Monday, February 8, 2010

INSIDER INTERVIEW: Erica Klein - Jewelry Designer NYC

 Privydoll would like to introduce to you a PRIVY find: Erica Klein's newest jewelry line launches online! Her unique modern and antique line uses precious stones, quirky toys and statement making bangles, necklaces rings. Whether you love silver or gold is close to your heart, Erica Klein Designs handcrafted line has something for every doll. Enjoy the charmed necklace life at  www.ericakleindesigns.com

Label/Company Name:
Erica Klein

Erica Klein

3 words to describe your label:
New, Retro, Vintage

In your opinion what is next season’s trend?
White and grey metals.  Creating depth and texture by utilizing colors of precious and semi precious materials through chunky layering. 

What is your inspiration for this season/line entirely?
I set out to create a line that is both retro yet timeless, using precious and semi-precious materials at an affordable price point.   This season is broken up into a few different collections.  While one of the collections is centered around  Victorian style animals with precious gem accents, the other is based on vintage toys and found objects. The third collection is comprised of only bracelets. I utilized handmade beads, weaves, and accent colors, to create  texture and depth, resulting in stunning pieces that are great alone and even better in stacks.
All of these collections come together to create a season with a retro-vintage feel that evokes much nostalgia. 

What are your favorite materials to use?
Sterling silver, black diamonds, and electric colored tourmaline...

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:
Soul Cycle

Female entrepreneur of the year award  should go to:
Ivanka Trump

When deciding what to wear, Do you plan your outfit around the jewelry or the jewelry around the outfit?
I am a very simple, classic dresser.  When getting dressed i always consider the entire picture but my statement is always made through my Jewelry.  The rule of thumb states to remove one piece of jewelry when leaving the house.  I on the other hand generally add at least one to two more.

What kind of press/marketing/celeb spotings has your line received?
Whoopi Goldberg is a huge fan of my 45 adapter necklace

If you could dress any celebrity at the moment who would it be?
Sienna Miller

And Lastly, spill the Privy find: 



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