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Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion Radar: Braided Bracelet Trend

I have seen a fun trend transcend from the laid back Cali kids to now the east coast trendsetters and in between. Macrame bracelets with delicate details. Braided bracelets with charms are all the rage and stacking and layering is highly recommended. Beading and charms make these bracelets a must have. I love these from friend and designer, Erica Klein.
I caught up with the designer to learn more about this unique collection that is just one element of the jewelry line she has.

If you know Erica, she will often have an arm full of her unique bracelets that may represent an idea, inspiration or fond memory but what is always true is that they always just make sense together. "All of the Beads are handmade and gold filled. Closures are caste in solid brass and hand finished. They are all unique to me. Each bracelet is hand knotted on waxed cotton cord. They are great by themselves and better in stacks. I have a thing for bracelets. I always wear an entire arm full. Each one that I wear has it's own story; a fond memory attached to it. Either of someone or someplace I have been. I find that alot times people will purchase a couple at a time and usually give one as a gift to a close friend. they have become my version of a friendship bracelet. On occasion I have even taken them off my own wrist and put them onto a close friends. I think that makes them even more special...."
 Contact Erica about these bracelets on her site HERE for purchasing.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fashion Radar: What to Wear on Valentines Day

Valentines Day, PrivyDolls phones may be ringing off the hook for a date on the day of love and once you decide on the PrivyGUY to take you out the next question is what are you going to wear? You can stick to your usual go -to dress, or even the classic LBD, but I suggest stepping outside your comfort zone, go feminine and possibly red. It is a fact that men's attention does go to the color red. Why not represent the holiday with a fashionable LRD (little red dress)? The dress shown here is a great find by Herve Leger for $1,050 at Nordstrom.

Here is a great one shoulder find from AKIRA. For only $32 this belted mini is a great choice for any date night.
This cap sleeve dress is on sale on Piperlime for $104 is a great choice for anywhere the boy takes you.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fashion Radar: Buy This, Rent That at Your Wedding

We rent the venue, rent the chairs, even rent the DJ but as females in a wedding we over spend on the bridesmaid dresses, jewelry and hair. Privydolls, I have a solution to most of these spends. We all know we only wear those bridesmaids dresses once. "Friends don't let friends buy bridesmaids dresses" quotes Rent the Runway and Privydolls will adapt that rule! I was at a wedding last year when a women came up to me and says the cliche comment, "you could cut this dress and make a whole new dress out of it." Really? I am going to cut this dress and hem it? No. Its in the back of my closet until the next black tie event. We need to put a stop to the girls who struggle with having a closet full of bridal dresses (either dresses to wear to a wedding or bridesmaid dresses) Because we are city girls and frankly don't have the closet space. Take note from   27 Dresses . Rent the Runway has solved our money and closet dilemmas. You can now have that Bagley Michka dress or the Robert Rodriguez Bridsmaid dresses and the girls will be paying less than $100 for the dress! Rent the Runway didn't stop there. Why not accessorise the special day with some real bling. It is a recession but that bride still wants to feel like a million bucks. Rent the gems to sparkle on your big day!
Check out this gorgeous necklace by Miriam Haskell which retails for $1400. You can rent this for your big day for a fraction of the price. For $150 this designer necklace would be a great fit for your bridal dress.

I love these bridesmaids dresses by Nicole Miller and best yet they are all  $100! The rouched metalic fabric is great and fun to alternate the bridsmaids with different dress fits but the same designer.  Join for FREE to Rent the Runway for Bridal rentals but also for any other special occasion dress.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashion Radar: Look Good While Keeping Resolution

Lets face it, part of most PrivyDoll's resolutions including being more active, maybe joining a gym or possibly attending the latest workout craze. Maybe 2011 is the year you take up pole dancing (as a workout not a profession) or you have given up on the shake weight and want to go back to yoga. Either way you want to stay Privy while doing it. For me, the outfit is the motivating factor in getting to the gym. If you have cute workout gear you may be more motivated to wear it which will lead to going to the gym. I found some cute finds in sports bras and work out fashion that may be able to help you keep your resolution.

I love this tie dye sports bra surprisingly from Forever21's new Activewear line. Found in stores and online for $10.80.

Bebe Sport always has some cute activewear. This corset inspired halter top and pants is a great outfit to motivate you to get into the gym. The top ($49 ) and pants ($69) are are great choice.
How cute is this spandex sports bra tank from IVEE? It barely looks like a workout top. Check it out HERE for $64.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fashion Radar: Kardashian Empire Grows

The Kardashian girls are at it again. Their successful Dash stores have grown into their own Kardashian line. The line will include bags, lingerie, apparel and jewelry exclusively sold at... Sears. Strange choice to me but clearly there must of been some big bucks involved. Kourtney did say "We love Sears!" I would like to know the last time these girls walked into a Sears, but we will try to go along with it. The line launch at the end of summer in most Sears stores. PrivyDoll will keep you posted when the line launches, hope we get a sneak peek soon!
Check out backstage interview with Kim Kardashian at Glamour Magazine! http://www.glamour.com/sex-love-life/video/2011/01/video-5-questions-with-kim-kardashian
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Entertainment: Are you a PrivyDoll?

PrivyDoll was born a year ago and I speak to those that want that underrated item, the surprise find that gets you compliments from strangers, the new found talent that now completes your wardrobe. That is the 'Privy' find. So why not test your knowledge if you too indeed are a PrivyDoll. So get a pen out and take the light hearted PrivyDoll challenge.

It's the middle of winter, and you are feeling an urge to shop. What are you shopping for?
A. You are scanning the trends for spring, you are so over winter.
B. You buy more of  your staples tops.
C. Boots and jeans, you can never have too many.
D.Shopping? I shopped 3 years ago- I am good for awhile

What is your favorite places to shop?
A.You never know where you will find a great find: antique shops, boutiques or department stores.
B. Catalogs, so much easier to browse.
C.Anywhere I have a store credit card for.
D. Online. I bookmark my few favorite stores to online shop at.

Who is your new favorite designer?
A.I look to privydoll to give me insight- but love finding the next big thing
B. Victoria Beckham
C. Not sure.
D.designer? I only shop at express or Gap

Where do you look for inspiration in fashion?
A.Everywhere, street wear, magazines and next season's shows
B.My friends
D.Don't look for inspiration

Mostly A's. You are a PrivyDoll! You are eager to find the new favorite dress, or designer and get a thrill out of sharing that find with your close friends. You look on privydoll at least weekly for ideas and deals and enjoy learning about new trendsetters and setting the trends among your circle of friends.

Mostly B's: You enjoy fashion and beauty products and rely on your circle of friends to share with you their favorites and new finds. Convenience is key and seeking out new is too time consuming. If you see something on the streets you like, you understand the trends but not quite sure how to put it together.

Mostly C's: You buy for necessity not necessarily as a fashion slave. You enjoy reading PrivyDoll but may not relate to finding the newest designer. You shop in the masses, and basics.

Mostly D's: You find shopping a chore, and something that should be done as often as your taxes. In your opinion, fashion never changes and you rely on mass merchants to drive your fashion car and of course your mother who supplies most of your wardrobe in Christmas gifts.
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fashion Radar: Worst dressed in 2010

2010 may be over but the fashion mistakes are relived forever because of pictures that have resurfaced. PrivyDoll couldn't keep these pictures to herself. Not all fashion news is good news. This article is PrivyDoll's worst dressed of 2010. I know I can get a little Joan Rivers on a fashion victim here and there, but these fashion disasters deserve it!
 Leona Lewis needs more than one lace sticker over one eye to hide from this clown freak show of an outfit. It is a not even a near miss it is such a miss that she should of looked at her stylist and asked for her pipe back.
Another huge fashion victim is Nicki Minaj. She should be the poster girl for the song "now you see it now you don't." Now you see a cheap outfit now you see Britney Spears backwards outfit. This does not represent the talents Nicki one bit!
Fergie, Oscar the grouch called and he wants his puppet costume back. What an awful choice of a jacket!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Radar: New Louboutins Spike Interest

This blog post started out to be a 'look for less' piece where I can find the budget fashionista AKA PrivyDoll a great find of studded gym shoes to compliment the Louboutins that launched at a price that wont be as much as our rent. However, after some more research, I see that these sneaks have gained more press and concerns with the fully spiked shoe craze. Check out this article from Racked about the TSA confiscating a pair because they appeared to be a weapon! I can chime in here because every time I fly with my Alexander Wang studded bag they stop me with the concern of the studded bottom appears as bullets on the screen. I would put up quite a fight if they tried to confiscate it from me. It would be missing a flight-worthy of a fight. I adore these new kicks but here is also a look for less find!
Here are the high tops fround on Net-A-Porter for $549.
You can acheive this hot new sneaker look with these found HERE for only $104. Love the wedge element which is also a big trend right now!

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