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          Privydolls love to pamper themselves and like everything else, strive to find their friendly neighborhood spa. To call Mojo Spa just a spa, is an understatement. This cutesy, hipster spa not only hosts posh brunch events but also prides itself of their homemade products which are for sale along with handbags and much more in this boutique spa. We fell in love with the pastries served while our feet were in a heaven scrub bath and the customer service and attention to detail was possibly the best in the area. This is why we wanted to share this privy find with all of you! The owner and creater of these delicious products allows us to learn about her inspiration, sneak peak into new services and also gives us budget dolls free recipes to make facial masks at home! Enjoy Dolls!

Label/Company Name: Mojo Spa

Name: Amanda Kezios

3 words to describe your spa/brand:

“Beauty Meets Comfort”

What kind of fashion trends does Mojo follow to incorporate into spa treatments?
Color trends on the runway, from the clothes to the makeup and nails, definitely influences what new colors we will introduce for own makeup line - including our mineral eye shadows & lip products. They also influence what nail polish colors we carry and what kind of nail art we do. Right now the Minx Manicure is really trendy, which is a thin film that is applied to the nail with heat & comes in a variety of patterns, metallics& nail art designs. We will be offering this service soon!

What is your inspiration for beauty products?
When I was younger I grew up in Greece, and I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the Mediterranean lifestyle at an early age. Most of my family still lives there, and I am constantly inspired by the colors of the islands, the cuisine, the healing herbs & flowers that grow there, and the natural beauty regime of the woman who live there, especially my mother who first introduced me to handmade beauty cures and tips.

For a first time Mojo-goer what treatment would you suggest?
The Sugar Daddy Manicure & Pedicure is a must try! The service is great for dry or sensitive skin and utilizes our bestselling “Sugar Me Sweet” scrub & cream, which contains two of my favorite ingredients - organic olive oil & cocoa butter. The spa service includes a mineral rich hand & foot soak, hand & foot exfoliation, arm & leg massage, nail care & polish (price: $60).

I love the homemade beauty treatments on your website you send out frequently. What are your top 2 recipes that Privy Dolls can make at home?
I recently just posted a great recipe for a moisturizing Banana Cream Mask at http://www.mojospa.com/?page=blog . Also, my recipe for a Healing Walnut Scrub was very popular among my readers at http://www.mojospa.com/?page=recipe
I also Twitter handmade beauty recipes & tips every week at http://twitter.com/mojospa

What are your favorite materials to use?
There are so many! But if I had to choose I would say organic olive oil. Not only do I use olive oil constantly in my cooking, but olive oil is loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, and when used on the body is super moisturizing & healing.

Favorite place for brainstorming and day dreaming:

Due to my background as a personal chef, my kitchen still remains a constant source of inspiration to me for my beauty business. Every time I tackle a new recipe or discover a new amazing ingredient I explore if it has any healing or beauty benefits, and I think about how I can incorporate this into a beauty product or a spa service.
Female entrepreneur of the year award should go to:
Allysa Torey of Magnolia Bakery in New York City
I love how she made it trendy again to enjoy nostalgic desserts in a retro inspired setting. Especially in a city like New York City, where people are always searching for the next latest and greatest thing. I grew up cooking with my grandmother, mother, and siblings so it made me so happy to see her cute, retro inspired bakery inspire people to make nostalgic desserts at home. She brought back the comfort of home baked desserts, which I can relate to since I do the same with my spa services and dessert inspired bath products, such as my cake and cupcakes soaps, as well as my own homemade treats, which are served at the spa.

Dolls love a great pastry. After visiting Mojo, I absolutely loved the perfectly tasting dessert served while getting pampered. What inspired you to go from personal to beauty chef? And where can we find more of your pastries?
Making my beauty products – the timing, temperature, exact measurements, and the delicate hand that is needed - is very similar to the process of baking. When I first started there were no natural or organic beauty products on the market. The organic movement had not reached the United States as it had in Europe. I couldn’t get my hands on natural, handcrafted beauty products in the States as in Europe, so I decided to apply my talents in the kitchen to creating my own handmade beauty products.
I didn’t want to completely leave my former life behind as a personal chef. Part of my love of cooking and baking is the comfort & satisfaction it brings to people. When I opened my own store/spa I was able to incorporate my handmade beauty products into spa services, where people could be pampered on the outside, as well as comforted on the inside by serving them homemade treats. Hence our logo “where beauty meets comfort.” This week I have made my famous banana bread with a cinnamon sugar topping for customers to enjoy.
People can also sample some of my comfort food and dessert creations during our Beauty & Brunch Event that we host at the store every Sunday. Customers can come enjoy my homemade brunch while receiving beauty services. This month it’s Chocolate Brioche French Toast with fresh bananas. People can also come to our Pajama Night Event, where customers enjoy discounted nail services, make-up application, DJ spinning, & a fully loaded homemade dessert bar.

And lastly, spill the 'Privy' find:

All Mojo Spa beauty products are available for purchase at our store/spa location at 1468 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60622, or on-line at http://www.mojospa.com./ More information about Beauty & Brunch or Pajama Night can be found at http://www.mojospa.com/?page=events

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I also make handmade handbags and accessories under the label “MojoSpaStyle” which you can find on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/mojospastyle



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