Wednesday, September 22, 2010


PrivyDoll dabbles in sports and when we play them we want to look good doing so. The outfit is almost as important as the game itself. Luckily, Loup is here to provide us dolls with function and fashion for the days at the tennis courts. Say goodbye to the ugly, old pleated skirts tennis attire has taken a modern feel. I caught up with the designer behind the brand, Loup to learn more about the line and inspiration behind my new favorite athletic line that isn't so... athletic.

PrivyDoll: I don't see any old fashioned spankies and pleats in the line which is not only refreshing but also interesting how street -casual wear is wearable on the court. What elements from traditional tennis attire still make sense for your line?

I still love traditional tennis attire, but I wanted to infuse some more "real world" wearabiilty into the garments because the modern girl really needs items she can wear for more than one reason. I definitely wanted to keep elements like the short length, flouncy skirts, and feminine silhouettes that were popular in women's tennis clothing in the 60's and 70's. I also like to keep the colors neutral and fresh, like traditional tennis whites, to help maintain that classic crisp feeling.

 For those 'PrivyDolls' that don't play tennis, does this line fit in the lives of other athletes?
Yes definitely! While the dresses and skirts are obviously more tennis focused, the other items like the tops, shorts and jackets are great for layering and are really meant to be worn before, during and after any activity where you want to play hard, stay chic and still show your personal style.

I adore the retro feel and the simple silhouettes, what inspires you each season?
Every season I build on my previous inspirations which can include things like old movies, stylish icons and art. For Fall/Holiday 2010 I drew inspiration from images of ballerina's backstage in the 1960's and 70's, the movie Charade staring Audry Hepburn and gorgeous actress Charlotte Rampling.

You can Find more about Loup and where to buy Loup HERE.



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