Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Insider Interview: Get to know Spratter & Jayne Scarf Collection

PrivyDoll has been talking about scarves (one of my favorite things) since the summer ended. I found a fantastic designer whose first collection has sold out at the Henri Bendel  due to their large order! This is Spratters and Jayne's debut collection that includes handmade scarves made by women's co-op of crocheters outside Lima, Peru. The materials they use are high-grade and just luxurious. They also travel every year to Peru to ensure a fair work environment and to promote green production. The wildly famous infinity scarf seen in the picture has been a huge success but I adore the two-button cowl neck as well. For more information check out their SITE. PrivyDoll caught up with the designers to learn more about this debut collection and where we can expect to see them next!

PD:Why Peru? What has drawn you to have production there?

Some of the best wools in the world come from Peru. The yarns I was using to make samples of my scarves were done in a very high quality Peruvian Highland Wool. And, as I made a decision early on not to do production in China, Peru seemed like the obvious choice. Also, there is a huge community of very talented artisans working out of Peru, knitting and crocheting these wools. Because my scarves are so chunky, production cannot be done by machine - everything must be hand done. It just seemed to make sense to base production from there where everything could be done by the experts! I go down every year and teach/oversee the production and work with an amazing group of women who make these for me. They are much better at crochet than I am, so I learn a lot when I go.

PrivyDoll: The two button scarf and infinity are my favorites. What is your top seller right now?
All the styles are doing incredibly well - but a real favorite this season seems to be the Infiniti Chain Scarf. It's definitely a scarf that grabs attention.

PD:The line is all about the scarf, a must have, but are there plans for line expansion?
I am toying with the idea of doing hats and gloves and some more interesting layering pieces. But S&J is definitely an accessories line focusing on scarves. You can never go wrong with a good scarf.

PD: Where can we find this privy find?
I am currently being sold in high-end department stores and boutiques all over the US, Canada, Japan and Europe. Here in NYC you can find me at Henri Bendel and amazing boutiques like International Playground on the Lower East Side, Sucre in the West Village and Generra in the meatpacking district. My website lists a comprehensive list of stockists around the world, and we'll be beginning to sell online via the website shortly!



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