bandage dress. The curve- hugging and flattering dress appeared to be a bandage doubly layered across all the right areas. Since the 1985 launch collection of Herve Leger his bandage dress has been a staple over the decades. Currently, the bandage dress is back and many designers and retailers have recreated this genius dress. Your fashion history lesson has been adjourned.

This strapless bandage dress is a great spring choice with one of the hot colors of the season, gray. This dress is found on Asos for $193.94.

Want to experience the iconic dress?  Feel bonded in this magenta Herve Leger dress found at Nodrstrom for $1,250.
                                                 Get the look for less with this lilac BEBE Bandage dress for $109.
You can achieve this 80's staple with many of these extended bandage dresses like this one from ShopAkira for only $49.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beauty: Vixen Lips are In

Red lips are an important part of this spring's trend. You captured 'the look' but don't forget the make up. red Lips are key for an ultra- vixen spring look. There are so many shades to choose from so its key to try them before taking the red leap. I do like a little more of a salmon/orange tints in my red lipstick if you have olive skin or a nice tan. If you have the snow white look- stick to Gwen Stefani's signature hue. I am really loving the muted red shades you see on the runway this season. Instantly chic and put together.
So many choices out there like above, here are some Privy finds. If you want classic red, you can't go wrong with YSL found at Sephora.
Beyonce endorses Revlon's red lipstick and claims it lasts all day. For $7.99 I would like to take it for a test run. So spread some red the season and let the inner vixen come out in spring time!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fashion Radar: Get Flap Happy

Front flap bags are on trend for spring and summer. Think Bohemian meets 70's bags. Leather, tribal and other trends are combined with flap front hand bags and shoulder bags this spring to make 2011 the year of bags.

I love these handbags found on http://www.galinonline.com/ to capture the season's handbag trend.

Lets not leave bags to have all the fun. Flappy hats are also in and a necessity for the sunny days to come. Keep your face out of the sun with these great flappy hats from D&Y for under $50. The D&Ysun  collection gas a rating of UPF (UPF 50 is the highest protection in UV sun protection). For more information check out http://www.davidandyoungacessories.com/.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fashion Radar: Hot White Pants

What is the first sure sign of spring? If you ask me, it is white pants. I personally have very strict feelings on this trend that happens to come around every year or so with a little modern twist considering washes, cuts, and lengths. This spring, the skinny white denim is in. The very Miami- white on white ensemble is chic when paired with a loose fitting top and gladiator flats or ballet flats. Tread carefully I only suggest wearing this white on rice outfit if you are 1)in miami any time of the year or 2) it is after the first big warm up wherever you live around memorial day weekend.

The skinny white jeans are a great choice from TAG jeans seen here on the left. The Clifton Skinny Jeans in White, $152.
Piperlime also has a great option by Sanctuary for $98.
White hot pants have arrived at Sofia Boutique in Chicago. M2F Jeans come in skinny, flare and straight leg. Loving all the choices! Check out Sofia's website for more information! Roll up the denim for a casual day look and pair with platforms sandals or peep toe gladiators. Sofia is known for mixing vintage into the look and you can see to the left the rolled up white denim is pair with a rocker vintage tee. These white denim pants can easily transition from day vintage to a night out with strappy heels and flowy top.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beauty: Feather Locks

One trend that has been seen on the red carpet, to Hollywood scarlets to your neighborhood, chic hair stylists are feather extensions. Go Pocahontas with this low commitment trend. The choices are endless. Peacock, thin colorful strands- just choose a color and similar to hair extension processes with glue or clamp, a string of feathers are strategically placed. The process takes moments and will grow out as your hair grows. Glue one underneath much of your hair for a quick glimpse when you do a pony tail or has a peek through during a hair toss. You can wash it normally and even curl it. Many salons are offering this trendy addition some may charge up to $100 for a few strands. Ask your local trendy salon for details.

 For a drastic rocker inspiration with feathers you can of course tune into American Idol to see Steve Tyler's heavy feather do. I suggest a subtle touch. If you are commitment phob you can also purchase clip in extensions if you rather put in and out. I found a variety of choices ranging from $18-$35 on Etsy. Check out one of the best choices Here. Take Flight PrivyDolls!
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fashion Radar: Not your Boyfriend's Shoes

Menswear inspired trends are huge this year. From Spring 2011 and we have now seen the shows for Fall 2011 is no different. One trend that has stood out and seen in many retailers as well as the runway is mens inspired dress shoes for women. The loafer is in. Pair it with cropped pants or dresses this spring. The shoe can be lady like but exude power and confidence, not alone gives your 4 inch stilettos a well needed break. I am all over any flat shoe trend! Oxford flats are for work and transitional for weekend wear.
There are a few great pairs at ALDO that really capture this trend. Below is one of my favorites for $69 in three colors.

A flowy, flowered dress would be a great mix of feminine and masculine to make this trend work for you.

I love these more casual oxford- style weekend shoes. I can see these paired perfect with a denim walking short or maxi dress! Found on Piperlime for $139.
I love the braided leather texture on these oxfords by the known-leather leader, Bass. For $69 these classic, brown flats are are a great choice for this trend.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Fashion Radar: Very Vera in Iceland

Vera Thordardottir had a lot to live up to ever since her design graduation collection ended up on Lady Gaga and shared an exclusive interview with PrivyDoll months ago!She was apart of the Reykjavik Fashion Festival in Iceland that closed up this week. Vera made headlines again and had a stunning Fall/Winter collection that PrivyDoll had to cover. The pieces were still very 'Vera' with: structure, modern silhouettes, semi neutral colors but fabrics and techniques set the collection apart. I caught up with Vera to hear about her first showing at the festival and about the inspiration this season.

“I drew inspiration from how the world around us changes from day to night. I have always been fascinated with textures and for me to discover the change of objects with low reflection of light is very interesting. I also looked into how the eye adjust and that the moment of confusion when you walk from bright daylight into pitch black room while your eyes are adjusting. Gradually everything becomes more visible and while your senses adapt to the change and you realize that immediately your senses start to
focus on every little noise to sense the texture of the room around you. You can tell from the sound of your shoes touching the ground what kind of pavement you are treading and from the smell in they air you can tell what kind of weather was that day."

Clearly, the eye for detail and precise innovation is a key to all of Vera's work.
She continues, " I also studied the different reflections from objects in the
night and how little drops of water in trees were lost in the daylight but become the main focal point at night.
I use Swarovski crystal, black silicon and wires to create the tangled effect of the trees in the dark with the crystals shimmering like rain. I also experimented with natural cork fabric and Cod leather.”

Photos courtesy of WireImage.com

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Insider:Stop and Pose for Proseiv

PrivyDoll strives to introduce you to the must know designers, maybe the first time you have heard their name but promising not to be the last. I came across the line, Proseiv and just had to get the behind the scenes of this line. The line includes great basics, neutrals and layerable pieces with real personality. The designer, Cassandra shared some great insight on her vision and trend report for spring and fall 2011. She even shared some pre-released images of her fall 2011 collection seen in this piece. The draped knits and trenches are flawless NY chic. The Canadian born designer lets you get to know her through her fashion inspiration in this exclusive PrivyDoll interview and I couldn't agree with her more about street style and the style is the ability to mix labels and the high and low to make your own statement!

PrivyDoll: I love how the collection is show in a street-style catalog. Are you inspired by street-style?

I love Street style , always have. As a teenager in Canada, I would save all my money and spend $20 - $30 Canadian dollars on Japanese street style magazines. The idea that in Tokyo there are just sooo many people that in order to stand out on the "street" you really put shit together in a way that catches the eye of the bajillions of people walking by. Street is where you will see things for the first time, with a flash of the eye. The idea and look of layers , individual mixing and matching of labels, styles, pieces..to me is street and super chic. It really shows someone's personal style and that's what I love. Money can buy you expensive clothes, but it can't buy you style. True street style , to me, mixes the high and the low , old and the new…and that inspires me when merchandising the line as well as designing the individual pieces.

Who is the Proseiv women and how does she acheive that effortless look your line projects but has such personality?
When I first started designing menswear my boss, whom I love dearly, was like "cassandra, if we do women's you better not design garbage bags," because I wear oversized baggy layers of clothes, pretty much all the time. Over the years, I've learned how to design for that target customer , not yourself. That's what PROSE IV is – it's for any women to make their own. It works with my mom as much as it works for my friend's 16 year old daughter. The pieces are basic enough that they translate to a broad audience, but special enough that when worn, they catch interest. The PROSE woman can wear that shirt she bought last year for another 5 years and still be relevant, chic , and confident. The common theme that bonds all this together is that the PROSE woman is clever and that intelligence is reflected through each PROSE piece she wears. Smart, practical, yet aware.

What are your favotire fabrics to use?
Ohhh Privy Doll – how I wish I can have some super fancy designer answer to this. But to be frank – any fabric that I can literally sleep in my clothes , be comfy, wake up , be comfy, not have to iron, steam or do anything to – I enjoy. Cozy comfortable like silk jersey, cotton modal's…. I love. I swear I was bummed when I saw the pajama jean infomercial – I was mad at myself for not thinking of that level of comfort. Hah!!! partially kidding. I love anything that moves with you, and can be slept in, then worn the next day. I really don’t like changing my clothes , I should probably not admit that. hehe

What spring/summer trend does your collection speak to and what are you lusting over yourself?
If being a bad ass chick is a trend this spring / summer then well, that's what I think PROSE IV SS11 speaks to!!! I love a strong , not afraid to be a tomboy, power girl . Me personally, shameless plug, lusting over my Jacob convertible cape / shrug. Mostly because it's named after my best friend and it's super awesome. In general, I want flatforms!!! I really want flatforms!!!

Lastly, where can readers find your line?
Buy PROSE IV online at AMRAG.COM, http://www.idontlikemondays.us/, http://www.shopsheboutique.com/, http://www.farfetch.com/ and in stores like MISHA NICOLE ( NY), PILEGGI (Philly) , REDEEM ( washington , DC), and at other stores listed on the website: http://www.proseiv.com/
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fashion Radar: April Showers Calls for Rainboots

April Showers brings spring flowers. Privydolls have to trek in the puddles as we strut around the city. New rain boots by Scarpasa have made it easy for dolls to stay stylish and dry while waiting for summer to arrive. These are a chic alternative to the very utilitarian styled rain boots. These boots have a faux fur lining to keep feet warm, a drawstring from keeping rain coming into the boots, and made from a very flexible rubber that allow you to fold or slouch the footwear. Scarpasa boots come in great colors such as purple, blue, matte black, shiny black and gray. Check out the website for more information or where to find these $135 must have spring boots to get you through the wet season.
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beauty: Cocktail of Seduction by Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret is at it again. Providing sensual scents to entice the opposite sex for years, not to mention softening skin and making us PrivyDolls pretty happy too. Victoria Secret has launched a new line of beauty products including sprays and lotions in their most sensual body collection yet. The difference? It's in the science. They are using an Evertempt (tm) , a dash in their cocktail of potions which is proven to attract the opposite sex. Do you need another reason? The new scents smell great, just get ready to start turning some additional heads. No special occasion needed, how about Saturday?
New scents include: Sweet Craving, Wild One, Glam Goddess, and Love Bitten. Available now in all Victoria Secrets locations.
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Fashion Radar: Iconic Bag Goes to Charm School

Miu Miu has turned their iconic bags into miniature charms. Adorable gift idea and a great accessory to key rings or to clip on to your Miu Miu bag. The 5 cm tall bags is the first of its kind for the brand. The entire collection is available at all Miu Miu stores. The details are adorable when it comes to the buckles and handles that are idenitical to its iconic older sibling bags.

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