Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Insider Fashion: Sarah Jessica Parker for Halston

SJP was seen front row at the Halston 2010 show during last week’s presentation. Her new role within Halston will get her a permanent front row seat. SJP among many other celebrities have been become the faces of many designers campaigns but many do not become a creative director and earn a stake in the company.  Halston’s presentation at The Mercedez Benz Fashion Week included signature dresses with flowing dresses, wispy ruffles and colors that complemented the nude color trend along with splashes of tangerine, and canary.

 Parker will have a very active role within Halston Hertitage, which is Halston’s secondary line. Many people have been vocal about Halston’s decision saying the SJP is just another celebrity that is brought on for publicity and is negatively affecting the couture world. Here is PrivyDoll’opinion: SJP has been a style icon since Sex in the city with the stylings of Patricia Field. She also has experience with her previous line, Bitten. This is a very smart marketing move on Halston’s part for the upcoming Sex in the City 2 movie coming out considering NYC high fashion will be back in the spotlot along with opportunities for Halston to be placed in the movie. Halston most likely drape SJP on her millions of interviews and appearances that will follow. It has been said that she wont be touching the Halston couture line, just the Heritage line.The Heritage line can currently be found at Bloomingdales and a Privyfind: HALSTON HERITAGE.



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