Friday, August 12, 2011

Fashion Radar: Friendship Comeback

Head to the craft stores and dust off your memory to make this season's flash backs trend: friendship bracelets. I remember sunday afternoons in my early teen years that included boxes and boxes of colored string and more bracelets I had friends for. These bracelets are back and I figured we all needed a refresher course on making these bands. Homemade jewelry is always fun and this is probably the easiest and thriftiest trend. Stack the many bracelets and mix and match with bangles you already have for some arm flare.

Make a Triple Diagonal Swirl:
1.Gather 3 colors of your choice. knot off about 30inches and tape to begin braiding.
2.Separate strings and begin with one . Double knot around the next string then the next string.
3. repeat with the next color knotting across each of the other strings.
4. Once braiding is length is good enough, knot off and wear
I am jogging your memory yet?

For the not so crafty Privy Doll the easiest one was the knotted bracelet:
1. Gather any amount of choice colors. knot off about 30 inches and tape to begin braiding
2. Take first string out and begin knotting around all the remainder of strings
3. Keep knotting until you get the desired look, Change the color by grabbing the next string and repeat
4. Alternate as often as you like until the length is good enough. knot off and wear.

Do craft stores give you anxiety? You can still have this look with buying some gorgeous friendship bracelet inspired looks. This bracelet found on Shop Bop for $73.

This woven bracelet from CUSP for $74 is a great addition to add to your stacked friendship bracelet look.



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