Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Entertainment: Are you a PrivyDoll?

PrivyDoll was born a year ago and I speak to those that want that underrated item, the surprise find that gets you compliments from strangers, the new found talent that now completes your wardrobe. That is the 'Privy' find. So why not test your knowledge if you too indeed are a PrivyDoll. So get a pen out and take the light hearted PrivyDoll challenge.

It's the middle of winter, and you are feeling an urge to shop. What are you shopping for?
A. You are scanning the trends for spring, you are so over winter.
B. You buy more of  your staples tops.
C. Boots and jeans, you can never have too many.
D.Shopping? I shopped 3 years ago- I am good for awhile

What is your favorite places to shop?
A.You never know where you will find a great find: antique shops, boutiques or department stores.
B. Catalogs, so much easier to browse.
C.Anywhere I have a store credit card for.
D. Online. I bookmark my few favorite stores to online shop at.

Who is your new favorite designer?
A.I look to privydoll to give me insight- but love finding the next big thing
B. Victoria Beckham
C. Not sure.
D.designer? I only shop at express or Gap

Where do you look for inspiration in fashion?
A.Everywhere, street wear, magazines and next season's shows
B.My friends
D.Don't look for inspiration

Mostly A's. You are a PrivyDoll! You are eager to find the new favorite dress, or designer and get a thrill out of sharing that find with your close friends. You look on privydoll at least weekly for ideas and deals and enjoy learning about new trendsetters and setting the trends among your circle of friends.

Mostly B's: You enjoy fashion and beauty products and rely on your circle of friends to share with you their favorites and new finds. Convenience is key and seeking out new is too time consuming. If you see something on the streets you like, you understand the trends but not quite sure how to put it together.

Mostly C's: You buy for necessity not necessarily as a fashion slave. You enjoy reading PrivyDoll but may not relate to finding the newest designer. You shop in the masses, and basics.

Mostly D's: You find shopping a chore, and something that should be done as often as your taxes. In your opinion, fashion never changes and you rely on mass merchants to drive your fashion car and of course your mother who supplies most of your wardrobe in Christmas gifts.



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