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Insider Interview: Nyla Noor Handbags Exclusives +Privy Discount

PrivyDoll fell in love with Nyla Noor's Spring 2011 hand bag collection and not familiar with the line I did some investigation and just adore the brand!! Found in Henri Bendel and some other boutiques the line is for sure to sell out for spring. The colors are spring-dynamic and perfect for cruise-chic. The clutches pictured to the left are a spring staple. I sat down with the two designers to congratulated them on the stunning line and learn  about the inspiration.Enjoy the interview and introduction to Nyla Noor- a name to know.  They have been gracious enough to offer PrivyDoll readers an exclusive discount! Love them! This is PrivyDoll Approved!

PrivyDoll: What are three words to describe the line in its essence?
Nyla Noor: Balanced, Refined style, Wearable

Who is the Nyla Noor women?
The Nyla Noor brand personifies the harmony between feminine grace and subtle seduction. The brand’s mission is to create luxurious accessories for the modern woman who aspires to achieve a life of balance. She does this with an inner strength and fearless spirit.

Where is your favorite place to gain inspiration?
Great question! Having grown up in New York, we have always spent a lot of time in museums (Saifra loves the MoMA, I love the Whitney) and and love modern dance as well. But a large part of inspiration also comes from traveling and experiencing different people, the art, cultures, traditions and ways of life. The beach, particularly because of the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, always provides a deep sense of connection, as it always brings us back to our own wave design (as seen on all of our silhouettes) and the importance of relaying our message of finding balance in ones own life in each piece we design.

PrivyDolls adore bags and shoes they go together like diamonds and rings. What is one of your favorite shoe lines that compliments the bags?
We really love Jimmy Choo's, their aesthetic has a striking edge to them while still remaining wearable that we really love. Additionally, their 2011 Cruise collection, just like our Spring/ Summer 2011 collection, is also inspired by the beaches of Brazil and the vibrancy of carnival in Rio de Janeiro. They are a wonderful compliment to our handbags in terms of both color and design.

Spring 2011 is by far one of the most stand out bag lines I have seen. What was the inspiration of the line and the decision on the colors which are so fabulous?
Wow, thank you very much! For our Spring/ Summer 2011 collection, we were inspired by a trip that we had taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The contrasting colors really represent the duality of this charming city. In one aspect, Rio is a laid back beach town, serene and relaxed. On the other hand, Rio is vibrant and bursting with energy and passion, fueled by it's fun vibe and carnival. While each collection my develop through various inspirations, there is a constant element that you will see in past and future collections, The signature wave design, which is incorporated into each silhouette, is a symbol for finding balance amid the highs and lows of work and life. It also serves as the brands trademark, which is instantaneously recognizable as a Nyla Noor original.

Lastly, where can we find the 'Privy' find ?
Henri Bendel’s 

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