Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fashion Radar: Buy This, Rent That at Your Wedding

We rent the venue, rent the chairs, even rent the DJ but as females in a wedding we over spend on the bridesmaid dresses, jewelry and hair. Privydolls, I have a solution to most of these spends. We all know we only wear those bridesmaids dresses once. "Friends don't let friends buy bridesmaids dresses" quotes Rent the Runway and Privydolls will adapt that rule! I was at a wedding last year when a women came up to me and says the cliche comment, "you could cut this dress and make a whole new dress out of it." Really? I am going to cut this dress and hem it? No. Its in the back of my closet until the next black tie event. We need to put a stop to the girls who struggle with having a closet full of bridal dresses (either dresses to wear to a wedding or bridesmaid dresses) Because we are city girls and frankly don't have the closet space. Take note from   27 Dresses . Rent the Runway has solved our money and closet dilemmas. You can now have that Bagley Michka dress or the Robert Rodriguez Bridsmaid dresses and the girls will be paying less than $100 for the dress! Rent the Runway didn't stop there. Why not accessorise the special day with some real bling. It is a recession but that bride still wants to feel like a million bucks. Rent the gems to sparkle on your big day!
Check out this gorgeous necklace by Miriam Haskell which retails for $1400. You can rent this for your big day for a fraction of the price. For $150 this designer necklace would be a great fit for your bridal dress.

I love these bridesmaids dresses by Nicole Miller and best yet they are all  $100! The rouched metalic fabric is great and fun to alternate the bridsmaids with different dress fits but the same designer.  Join for FREE to Rent the Runway for Bridal rentals but also for any other special occasion dress.



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