Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beauty: Feather Locks

One trend that has been seen on the red carpet, to Hollywood scarlets to your neighborhood, chic hair stylists are feather extensions. Go Pocahontas with this low commitment trend. The choices are endless. Peacock, thin colorful strands- just choose a color and similar to hair extension processes with glue or clamp, a string of feathers are strategically placed. The process takes moments and will grow out as your hair grows. Glue one underneath much of your hair for a quick glimpse when you do a pony tail or has a peek through during a hair toss. You can wash it normally and even curl it. Many salons are offering this trendy addition some may charge up to $100 for a few strands. Ask your local trendy salon for details.

 For a drastic rocker inspiration with feathers you can of course tune into American Idol to see Steve Tyler's heavy feather do. I suggest a subtle touch. If you are commitment phob you can also purchase clip in extensions if you rather put in and out. I found a variety of choices ranging from $18-$35 on Etsy. Check out one of the best choices Here. Take Flight PrivyDolls!



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