Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fashion Radar: Worst dressed in 2010

2010 may be over but the fashion mistakes are relived forever because of pictures that have resurfaced. PrivyDoll couldn't keep these pictures to herself. Not all fashion news is good news. This article is PrivyDoll's worst dressed of 2010. I know I can get a little Joan Rivers on a fashion victim here and there, but these fashion disasters deserve it!
 Leona Lewis needs more than one lace sticker over one eye to hide from this clown freak show of an outfit. It is a not even a near miss it is such a miss that she should of looked at her stylist and asked for her pipe back.
Another huge fashion victim is Nicki Minaj. She should be the poster girl for the song "now you see it now you don't." Now you see a cheap outfit now you see Britney Spears backwards outfit. This does not represent the talents Nicki one bit!
Fergie, Oscar the grouch called and he wants his puppet costume back. What an awful choice of a jacket!



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