Thursday, April 7, 2011

Insider:Stop and Pose for Proseiv

PrivyDoll strives to introduce you to the must know designers, maybe the first time you have heard their name but promising not to be the last. I came across the line, Proseiv and just had to get the behind the scenes of this line. The line includes great basics, neutrals and layerable pieces with real personality. The designer, Cassandra shared some great insight on her vision and trend report for spring and fall 2011. She even shared some pre-released images of her fall 2011 collection seen in this piece. The draped knits and trenches are flawless NY chic. The Canadian born designer lets you get to know her through her fashion inspiration in this exclusive PrivyDoll interview and I couldn't agree with her more about street style and the style is the ability to mix labels and the high and low to make your own statement!

PrivyDoll: I love how the collection is show in a street-style catalog. Are you inspired by street-style?

I love Street style , always have. As a teenager in Canada, I would save all my money and spend $20 - $30 Canadian dollars on Japanese street style magazines. The idea that in Tokyo there are just sooo many people that in order to stand out on the "street" you really put shit together in a way that catches the eye of the bajillions of people walking by. Street is where you will see things for the first time, with a flash of the eye. The idea and look of layers , individual mixing and matching of labels, styles, pieces..to me is street and super chic. It really shows someone's personal style and that's what I love. Money can buy you expensive clothes, but it can't buy you style. True street style , to me, mixes the high and the low , old and the new…and that inspires me when merchandising the line as well as designing the individual pieces.

Who is the Proseiv women and how does she acheive that effortless look your line projects but has such personality?
When I first started designing menswear my boss, whom I love dearly, was like "cassandra, if we do women's you better not design garbage bags," because I wear oversized baggy layers of clothes, pretty much all the time. Over the years, I've learned how to design for that target customer , not yourself. That's what PROSE IV is – it's for any women to make their own. It works with my mom as much as it works for my friend's 16 year old daughter. The pieces are basic enough that they translate to a broad audience, but special enough that when worn, they catch interest. The PROSE woman can wear that shirt she bought last year for another 5 years and still be relevant, chic , and confident. The common theme that bonds all this together is that the PROSE woman is clever and that intelligence is reflected through each PROSE piece she wears. Smart, practical, yet aware.

What are your favotire fabrics to use?
Ohhh Privy Doll – how I wish I can have some super fancy designer answer to this. But to be frank – any fabric that I can literally sleep in my clothes , be comfy, wake up , be comfy, not have to iron, steam or do anything to – I enjoy. Cozy comfortable like silk jersey, cotton modal's…. I love. I swear I was bummed when I saw the pajama jean infomercial – I was mad at myself for not thinking of that level of comfort. Hah!!! partially kidding. I love anything that moves with you, and can be slept in, then worn the next day. I really don’t like changing my clothes , I should probably not admit that. hehe

What spring/summer trend does your collection speak to and what are you lusting over yourself?
If being a bad ass chick is a trend this spring / summer then well, that's what I think PROSE IV SS11 speaks to!!! I love a strong , not afraid to be a tomboy, power girl . Me personally, shameless plug, lusting over my Jacob convertible cape / shrug. Mostly because it's named after my best friend and it's super awesome. In general, I want flatforms!!! I really want flatforms!!!

Lastly, where can readers find your line?
Buy PROSE IV online at AMRAG.COM, http://www.idontlikemondays.us/, http://www.shopsheboutique.com/, http://www.farfetch.com/ and in stores like MISHA NICOLE ( NY), PILEGGI (Philly) , REDEEM ( washington , DC), and at other stores listed on the website: http://www.proseiv.com/



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