Monday, April 11, 2011

Fashion Radar: Very Vera in Iceland

Vera Thordardottir had a lot to live up to ever since her design graduation collection ended up on Lady Gaga and shared an exclusive interview with PrivyDoll months ago!She was apart of the Reykjavik Fashion Festival in Iceland that closed up this week. Vera made headlines again and had a stunning Fall/Winter collection that PrivyDoll had to cover. The pieces were still very 'Vera' with: structure, modern silhouettes, semi neutral colors but fabrics and techniques set the collection apart. I caught up with Vera to hear about her first showing at the festival and about the inspiration this season.

“I drew inspiration from how the world around us changes from day to night. I have always been fascinated with textures and for me to discover the change of objects with low reflection of light is very interesting. I also looked into how the eye adjust and that the moment of confusion when you walk from bright daylight into pitch black room while your eyes are adjusting. Gradually everything becomes more visible and while your senses adapt to the change and you realize that immediately your senses start to
focus on every little noise to sense the texture of the room around you. You can tell from the sound of your shoes touching the ground what kind of pavement you are treading and from the smell in they air you can tell what kind of weather was that day."

Clearly, the eye for detail and precise innovation is a key to all of Vera's work.
She continues, " I also studied the different reflections from objects in the
night and how little drops of water in trees were lost in the daylight but become the main focal point at night.
I use Swarovski crystal, black silicon and wires to create the tangled effect of the trees in the dark with the crystals shimmering like rain. I also experimented with natural cork fabric and Cod leather.”

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