Friday, September 17, 2010

Fashion Radar: NYC Fashion Week: Charlotte Ronson

                  Tents. Camera. Lights! Privydoll loved the shows at this year's New York Fashion Week at the Lincoln Center. One of the best shows was Saturday night's Charlotte Ronson. The celebrity filled show included: Solange Knowles and Nicky Hilton to name a few as Samantha Ronson dj's somber tunes. Models yawned down the runway, which I am still not quite sure if that was encouraged or not- it was only 6pm! Maybe the girls just got up from the previous night's afterparties. The collection was extremely wearable with sweater dresses meant for rail thin girls, some with hoods some to the ankles. The all- knit collection had a great, gray theme and had many fashionistas nodding.

One of the cool editions this year to Fashion Week was a blogger's section of computers lined up with access to their sites to keep their followers up to speed with what they are doing and sharing the FW experience!



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