Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beauty: Vixen Lips are In

Red lips are an important part of this spring's trend. You captured 'the look' but don't forget the make up. red Lips are key for an ultra- vixen spring look. There are so many shades to choose from so its key to try them before taking the red leap. I do like a little more of a salmon/orange tints in my red lipstick if you have olive skin or a nice tan. If you have the snow white look- stick to Gwen Stefani's signature hue. I am really loving the muted red shades you see on the runway this season. Instantly chic and put together.
So many choices out there like above, here are some Privy finds. If you want classic red, you can't go wrong with YSL found at Sephora.
Beyonce endorses Revlon's red lipstick and claims it lasts all day. For $7.99 I would like to take it for a test run. So spread some red the season and let the inner vixen come out in spring time!



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