Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion Radar: Rent the Runway (for real)

PrivyDolls know what dresses are which season and always wants the 'it' dress from the hottest designer. However our social calendar of many events, dates and parties doesn't compliment our budget. What a fashion tragedy! Genius idea, Rent the Runway has been assisting PrivyDoll fashionistas find the perfect dress for the special occasion with their dedicated stylists on board. It really is as easy as this: select the dates you need the dress, and size and scroll through the many designer options. You receive 2 sizes of the dress to ensure a great fit and return when you are done! Many of these dresses are 90% less then the runway price tag. With all the social events we have, this is well worth the little investment and the embarrassment of being photographed in the same dress over and over again (social faux pas).

So whether it be a beach vacation or meeting the parents Rent the Runway will offer great suggestions as well!  Where else can you get a designer dress for an event for as low as $50, when you know you wont be wearing it ever again?  Go to www.Renttherunway.com for more information! Add Rent the Runway on Facebook: facebook.com/renttherunway

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