Monday, November 8, 2010

Entertainment: Privy Techie

Not only are Privy Dolls fashionable and cutting edge we know what fashionable techie tricks to stay ahead of the game. I have two new apps that are must haves for the Privy girl on the go! Ipads, Iphones, Blackberrys they make the world go round and keep us connected to work, friends, entertainment, social networks and lets face it everything.
Have you ever had to shop alone for that big date, big event or pressured dinner with the boyfriend's parents and couldn't decide on the color or dress alone and lets face it trusting some sales girl who is earning commission isn't always the best bet. You need your girls. Download the app TextPlus for free! It's conference text from your Ipad or Iphone to anyone. Imagine you are able to get the opinion from all your girlfriends instantly in the fitting room! Group text is in. Genius.

Next Fabulous new app is from Marie Claire Magazine. The new 'A-Z app' and is a staple for your wardrobe. Literally.  Check out the fun APP VIDEO the editors of Marie Claire put together to showcase the need for this fashionable accessory. The App includes:
  •  The ABC's of fashion:  See clothes and handbags in 360degrees straight from the runways
  • 7 days of dressing: Synch your calendar with outfit ideas - never a rush in the morning again!
  • Beauty Sampler: Try the newest make up trends with a virtual tester
  • Expert Advice:  Celebrity fashion stylist give advice on this season's trends
Both Apps are available on Itunes.com.



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